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Today’s post was going to be a makeup look for the Christmas time however, honestly, I’m really not enjoying doing makeup tutorials. Dont get me wrong I love beauty and makeup, but I don’t think my makeup tutorials are helpful and I don’t enjoy filming them. I only ever want to post something that I am completely happy with, and I found that I didnt feel proud of my last few makeup videos (over summer). There are so many amazing makeup artists on the internet who are unbelievably talented and my little videos are just not that standard in the slightest. I think I have found my niche in the lifestyle/studying/travelling/just sharing my life, and although makeup will still appear in that (obviously!), I think I will be focusing on other sections in the new year. I will still be doing a few beauty posts about products (brand insight and attending beauty events etc) but I’m going to try and move away from the makeup tutorials.

I think that the other reason why I have fallen out of love with sharing my makeup looks is that my skin has just not been good lately, and it makes my makeup 10x worse when my skin underneath is not good. I go to sit down and film and I have just not been happy in my no makeup face at the moment, so I won’t be showing it on the internet for anyone else to see! This has what has led me to replace my makeup video today with a skincare routine, as I know that a lot of people are not happy in their skin and hopefully me recommending some products might help.

Winter just wrecks havoc with peoples skin. The heating at home dries it out, but lots of heavy makeup at Christmas parties and a bit too much alcohol and food makes it break out. Its just not a good combination, and I have quite combination skin to start with so the dry patches get dryer and the oily patches get oilier. My skin is by no means perfect… or even good.. but I have found a few products that really work and I love them. Hopefully they will work for you too!

The main thing that I always do on a night (without faill… I force my friends and boyfriend to wake me up if I fall asleep with it still on) is take off my makeup. I wear a lot of heavy makeup so I have to make sure every last bit is removed at the end of the day, so it doesn’t cause chaos with my skin. My go to cleanser is the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. I am sure that you have all heard of this as it is such a famous product, and for good reason too. It removes my makeup so well and is perfect for all skin types, I just massage it into my skin and then remove it (alongside all of my makeup) with a flannel.

If I want to double cleanse I will then use the cleansing butter from the body shop. I have been using this for years and I love how it turns to such a luxurious oil on the skin, which I love. It removes the last traces of makeup and leaves your skin feeling so soft and clean. This is also really gentle and therefore equally as good for sensitive skin.

Once my skin is clean, I then use the clean and clear cleansing lotion all over my face almost as a toner, to remove any grime left in my pores. I have found that since using this, my skin has cleared up so much and I think it is because it removes the last bit of dirt in my pores that would have originally broken me out. I put a little bit on a large cotton pad and sweep it all over my face, and almost always you can still see dirt on the pad… it’s weirdly satisfying knowing that your skin is perfectly clean. I would only recommend this to people who have oily/combination skin though, purely because it is a little drying.

The final thing that I do on a night is use a moisturiser. I switch between two at the moment, and I really like them both. If my skin feels quite dry and I want something a little thicker, I will use the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream. I was kindly gifted the sample size to try by the PR team and I love it, I will definitely consider buying the full size once it has ran out. If I want something a little thinner then I will opt for the Nivea urban detox gel, which is lovely and really reasonable too. The whole aim of their campaign is to help your skin deal with the pollution it faces throughout the day, and I do think it helps brighten my skin too.

On a morning I am so lazy and I tend to just use a facial wash before I start my makeup, to get rid of any dirt on my skin whilst I have been sleeping. I don’t really have a particular favourite and just use whichever, although at the moment I have mainly been using the Kiehls blue herbal wash and I really like it. I also really like the tea tree foaming facial wash from the body shop, but I haven’t been using this for too long. Recently I have found myself reaching for the tea tree range a lot, because I received a gift set of some of their products and I have been testing them out. Overall I really like them so far, and would recommend to people with very blemish prone or oily skin.

Now to move onto the skincare that I only do occasionally and isn’t part of my daily routine. First of all is to use face masks. A lot of people think that face masks are something that you used to do with your friends at a sleepover, but they are actually really beneficial and help your skin a lot. There are two which I love, and one is actually only a recent discovery. The first is the sanctuary thermal detox mask, for days when your skin is just feeling really congested and meh. It draws everything out of your skin, and the warming sensation really makes it feel like it is doing good. I also love that it doesn’t harden on your skin and is gentle to remove, which soothes the skin instead of rubbing really hard at it.

My next mask pick is actually a really new purchase, but I had to include it as I honestly love it. If you have been keeping up to date with my December posts, you will know that I went to the origins Christmas event and whilst I was there I purchased the out of trouble problem skin mask. It is a thick white mask and I put it on my oily sections only, because it is quite harsh. I used this once I got home from the event, and my skin was not in a good shape (I had a lot of large under the skin blemishes that were angry looking and red) so I decided to try it out. The next morning I woke up and they were all visibly smaller and not half as red as the day before. Since then I have been using it 2 or 3 times a week and it actually gave me clear skin for my Christmas party, which I was incredibly thankful for as I cannot remember the last time my skin was clear. It was slightly on the expensive side for a skincare product but I would highly recommend it, as it truly works.

We all have experienced the time where they day before a big party or event you wake up with a huge angry blemish. Unfortunately there is nothing that I have found that completely gets rid of this, however these two products have a good go at trying. The first is the origins spot remover gel. This is quite expensive but does really work at tacking blemishes and making them appear significantly smaller the next day, you can also wear this under makeup in order to heal the blemish throughout the day. A cheaper alternative but another that I find works is sudocrem. Although this isn’t a skincare product, it does help to soothe the redness and make the spot look a lot less angry. I also find that this is moisturises your skin a little, which helps when you are trying to put makeup over the blemish the next morning. You do look a little silly with white marks all over your face when you go to sleep though!

So these are my top skincare picks, I do apologise for how long and rambling this post is but I hope you have some recommendations for what to buy in the new year to help your skin a little. I can’t believe that we are so close to Christmas and blogmas is nearly over, it has gone so quickly!


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