Highlight is my favourite makeup product, and I have no idea why. There is just something about a blinding glow, and considering how big of a trend it is as the moment, I think I am not the only one to feel this way. Over the years I have tried and tested a lot of them and I have found some that I absolutely love and use most days. I thought to share them with you and hopefully you will find a new one that is up your street too.

My absolute favourite has to be the Becca highlighters. I only discovered them in 2017 and I actually wrote all about them in my ‘Best of beauty’ post last month (so I won’t ramble too much). They are the softest, most finely milled highlighters I have ever tried… yet have the brightest glow that I have seen from a product. What I love about them is that although the finished look is pretty unnatural (its glitter on your face, what do you expect?), it doesn’t seem like a strip and instead blends perfectly onto the skin. There are so many different colours to choose from but my favourite just has to be Opal, its the prettiest champagne pearl shade, which is quite cool toned but would be gorgeous on every skin tone.

Mac soft and gentle was actually the first highlight that I EVER bought, and I’m now onto my third one I think. I love it so much and the pink tone looks so natural on the skin whilst still giving you a strong glow. This feels like a different formula to other highlights that I have tried, because it has a thicker consistency and the glitter is more chunky. I find that the best way to apply it is to use a dense brush and spray it with setting spray first, so the glitter doesn’t fall all over your face.

Mary Loumaniser is the highlight that I constantly recommend to people, and over the past year I have converted a lot of people to trying (and loving!) it. Its the most versatile highlighter I own and suits practically every skin tone, due to the pale but quite warm toned shade. Its finely milled, a beautiful shade and fairly reasonably priced too. You can see by how much I’ve used that its much loved in my collection!

I only discovered Jeffree Star cosmetics just over a year ago, but I have come to love so many of their products… one being the ice cold highlight. Ill be honest, I haven’t been impressed with Jeffree Star highlights overall because of how hard pressed they are and nothing comes off onto your brush (eclipse… I’m looking at you), but Ice Cold is like its from a different collection. Finely milled, easy to apply and the strongest colour payoff. This is too pale for me to wear on my cheeks because its white but I wear it every single day on my inner corner and browbone, it looks so good and the best highlight that I have found for this purpose. Plus the packaging is great too!

As you will have probably gathered, I am certainly a powder highlight type of girl, however I have found a few liquid highlights that I use too. They are perfect for more natural makeup days, where you don’t want a strong highlight but still want something that makes you look radiant and more glowy. The first one that I love is the Lush ‘feeling younger’ skin tint. Its so nice both under and over foundation, and really makes you glow without looking too ‘fake’. Another one I like is the Nars illuminator, which is again really good but I would only recommend if you are used to liquid highlighters as it is pretty expensive for what you get. Great product though and the pink shade flatters most skin tones!

I hope this has helped you if you are looking for a new highlight soon, it is my favourite makeup product and I would 100% recommend investing in a good quality one. It changes your face completely and I couldn’t go back now I have tried some of the really bright ones. Does anyone have any drugstore highlight recommendations? I know that this blog post focuses a lot on high end and I would love to find some cheaper but still great highlighters in 2018. I’ve heard great things about sleek!



  1. February 5, 2018 / 10:21 am

    I absolutely love highlighter to, its my biggest weakness when it comes to make up shopping right now, there is so many gorgeous ones!!

    I love The Balm Mary loumaniser – its always one I go to! xx


    • February 5, 2018 / 12:40 pm

      It’s such a good product isn’t it! Need to get a new one as I have hit pan so badly 😩

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