The best of beauty 2017

2017 is where I have really found my holy grail products, I have moved away from buying into every hype online and instead have narrowed down my products into a few favourites that I couldn’t live without. That being said, I have discovered some products this year that have firmly found themselves in my daily routine, so I thought to share them with you. Most of them were released before 2017, but I have only bought and tried them this year. Next year I do want to try some of the new launches though, such as glossier which I haven’t tried yet but so many people have been raving about it.

I thought to narrow it down into my favourite product from each category, actually inspired by Lily Pebbles who used this structure on her best of beauty video a few years ago now.

Foundation: Makeupforever Flash Stick

This is one of the heaviest, full coverage foundations that I have ever tried but for some reason it doesn’t look like a mask on the skin and instead blends seamlessly. I love how it makes my skin look and always makes me feel so confident, my skin just ends up looking flawless and its all thanks to this. It gives me quite a dewy finish but doesn’t seem to slide around like some of my other foundations. The only thing that I would note is to not wear it everyday as it can clog your pores (purely because of how full coverage it is) but I would definitely recommend it as an evening/night out product.

Concealer: Collection lasting perfection

So many people love and rave about this so I had to include it, as it is seriously incredible for the price. It is so cheap and is such a good coverage, I use it most days and it works for both under eyes and blemishes too. This year the brand have also released colour correctors, and they are equally as good. I use the green one underneath my makeup on blemishes, and the lemon one under my eyes. I am yet to try the lavender one (that is not a problem area for me) however I would definitely advise you to check out the collection to help even out skin tone and improve the look of your skin even before foundation.

Bronzer: Kat Von D ‘shade and light’ palette

This is a bit of a cheat product because I discovered this in 2016, but I have been using it ever since and it is actually my all time favourite makeup product so I had to include it. You can see by the photo just how much I love it! Seriously it is perfect and useful for every skin tone. I use the left and middle shade for contouring and the right shade to blend out my eyeshadow. The powders are equally as good to prime your eyes or set concealer. I love it so much and it is worth the price, I use it every single day pretty much and its never failed me yet.

Highlighter: Becca powder highlighters

This is probably my favourite beauty discovery of 2017, I love them! If you know me you know that I adore a blinding highlight, so finding these was amazing. Beforehand I used to mix a few different highlights together to get the glow that I wanted, but these do the job with just the one. I swirl a duo fibre brush into the soft powder and dust it onto my cheekbones, and the glow is blinding. So easy and perfect! I bought champagne pop first and I used it everyday, then I heard Jamie Genevieve (my absolute girl crush) rave about Opal so I had to purchase that one too. Im too scared to travel with them though because of how finely milled the powder is, I couldn’t bear to smash one of them!

Eyeshadow palette: Kat Von D ‘metal matte’ palette

I bought this back in February when I was in London, and I fell in love with the palette. It is honestly one of the most versatile palettes that I have ever seen, and has every colour in it that I need. I think that this palette was made for me! The top row is all shimmers and the bottom row is corresponding matte shades, alongside a matte white and a matte black… I know. Its amazing. If you know me you know that I opt for a bronze, purple or blue eyeshadow and this palette fulfils all of these. My signature blue eye makeup that I have done so much this year was all done with this palette. It is a dreamy piece for my collection and I am definitely going to be buying more Kat Von D eyeshadow in 2018. I actually have my eye on the shade and light eye palette for everyday use.

Liner: Kat Von D tattoo liner

So much Kat Von D in this post, I didn’t know just how much I love the brand until now! My signature eye makeup is a dark smokey eye with a big winged liner, and this is the product I ALWAYS turn to and recommend for creating such a dramatic wing. It is the blackest liner that I have found, easy to apply and most importantly stays in place all day without setting it. Ive cried with my liner on before and it hasn’t budged one bit, it is truly a magic product.

Lashes: Lash House UK

2017 is without a doubt the year that I have discovered lashes. I think I have an obsession with them, and now my makeup just doesn’t look the same without them, I’m sure its a trap to buy more and more! Well I have tried a lot this year and my favourites have to be the Lash house lashes, I am addicted to them. They are the biggest and most full lashes that I have ever tried, but with a thin enough band so that they are comfortable and I don’t actually feel them once they are on. A bit on the pricey side but I actually have a discount code so you can get 10% off, perfect for if you want a dramatic lash for New Years eve.


Lips: Jeffree Star liquid lipstick

I discovered Jeffree Star cosmetics as a whole brand this year, and there are so many products that I have fallen in love with however I think that these have to be my favourite lip products of the year. A huge variety of colours, easy to apply, long lasting but not drying and small enough to fit in your handbag. Perfect for me! You know that I love a nude lipstick, and the shade mannequin fits the bill, it is a gorgeous pink toned nude that is ideal for every day use. I wear it most days for college as once I have put it on it doesn’t budge and I don’t have to think about it all day. I have actually nearly ran out and need to purchase another in the new year.

So there are my stand out products of this year, and I hope that you have found some products to try and love in 2018. Let me know what your top beauty products of the year are!


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