How to beat the January blues #ad

January is not the nicest month, in fact I think most people would say its the worst month of the entire year. Freezing cold (it was actually snowing at my house last week), everyone is detoxing after eating and partying so much in December and people are back to their normal working lives after a cosy Christmas break. L’occitane understand this, and approached me a few weeks ago asking whether I would like to share my top tips on beating the January blues, featuring their body care and other lovely products from the brand.

I decided to focus this post around a day I had a few weeks back, when me and my boyfriend spent a chilled day together. it was a mixture of relaxing and productive, and overall really recharged my batteries and pepped me up for the new year. We made a lot of blog content but also took time to relax and it was so nice. It was great to just get away and not do that much for a couple of days.

Tiredness is often a huge factor in peoples mood so, if time allows, having a lie in is such a good idea. I always find that I am more productive if I have had plenty of sleep as I am more awake and alert. Its horrible dragging yourself out of bed early when its cold outside and so cosy under the duvet, so taking an extra hour on a weekend or your day off is 100% worth it.

Get out of the house! I need to do this more in 2018 as I am really guilty of staying in the house doing work and not seeing sunlight for days on end… bad I know. However sometimes it is nice to wrap up and get out, whether thats just going shopping with some friends (like I did the other week) or even just getting out of the house for half an hour. It can be as cheap or expensive as you like, and perfect for clearing your head if you are feeling a bit down. On this day we went out and took some outfit photos for my blog and Instagram which you have probably seen but ill leave a few below. One of my New Years resolutions was to up my photography game and I have been putting significantly more effort in, so going out and doing a shoot when I have some time on my hands really helps.

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When we got back, I was so cold and wet that I was in a need of a long soak in the bath. I think this is definitely one of my top tips for if you are feeling a bit down, taking time out for yourself to just completely relax and not think about your to do list will hopefully make you feel miles better. A deep warm bath filled with bubbles allows you to chill out completely and destress from anything that is bothering you. I would definitely recommend L’occitane products for your pamper session, they have a whole range of scents so there will 100% be something to suit you and your tastes. The products are pricey but the quality definitely are reflected in the price, as they are so luxurious and really work. I have been using the perfume/spray for many years and I still wear it now… timeless!

I also tend to utilise these pamper nights and do a long skincare routine and mask whilst I am in the bath. However I wrote a whole detailed post about my skincare routine and favourite picks back in December, so if you want to to take a look click here.

Another one of my top tips and something that really helps me if I am feeling down is spending time with people who I love. I am the type of person that naturally wants to spend time on my own when I’m not feeling myself, and that only makes things worse as I am dwelling and over-stressing alone. Talking to someone about how you feel or even just doing something fun to take your mind off it really helps me and shows that I have a lot of people supporting me. Whether thats family, friends or your partner, I would 100% recommend being around people who care about you, as it does bring you up and make you laugh. That being said everyone is different and some people find that taking time for themselves helps them more, all ill say is that you know yourself better than anyone else so do what is best for your needs.

On this particular day, we cooked our own food together and had a laugh whilst doing it, which was so much fun actually. We never cook together so it was nice doing something different. However ordering a takeaway is equally a good idea if you really want a treat (I’m very guilty of ordering too many takeaways!). Afterwards we spent the evening on the sofa, we brought the duvet down to the living room from upstairs and watched a movie, which was nice. It was nice to have a whole day of treating myself and just relaxing.

I know that so many people aren’t feeling themselves recently so I hope this post and these tips help you to feel a bit more positive going into February. You are not alone and I think that most people should take time out to relax now and again. Thank you to the team at L’occitane for sponsoring this post and allowing me to showcase some of your products.

(This post was sponsored however all opinions and photos are my own)



  1. January 25, 2018 / 9:44 pm

    What a lovely post, I’m definitely going to try some L’Occitane products. Like you said making some time for yourself is so important and something we often forget about, I know I always forget to make time just to go outside on days when I’m really busy.
    Brooke x

    • January 25, 2018 / 10:07 pm

      Me too! I definitely need to get out of the house more this year instead of staying inside when I’m stressed!

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