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Shazney has potentially my favourite makeup account on instagram, she is just so talented considering she is the same age as me. I started following her back when she just started her account and posted photos of her brown eyeshadow and winged liner and since then her account has exploded into a collection of bold colours, cut creases and just pure talent. She is absolutely incredible and always gives me inspiration when I don’t know what looks to do, and her use of bold colours is like no other. That why I was so excited when I got to interview her about her work.

As always my text will be in bold from now on and hers will be in a regular font.

I just wanted to thank you for featuring on my blog, its lovely to have you over here!

Thanks for having me!!

What made you start your instagram, was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day?

I first started my account in August 2016 and now I look back I’m so glad that I did! I didn’t really plan it or plan how it would fit into my regular life, but now, 1.5 years later, I’m so so glad I made that decision otherwise I may not be in the position that I am now!

Do you prefer more natural or bold looks? I love your bold and colourful looks!

I definitely love a bold and colourful look! I love the feeling of standing out and being bold, which is why I loved doing my Christmas series so much! I will do a neutral look every now and then because I know sometimes people like to recreate my looks and some would prefer to create a neutral look which was the same for me a year ago! I stepped out of my comfort zone and it’s the best thing I ever did!

Do you wear your bold looks out of the house? I am always too scared to wear bold colours in public and I have no idea why!

I wear them all the time! I work Mon-Fri so I wear bold and colourful looks to work, and my colleagues always love seeing what crazy stuff I’ve done on my eyes! As I work in the city centre, I often go in to shops and people serving me often comment on my makeup and it makes me so so happy!!! I have to mention the ladies at my local boots store. Every time I go in they look at my makeup and tell me I should pursue this as a career and they are so so kind to me! I was always scared to begin with, but as soon as you’re outside of that comfort zone, it’s the best thing ever!

What is your favourite look that you have ever done?

What a question! My look that has had the most attention was a face chart recreation from the amazing Milk1422, it was seen by over 100k people which is insane to me! I think my favourite look changes all the time as my skills are changing all the time, but one of my all time favourites that was so fun to create was my Santa’s sleigh over the night sky look, and my sunset half cut crease!!! I love them both so much and I was so happy with how they turned out!!

You are the same age as me so I bet you are thinking about future plans, are you planning on makeup being your career or looking at another route?

Well, at the moment I am doing a course in ‘customer services’, but as soon as that finishes I’m going to do a makeup course and hopefully become a qualified MUA which has always been a dream! I don’t know what exactly I want to do with my future, but I know it will be makeup related! I feel like it’s hard to make long term plans when we live in such an everchanging world, and when makeup is such a fast paced industry!

You upload so frequently and I am in awe of how much time you must put into your account, how long would you say each look takes you?

Well, most looks I post are done on weekdays, and I wake up at 5am and leave at 7:30, and sometimes I barely have time to brush my hair which baffles me 😂 I would still get up at 5 even if I wasn’t doing my makeup, as my body clock naturally wakes me up and I’ve always been an early bird! I’ve gotten into the routine of posting every night and I love it! It wasn’t planned but with my Christmas series I was uploading every night and the routine has just stuck since then! I often will post two posts of a look, meaning I have loads of looks I’ve never posted, so if I do want to have a day off or anything, I still have something to post!

I know that you live with your boyfriend, is he supportive of your instagram?

Yes I currently live with my boyfriends family, and they are so so lovely! We are coming up to our 4 year anniversary and are hopefully looking to get our own place this year which I am super excited about!!! He has let me come into his space and his room and bring my huge desk full of makeup along with me!😂 he has always been so so supportive and always has questions and tries to understand makeup (even though he struggles!) and even lets me practice on him sometimes! (rarely)! I can’t thank Tyler enough as he has supported me through everything in life including my journey through makeup!

Holy grail product? I know its so hard to choose!

Wow this is a hard question!!! My holy grail skincare product is DEFINITELY the Nivea Double Effects makeup remover! I am obsessed it is just amazing, it removes heavy eye makeup with literally one swipe! When it comes to makeup I would have to go for a palette as I feel they are most diverse and I’ll have to say the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette! There are some cons, like I wish it had a mirror, and a light matte shade, but the range of shades in this palette is just amazing!

What should we expect to see from @SCLbeauty this year?

I plan for 2018 to be a big year, with some big improvements and hopefully uploading more videos to Instagram and some to YouTube too! I am still collecting stuff for my giveaway which I’m super excited for!!! Hopefully I’ll be taking a makeup course if the time is right etc! I’m just hoping my skills keep on improving so I can keep sharing my passion!! 2018 is going to be a big year for my page and for me personally, with my driving, turning 18 and lots more exciting stuff!!

Finally… what advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a beauty account?

My best advice would be persistence. I have had so many times where my account engagement goes down and I seriously lack creativity and the best way to keep going is to stick with it, because if I didn’t persevere back then, I wouldn’t be where I am now! Currently, my engagements have been slightly down, but I’m still working my hardest and posting my looks daily no matter what! I would also say stepping outside of your comfort zone is important, as it pushes you to be more creative! I wish anyone luck who wants to start up an account and you are always free to come to me for advice!

Thank you so much Tori for having me, I really appreciate it as I’ve followed you for a long time and always loved your page and your blog!

So theres the interview! I hope that you love her as much as I do and if you do want to check out her social media platforms then click here.



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