The power of a photograph

If you know me, you will know that I love taking photos. Well I suppose thats one of the biggest reasons why I started my blog, to share my photos and see peoples reactions to them. However I very rarely print them out and instead just look at my favourites on my Instagram feed or camera roll, but that is about to change.

As you have maybe noticed from a few recent Instagram posts, I have developed an obsession with polaroid photos recently. I have been looking into buying one however one thing that has put me off is how the quality is affected. And thats where Printiki come in. Their business is a photo printing service, where you can have your photos printed in all sorts of shapes and styles for a low cost. They approached me asking whether I would like to have some of my favourite photos printed off, so of course I said yes. I got to choose which photos were chosen and I put them in a square polaroid style so that they were like polaroid photos that I love but the image quality didn’t suffer.

Taking photos is one of my favourite things to do and it has been for a very long time, I just love capturing memories and I am definitely that friend that takes photos and documents EVERYTHING. Photos are so lovely to look back on and share memories with friends and family, and I love that. One of my New Years resolutions was actually to improve my photography game/put more effort into my photography and I think I am succeeding in that so far.

Today is valentines day (although I have pre written this post beforehand so I don’t have to spend the day sat at my laptop) and Printiki is perfect for presents. I know how hard it is to buy presents for your partner, but Prinitki have some amazing products that would make ideal gifts for valentines day, birthdays or chrsitmas. They even have whole phot albums that they make up for you filled with your favourite photos together, and I would love to receive something like that as a gift. Even if you don’t have a valentine this year, I would definitely advise looking at Printiki for gifts for friends or family members too.

I thought that a good idea for this post would be to choose some of my favourite photos that I printed out and share the story behind them. I love seeing other people share little sorties behind photos so I hope you like seeing a few of mine. It was so hard to narrow it down to only 5 from all of the ones that I have printed out.

This one is a photo that I took when I went to Edinburgh and I absolutely love it. I spent ages trying to get the perfect shot of the bubbles and I am so happy that I did, as I love how this photo came out. The colours are gorgeous and the buildings behind it make it obvious that it is Edinburgh. Im so proud of this photo and its definitely one of my favourite pieces of photography that I have ever taken.

I love this photo and it sums up so many happy memories. I still love taking photos with the characters whenever I go to disneyworld, and this is probably one of my favourite character photos that has been taken. This photo goes beyond the photo and represents all my happy memories at disneyworld, which is one of my favourite places.

Me and my grandparents don’t have enough photos of us all together, and instead its usually one of us taking a photo of the other two or a low quality selfie. I love this photo so much as we are in London (somewhere where I have very happy childhood memories with my nan and grandad) and we all look so happy. I think this is probably my favourite photo of us three together.

All of the photos I have mentioned have been travelling, so I wanted to include one at home to show just how beautiful it can be. I didn’t even have to leave my living room to get this shot, and its not edited in the slightest. The sunset was overwhelming and so beautiful that day, so I had to pick my camera up. Im incredibly lucky to live where I do and this photo is a visual representation of that.

This is a photo from my birthday party last year, and if you have read my 2017 roundup post (click here) you will know that this day was my favourite of last year. I love this photo as you can just see how happy I am and it just sums up the whole day of summer and happiness really. Even if one of those huge balloons flew away after 30 minutes of my party starting.

So there are some of my favourite photos. I love that by printing them out I can have so many memories in one place, and I’m definitely hoping keep it up now. I want to have a big box filled with photos that everyone can look through. If you would like to do the same I actually have a discount code which gives you 20% off everything on the Printiki website. It helps me out a lot if you use it (and gives you money off!) so I would really appreciate it if you did use it if you are considering printing some images off. When you go to the checkout just enter this:


Overall I love these photos and you will certainly be seeing them pop up in my flatlays soon, they are too pretty to just put in a box and never get out! Thank you so much to the team at Printiki for sending these photos out and working with me on this post, I really appreciate brands working with me and helping my blog to grow more and more.

(These products were sent to me for no cost however all opinions and photos are my own)



  1. February 14, 2018 / 3:44 pm

    I’ve recently started a scrapbook and printed off some photos. I’m definitely going to be using this company in the future to print my photos as the quality looks amazing!
    Brooke x

    • February 14, 2018 / 4:42 pm

      They are so good!! Let me know if you use my code as it really does help me out 💖

  2. February 15, 2018 / 3:16 am

    This is awesome Tori! great to see priceless moments printed out! they look amazing. Hope you get to share more of this format in future 🙂

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