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Pippa is probably the very first ‘real life friend’ that I made through blogging. We were stood outside the lush store waiting to go into their blogger evening, and we got talking. I was so nervous because it was my first blogging event and I was on my own, so it was so nice to have a friendly face talk to me and make me feel a lot more at ease. Me, pippa and a girl called Amber actually spent the majority of the night together and it was really nice to get to know them. Since then I have seen Pippa at a few more events and she is truly lovely, and completely killing the blogging game at the moment. She talks about lifestyle, theatre and books, all whilst managing a new social enterprise and a chronic illness on the side. She’s a talented lady!

As always my text will be in bold and Pippa’s responses will be in a regular font.

Did you have a nice Christmas time? What did you get up to?

I did, thank you! 2017 has been absolutely jam-packed, and the relaxed, laid-back Christmas I had was definitely needed… although I quickly realised that I’m really not the best with the concept of ‘time-off’, and got back to working on projects within days. I’m actually writing this post in Lanzarote, on a family holiday, before I head off to the beach later on!

What made you start your blog, was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day?

Whilst I’d been pondering starting a blog for a few months prior to actually doing so, it was pretty much a spontaneous decision to launch one when I did: I suffer from insomnia, and it was during a particularly rough night where things just seemed to click into place in my head and I decided to go for it. I got up the next day, zombiefied from lack of sleep but feeling inexplicably motivated, wrote an absolutely dreadful first theatre review, and thankfully things have only improved from there!

What is your favourite social media platform to post on? I love your Instagram!

Thank you so much- I’ve always loved Instagram and it’s always been my most popular platform, although the recent algorithm changes hit me hard: my engagement at the moment is only a third of what it was this time last year. I still love it, although I’ve definitely gravitated more towards Twitter in the past year. If you enjoy frequent rants about disability issues combined with musical theatre GIFS (and I mean, why wouldn’t you?), do say hello at @LifeOfPippa_

We first met at a blogging event for Lush, how did it feel going to your first event as a blogger?

Slightly terrifying. Whilst I was mostly excited, I was fully expecting to enter a room full of really advanced influencers, who all knew each other and what they were supposed to be doing. Thankfully this wasn’t the case, and thanks to the fabulous team at Lush York, and meeting fellow bloggers like yourself and Amber, I quickly felt at ease. I feel very fortunate that my first experience of a PR event was a wholly positive one, and being there made me feel so much more legitimate and confident as a blogger.

I love seeing you open up about your chronic illness and I’m sure you have helped a lot of people, do you find that social media has helped you connect to people in a similar situation?

Thank you, I really hope so! Social media has played a huge role in my illness experience, much more than a non-disabled person might expect. It was back in the very early stages of my condition that I first turned to online platforms to find other young people like myself. Not only did this help me to feel less alone, it also taught me something so valuable that my life would be completely different had I not seen it: that it’s completely okay to find humour, and to laugh at yourself, even in adverse circumstances. In fact, that was where the name ‘Life of Pippa’ came from: it’s a term that my friends and I use to describe the… rather unique life situations that I often find myself in!

I know that you blog a lot about theatre on your blog, but what is your favourite musical that you have ever seen? I know that it is such a hard question!

We’re going to have to settle for a top two here: Wicked and Kinky Boots. Wicked was the very first West End Musical I saw, over a decade ago, and the way it touched me is something that I know will stay with me for the rest of my life. I’ve been fortunate enough to see it three times now (the other two times being on tour), and I hope to catch it on the 2018 tour too. Kinky Boots, on the other hand, GIVES ME LIFE. I saw it fairly recently after finally getting tickets for my birthday, and it’s the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen: I challenge anybody to be in a bad mood after listening to the soundtrack. If you’re a fan of musical theatre yourself, you might like to check out my Top 10 All Time Favourite Musicals post, although it was written six months ago and already is very much in need of an update!

What is your favourite opportunity/experience that has come about because of your blog?

I feel very fortunate that this is a difficult question to answer! I’ve had so many fab experiences in the last year that I could easily talk about, but I think the one currently at the top of my list would have to be collaborating with Matilda the Musical. I write ‘chronic illness-friendly’ reviews of the shows I see, in the hope of increasing the accessibility of theatre for those with long-term conditions, and getting to attend the musical as press and write one of my reviews on their behalf was just epic. If we’re going for a non-stagey one, an honourable mention has to go to The Botanist: I’ve been to two of their blogger events now, one being for the launch of their summer cocktail menu and the other being a gin tasting workshop, and both were brilliant. Combining cocktails, food, and an Instagrammable setting is definitely the way to my heart.

You are a busy lady and have so many projects going on recently! What motivated you to set up Spoonie Survival Kits?

It was mostly a desire to do something: when you become ill, all too often you can lose your sense of purpose. I wanted to find something that I was capable of doing, and if I could raise some money for charity and awareness of chronic illnesses at the same time, then that was what I’d do. I absolutely love managing Spoonie Survival Kits [www.spooniesurvivalkits.com]: seeing it grow from something so small into the social enterprise it is now has been indescribably awesome, and it feels incredible to have raised almost £4000 to date. It’s extremely time-consuming and increasingly difficult to manage with my own health, but I have some great support from talented volunteers, all of whom also have long-term conditions of their own: I cannot wait to see what else we can achieve through the project.

What are you most excited about in 2018?

One word came to mind when I read this question, and that word was Hamilton. I’m sure many people will be sick to death of hearing about it already, but Hamilton: An American Musical is one of the biggest theatre milestones that will happen in our generation. I was slightly late to the hype and missed out on tickets the first time around, but I’m SO chuffed that I’ll finally be seeing it in May! Aside from that, I’m looking forward to carrying on with all my individual projects on a day to day basis and *hopefully* moving into a new place of my own this year. Eek.

Finally I talk a lot about beauty on my blog, so the final question will be a beauty related question. What is your holy grail favourite product?

Whilst I definitely can’t claim to be a beauty guru myself, one thing I do always rely on is a good low-maintenance lipstick. Having a gorgeous lip colour is an absolute necessity when it comes to distracting people from tired eyes and my sometimes rather-alarmingly pale face: my current favourite is No7 Moisture Drench range, and I love the shade Tawny Rose (850) at this time of year!

Thanks for having me, Tori! ☺

So there are the questions! I love Pippa and I would definitely recommend you going over and checking out her social media and blog. I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for her and I’m so glad she was my first ‘A chat with’ of the year!

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Who else would you love to see feature on ‘A chat with’ this year?


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