Christmas Q&A

Happy Christmas Eve! Most people will not be reading blog posts today and instead spending time with their loved ones, so I thought to mirror this with a really relaxed post answering some Christmas questions. Also these photos are from a little shoot I did the other day, I loved how the posts turned out as I have wanted to create shots like this for so long… I can’t wait for you to see them!

What does your typical xmas day look like?

We spend Christmas at home. We have a relatively small family so there are only a few of us at home, which I love because it is so chilled out. I spend the majority of the day in the living room, watching Christmas films, playing a few games and generally just relaxing.

Favourite thing on a Christmas dinner?

I can’t decide between stuffing balls and pigs in blankets, although if I had to choose I think the latter tops it! They just remind me of Christmas Day 100% and I end up eating them all before lunch actually begins… pigs in blankets for breakfast is always acceptable on the 25th.

What is your makeup like on the 25th?

I dont really do anything special and just tend to do my normal day to day makeup, often testing some new products if I am fortunate enough to receive some makeup goodies as gifts. I usually add a red lip just because it is so festive and I love how Christmassy it looks, although I have already written a post about my winter lipsticks so I won’t go on too much about my favourites.

Do you prefer giving or receiving presents?

I prefer giving presents purely because I love buying things that other people would like and treating the people that I love. However I can’t deny that receiving a gift yourself is amazing too!

When do you start getting excited for christmas?

I start getting in the Christmas spirit in November although I get really excited on December 1st when I open the first part of my advent calendar. I think this year I got excited a lot earlier than usually because I had been planning and prepping blogmas since around October so it really got me into the festive spirit even before halloween!

Any Christmas traditions?

I thought about this question for a long time but I really don’t think that I have one! We maybe do something but because it has been for my entire life I haven’t really thought of it as any different or unique, so there potentially is. I just can’t think of one!

What time do you get up on christmas morning?

It has got a lot later as I have got older! I can remember when I was younger, waking up at 6am to open my presents because I was just so excited! Clearly that has got a lot later and usually I wake up about 8am on Christmas Day now.

Do you prefer a real or fake xmas tree?

I much prefer a real tree because I adore the smell of pine, its just so festive! We have a huge tree in the living room and I love it. However my bedroom is too hot for a real tree (I have my bedroom far too warm) and all the needles seem to drop off, so I have a little fake one for my room instead, which I still love but not as much as a real one!

Coloured or white lights?

I love all kinds of fairy lights but I think I prefer white lights a little bit more. I love the warm toned ones as they add such a cosy atmosphere to every room, regardless of other decorations. I seem to have them up all year round because I love them!

Snow- love or hate?

This is a very unpopular opinion but I am not a fan. It looks really pretty when you are inside, but outside you are cold, wet and it causes ridiculous amounts of disruption. I would maybe have a different opinion if I lived somewhere else, but I live in quite a rural area so even the tiniest bit of snow causes so much chaos on the country roads!

So there are all of the questions! I hope that you have a lovely Christmas Eve and an even better day tomorrow. Today is the last day of ‘official’ blogmas however I am continuing uploading everyday until 2018 so make sure to keep taking a look at my blog everyday until then. Thank you for all of the support on my blogmas so far, I have adored uploading everyday and even though it has been a lot harder than I expected, I am so glad that I have stuck to my schedule so far.



  1. December 24, 2017 / 2:30 pm

    Dear all, I would like to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a nice day with all the luck you deserve! Greetings from you,

    • December 24, 2017 / 2:30 pm

      Thank you so much! Merry Christmas! ❤️🎄

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