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I first met Kate in a blogging group chat that was made by a mutual friend, and I followed her straight away. I instantly fell in love with her general photography style (and have you seen how gorgeous she is!!) and after that I started reading her blog regularly. I love her writing style and her website is so professional, I would 100% urge you to check it out and follow her.

As always from this point, my writing will be in bold and Kate’s answers will be in a regular font.

First of all I want to thank you for featuring on this series, I love your social media and you are a huge inspiration to me!

Thank you for asking me to feature, this is the coolest idea! Thank you so much, I never thought people would care about what I posted, let alone see me as inspirational!

What made you start your blog? Was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day?

To be honest, it was somewhere in between. I knew for a while that I wanted to blog since I’ve always been in awe of bloggers and social media influencers. I think the idea really sparked in my last few weeks at university – I was hating it and knew that what I was really passionate about was the makeup and clothes I was buying with my student loan when I should have been at history lectures! A while after the stress of dropping out and finding a part time job I loved I realised I needed a hobby and just thought ‘f*ck it’ and made my blog!

What is your favourite social media platform? I love your Instagram!

Thank you so much! Instagram is 100% my favourite, despite its flaws. I’m a really visually creative person, so maintaining a theme, editing photos and planning my posts is something I find so fun. I don’t think I always get it right but when I feel that I have it’s so satisfying. I’ve actually been loving Twitter recently, too – I love just showing my true self and that side to me that you can’t really portray through Instagram captions.

Have you been hit by the Instagram algorithm?

To be honest, I’m not sure. I’ve always found engagement can vary – sometimes your posts do great and sometimes they just flop. I try not to look at likes too much and pay more attention to how people engage with posts and how I can attract new followers. I think most people are lying when they say they ‘don’t care’ about numbers; as bloggers, we all want to succeed and for that to happen growth is important, it’s just super important not to get down about it all.

What is your favourite style of post to write? Lifestyle or beauty… or maybe even something else?

I love writing in general, but my absolute favourites are the completely unplanned, chatty ones. Some of my favourite posts I’ve done were written on a whim at about 1am when I’m feeling most reflective. I think the best posts are the ones you can really get into. Sure, I love talking about my favourite moisturiser but it’s more spend-provoking than thought-provoking. I think my favourites are the lifestyle ones where I talk about real issues like body confidence and the realities of social media.

What is your favourite blog post that you have ever created? Maybe the one that you are most proud of?

Again, I’m particularly proud of my recent post where I talked about body positivity; that post got a lot of positive feedback and a few people actually reached out to me and said it really resonated with them which is crazy! It was one of those posts that I kind of closed my eyes and hit the ‘publish’ button because it was a bit more personal than my usual posts. Body confidence is something I’ve always struggled with, but it felt good to share it and the feedback I had showed I’m not the only one.

I adore your photography, what are your tips to creating a perfect Instagram photo?

Thank you so much, you’re too kind! To be honest, I think things like good lighting and a decent camera are important, but it’s also about having an eye for the perfect shot and really experimenting with angles and composition. You can have a £700 camera, but you also need to use it right. Flat lays and product shots are still something I struggle with and sometimes I’ll take 100 photos and hate them all. It’s a lot about practicing. I also find looking for inspiration can help so much. If I’m ever feeling uninspired I’ll go to Pinterest or my saved photos on Instagram and look at photos I think look good and this usually helps me see where I’m going wrong.

Which beauty product is your holy grail?

That is the trickiest question. I have about a million holy grails. I’m yet to find a better foundation than Estee Lauder Double Wear (I just wish it didn’t flashback!), so I’d definitely put that in the holy grail category. I also couldn’t live without my Nyx Micro Brow Pencil or my MAC ‘Subculture’ lipliner.

What is your favourite moment to come out of your blog and social media?

Again, another hard one. I was recently asked to work with Benefit which was such a surreal moment; I don’t think it really hit me until a few hours later. Some of the most amazing moments are when people make the effort to reach out to me and compliment my work, whether it’s my writing or my Instagram.

What are you most excited about in 2018?

I’m excited to work on bettering myself and what I do. I had a rough time last year in a few parts of my life, but I’ve decided this is the year to really work on me and what I want to achieve. I’m excited to keep blogging and see what opportunities are around the corner as well as just enjoying life in general.

Finally, what piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a lifestyle blog in a similar style to yours?

Honestly, I think if you want to do it, do it. You’ll never know until you try it and I wish I’d done it sooner. The blogging community is such a great place (apart from the occasional drama) and it’s filled with people interested in the same things as you.

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for having me, Tori!

So there is the interview! I hope you love Kate as much as I do and if so please follow her on the links below. I am still loving this series as much as when I first started it, and I have some fantastic people lined up for the next few months. However is there anyone else that you would like to see featured?

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