Hello January

I did it! This is the very last post of the last 32 days of uploading constantly and the very first post of 2018. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adored blogmas and all of the posts that I created, but my goodness it was challenge to schedule everyday. I have a complete new found respect for daily vloggers! I’m so proud of myself for posting everyday for a whole month though, and I certainly want to try it again another time. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I do! You are probably completely sick of me now however I do want to give a roundup of my month, so here we are. Behind the scenes of blogging I have actually had an incredibly busy personal month, I suppose that it is christmas after all.

The 3rd was my boyfriends birthday and we really didn’t do a great deal, but it was so lovely to just spend the day relaxing and actually doing very little. We chilled out, opened presents, ate a lot of cake and watched Sherlock. Can you think of a better day? I loved it and I think he did to, which was obviously the main thing. I love celebrating with people!

This point is more of a personal one for when I read these back in the future, as I have found myself going back and re reading these posts from last year so I want to include more personal things just for me. If you read Hello December you will know that last month I had some mock exams for my A levels, and this month I received the results, and I am so happy with them! A lot of hard work went into them but I love the little confidence boost it gives me and actually makes me feel like I can do A levels and get into university (I doubt myself wayyyy too much).

I didn’t attend many blog events in December because of other Christmas plans, however me and my nan did go to the origins Christmas event. It was all based around the ginger range, which I had never tried before. It was a lovely short but sweet evening, which I thoroughly enjoyed. If you haven’t already read the post please go take a look at it, and hopefully I’ll be able to attend more events at origins York in the future.

You will have already seen this as part of my blogmas posts, but the weekend before Christmas I hosted a party with my friends to celebrate. It was such a good night and Ireally enjoyed spending time with everyone. I also spent the weekend away at the house that we were hosting it at, and it was nice to just have the weekend to ourselves to relax… well around all the party chaos!

Onto the most important day of December, the 25th. I have already written a whole post about it the other day but I had such a nice day filled with family, food, movies and overall relaxation. Christmas is certainly one of my favourite days of the year and I love being able to celebrate it. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too.

The last thing that happened this month was Isy’s birthday. Isy is one of my best friends and my longest lasting friendship, and I can’t believe that she turned 18 a couple of days ago. We have been inseparable since aged 12 so it’s so weird that she is actually seen as an adult now. We had a chilled night celebrating and we are going to properly celebrate in January, which I am excited about.

I am actually writing this post on the day of the 31st, so we haven’t actually seen in the new year yet, but my plan is to spend the evening with my family and my boyfriend, which I am so excited. Startling 2018 off with my favourite people is certainly a good beginning to the year and sets it off well. I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds.

As always thank you so much for supporting me through my blogging and for the entirety of blogmas, I am so blown away by all of the support that I have received and how many people have seemed to enjoy my posts. However I do need a little rest from blogging because of the amount that I have done recently (32 posts in one month is a lot harder than it first looks!), so I am giving myself a week off to relax from uploading. I will see you again on the 7th with a new post to kick off 2018.

Lots of love and happy new year! Tori xx



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