Studying: A week in my life

When I am not feeling motivated, I often turn to Youtube to watch ‘study with me’ videos. For some reason seeing how other people study and learn makes me feel so productive and gets me back into the swing of revising efficiently. There are so many good ‘revision’ youtubers out there, the popularity has increased massively this year and I can really see why, they really motivate me to keep going and study even when I don’t feel like it.

Im not sure if this will motivate in the same way, but I thought to make a blog version. It will motivate both you and me to study more, and would be perfect if you are a GCSE or A level student. Every day for a week I am going to write down what revision I have done, alongside any fun things that I have done too in order to balance it out. Almost like a week in the life, but with more emphasis on studying!

For a bit of backstory, I am a sixth form student in my final year of A levels taking economics, sociology, business, geography (I am a big fan of social sciences!). If anyone is confused, I actually take 4 A levels despite being in my second year, as I made the choice to continue with all of them. This week there were no mocks or other exams going on, so take this as a typical college week with what I do. Obviously the set homework changes but for general amount, this is about average for me and my subjects.


A bit of a weird day to start this diary on I know, but I thought of the idea on Friday night and I wanted to get writing straight away. When I spend Saturdays at home I usually get so much done, and this day was no exception to the rule. I had a slight lie in (until about 8:30), rolled out of bed, shoved some lazy clothes on and got started about 9am. The first task of the day was to finish off some sociology work from the day before, which I did within an hour.

After that I took a break to have breakfast and then got onto the biggest task of the day… the dreaded economics notes. Revising Macroeconomics is one of the hardest tasks as there is just so much content so I have been putting off making mind maps for a while but I got to a point where I needed to start them. I basically dedicated the whole day to sat on my floor making poster after poster, and taking a mini break after each one. This honestly took hours and I haven’t even finished, the amount of macro content is actually ridiculous despite it being so interesting and my favourite part of the course.

After many many hours of macro notes, I finally started to give up and could feel my mind going to fuzz, so I had an extended break and did some blogging. I always try to fit blogging in when I can, and I ended up writing a post and scheduling some others that I had already pre-written.


I spend Sundays at my dads but always try and do a little bit of studying whilst I am there. I had homework set by sociology to complete some revision worksheets using the textbook, and although it wasn’t a hard task it was a very time consuming one. It took about 2 hours to get up to date but I’m glad I did it and got it ticked off my list.

The rest of the afternoon was spent blogging again and just relaxing with my family. I got another post written and also got up to date with the weeks emails so people in business can reply back first thing on a Monday morning.


On a Monday I have a free period until 11am, but I go into sixth form to see my friends and do a bit of studying. Sixth form isn’t my favourite place in the world but I don’t mind being there and it’s always nice to catch up with friends after a weekend of not seeing them. On this particular Monday I had an appointment so I didn’t get into sixth form until about 10 (an hour late than usual) so I grabbed a coffee and quickly did an hour of homework, mainly just going over some business homework with my friends and making sure we all had the same answers! I think finance is slowly becoming the bane of my life. That being said it overall was a productive hour or so which was good as the productivity level on a Monday morning is always a bit hit and miss! I always find that if I get a lot done in that session it sets me up well for the rest of the week.

I finish sixth form at 4 on a Monday, so by the time I get home and relax for a while I don’t typically have a lot of time. However that being said I ended up having quite a productive evening, making some business mindmaps linking to the finance topic of earlier. I struggled remembering all of the formulas off by heart when doing the homework so I went over them again and made a cheat sheet of them all in one place to refer to when I’m learning them. I also was set some multiple choice papers from economics so I went over them and pencilled in some answers before I went over them with my economics friends the day after.


Tuesday morning is typically the same as Monday morning (I don’t start until 11) so I spend an hour doing work on the morning and the have an hour of my driving lesson. On this morning I went over some multiple choice papers from microeconomics that I started the night before, and me and my friend went through it together.

I am in lessons for the rest of the day but I spent the evening focusing on the economics notes that I had started on Saturday. I still had a fair few more to do that I didn’t get done at the weekend, so I did a 4 pages more of notes. I think you will be bored of me talking about economics notes by the end of this blog post as a huge aim of the week is to get them completed and up to date.


I finish lessons at 1:15 on a Wednesday which is really good because it means that I have the whole afternoon to be productive. I spent my free period until 4 going over some sociology work and creating an essay plan. Next Tuesday I am doing a timed essay in my lesson but we are allowed to take a plan with us, so I went over my notes and condensed them all into one a4 piece of paper. Its tasks like that which are so time consuming but just need to be done because they are set work as opposed to revision.

Once I got home at 4, I caught up on some blogging and scheduled some posts, and also did some emails which took me about an hour. After this I had quite a long break and had a soak in the bath, because I have been doing so much work and I just felt like I needed a pause and a break for a couple of hours. For the end of the evening I just read over my textbook for business and caught up on some of the notes, because the lesson had been cancelled for the next day and we were set work to catch up on.


This was a very strange day as usually I have lessons for the majority of the day but my business teacher cancelled the lesson so I actually finished college at 11am. I spent the rest of the day sat in an empty classroom carrying on them economics notes that I started at the beginning of the week and I FINALLY FINISHED THEM. It took me another 4 hours but it was so worth it as now I am up to date with my economics work. I’m so glad that its done now and I can just make notes as and when I learn topics now.

For some reason I felt so tired on the night so I took it easy and instead just read through my business notes and added some post it notes, which is the best way to read the textbook in my opinion. I think I was so tired because I had been working pretty much constantly from 11 until 4, so by the time I got home I was just drained.


This is going to be the shortest post of the whole week but I wanted to include all 7 days despite me doing no work at all! Fridays are always a busy day because I am in lessons for the full day with no frees so no independent work is done in college hours. Usually I would study on the night but I gave myself the night off and instead some friends came to my house and then we all went out for my friends birthday. So no work was done by me! I have no plans for over the weekend though so I’m hoping to make up for a night off over the next few days.

I hope that this motivates you to study more and also to plan your week out in order to get the most out of your week. If this has helped you in some way, please let me know! Im not sure whether this is a good idea and this was a trial blog post, but if a lot of people find it useful then I will certainly make another, maybe when I have mock exams in 6 weeks.


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