50 facts about me

I have seen this post floating around the internet and a lot of people post these as an introduction post, but I thought January was a nice time to do it. I gained a fair few followers on my blog from posting everyday last month, so this is a good way to say hello and introduce myself to you.

The photos that I am featuring are from a little shoot I did a couple of weeks ago, I love how they turned out so thought to share my favourites. I am in love with that leopard print coat!

This could take a while…

1. I love fashion but my wardrobe consists of primarily black, white and grey.

2. I don’t have a middle name.

3. My favourite city in the world is Dublin, and if I had to live in another country I would choose to live there.

4. Italian is my favourite type of food, but theres nothing better than a greasy takeaway.

5. My favourite meal is actually a Parmo… if you know you know.

6. I used to do performing arts for 9 years, until I was 14.

7. If I could be a fictional character for a day I would be Mary Poppins.

8. Autumn is my favourite season.

9. My favourite colour is electric blue or pink.

10. That being said, if glitter was a colour I would choose that as my favourite.

11. I have never been to a wedding or a funeral.

12. I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

13. I am 5ft 5, which isnt too small but when two of your best friends are 5ft8 and your boyfriend is 6ft2… you start to feel short!

14. I used to be a little mix superfan and have actually attended every single one of their tours (some of them twice!).

15. Since the age of 13 I have had a toy walrus named Wilma, and if all of my family were safe she is the first thing that I would save in a fire.

16. My birthday is the 26th June, which makes me a cancer.

17. I love musicals, and my favourite that I have ever seen is Matilda.

18. I talk incredibly quickly and I often have to repeat what I say again because people haven’t understood the first time!

19. Matchmakers are my favourite chocolate… or any mint chocolate in general really.

20. I have a little lucky mouse that my nan bought me nearly a decade ago and I a, actually convinced that it is a lucky mouse.

21. I wear 5 rings everyday and I feel so weird if I leave the house without them.

22. I have been to disneyworld 3 times and I bloody love it. I wish I could go more often!

23. I am very much a home person and would rather spend time at home than partying anyday.

24. I laugh a lot, and I always cry when I laugh.

25. Actually on saying that, I cry a lot. For some reason I cry at every single emotion under the sun.

26. I use my knife and fork in the ‘wrong’ hands.

27. Donald Duck was my first love… just don’t ask.

28. Most days I am having a conversation then just completely forget what I’m saying.

29. My most used social media is 100% Instagram.

30. I am not sure I have ever had a full cup of tea, I always take a few sips, leave it to cool and then forget all about it.

31. I think I am addicted to false eyelashes and I wear them most day… the bigger the better!

32. I have a very eclectic music taste, and can jump from genre to genre so easily. Rap to musical theatre usually!

33. I bought my first camera in 2015 and I have been addicted ever since.

34. I love talking politics, but I don’t think the people around me do!

35. As much as I like travelling, there is truly no place like home.

36. I have never had a pet.

37. Im sorry to all the superfans out there… but I have only ever seen 10 minutes of a Harry Potter film (and I’ve never read the books!).

38. I am not a patient person at all.

39. My favourite alcoholic drink is a Bacardi and lemonade or a fruity cocktail.

40. I still have no idea what job I want to do in the future.

41. I am a complete perfectionist, which is both a blessing and a curse.

42. My favourite lush bath bomb is the big blue, and its actually the first one that I ever tried.

43. I have pretty much perfect eyesight and don’t wear glasses/contacts.

44. My favourite subject is economics, although I love all the social sciences. So much so that I am taking PPE for my degree.

45. I adore having acrylic nails, but they destroy them and once you start its almost impossible to stop.

46. I have never broken a bone.

47. I am a millennium baby, although most people think I look older.

48. Indigo Rosee was actually a magazine I made with my old friend at primary school and the name just kind of stuck with me.

49. I am not outdoorsy in the slightest and would much prefer staying inside.

50. I am very “extra” as my friends would say and I love a celebration, so much so that on my birthday I wore a tiara all day and even had a personalised snapchat filter! Yes I am 100% that person and I’m 100% okay with that.

So there we have 50 facts about me, that was a lot harder to think of than I first expected it to be! Hopefully you found out some more things about me, and I included a few completely random facts as well.


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