Hello February

I think that January is always the quietest and least exciting month of the year. Its cold, Christmas has ended and everyone is trying to save their money. This post mirrors this, with a quiet month and not a great deal going on. That being said I have had a really nice month being at home quite a lot and getting back into the swing of college work. A levels are slowly taking over my life but I have tried to fit in a few fun things too!

Although this was in December, I wanted to touch on the 30th December, which was my friends birthday. I had already written the Hello January post so I didn’t include it but I wanted to talk about it. It was one of the cosiest days and I loved it, and it was even better spending it with Isy who I don’t spend much time with anymore (through no fault of our own). We ate good food, had a chocolate fountain and celebrated in our pyjamas… which is the best way to celebrate if you ask me. She had a proper party later on in the month, which I’ll talk about later but I enjoyed her actual birthday so much. Now back to January!

I started the year off with my grandparents and my boyfriend, having an amazing New Years eve. We ate good food, had a fair few drinks and saw the new year in right. It wasn’t wild but it was so nice to welcome 2018 with my favourite people. We barely did anything on the 1st and instead spent the majority of the day on the sofa relaxing, a very good start to 2018 indeed. I think I was just so tired after uploading everyday of December that I needed a couple of days off to recharge my batteries.

My best friends birthday was at the end of December, however because of family commitments etc, she chose to celebrate properly at the beginning of January. We had a huge meal out at a local Italian, with all of my friends. Its not very often that everyone can get together in the same room, but everyone seemed to be able to make it and it was lovely to see everyone. I know I see everyone at college on a daily basis but its always so rushed, so I get excited when we can have a proper conversation.

After the meal, a few of us decided to go back to my house to have some more drinks and a little party. A dream team belated Christmas party as we liked to call it. I love my best friends and it was so nice to have a small gathering without all the craziness of a normal party. Such a good night and one ill remember for all of the right reasons!

January is the month that the Christmas break ends and everyone goes back to school and college, which is never nice. However I do like getting back into a routine and back into the swing of studying, as it certainly wasn’t my priority over Christmas. We are on the countdown to exam season now so its all systems go in 2018 as far as studying is concerned. As you may be able to see, I am starting to bring more and more studying into my blog and I am really enjoying that, as it seems to help a lot of you.

I couldn’t believe it when I got an invite to blog at the beach this month. It has always been one of them events where I’ve seen other people go and have wanted to, so when an email landed in my inbox I was so excited. The day certainly didn’t disappoint, I was apprehensive going in but I got talking to a lovely group of girls and it was so nice to feel so welcome. Ive written a whole post about the event so I won’t go on too much, but it was such an inspiring day and really motivated me to improve the ‘business’ side of my blog and take it to the next level. Such a good day and one of my favourite blog events that I have ever been to.

I ended the month actually in Leeds again, this time for a university open day. Leeds is my firm choice university so it was nice to look around again (I have been 3 times now!) and fall in love with it all over again. The thought of university still scares me but I cant express to you how much I adore the course and I’m so excited to start studying it later on in the year. It’s going to be a huge change, however slowly but surely I’m feeling more ready for that change. The whole day itself was pretty great too, some of my friends went with me and there was plenty of laughter in between the academic side of things.

So that was January, pretty unexciting but a nice month nonetheless. February is looking quite busy, with mock exams approaching and also going to Dublin which will be nice. Expect a lot of travel posts!


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  1. February 6, 2018 / 9:41 am

    I agree with you I love getting back into a routine going back to uni and getting back to a normal day to day life. Although having some time off away from work is lovely too.
    Brooke x

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