Hello March

Looking back, February has actually been a pretty busy month. Plus its seem to have flown by, maybe because its the shortest month of the year but maybe just because I’ve been so busy. I am on the final stretch to my A level exams at the moment, so sixth form is going at a million miles an hour. Pair that with a busy personal schedule and I don’t feel like I have had a minute on my own!

At the start of February is the half term, and we made full use of the time off by going over to Dublin with my grandparents. I won’t talk about it too much as I have written a full travel diary of the trip however I did have the best time. Dublin truly is my favourite city and if you haven’t already visited I would recommend putting it on your list. I absolutely love it! A city that doesn’t feel like a city, with just enough bustle to be lively but equally relaxing. I adore it and just wish it was a little closer so I could visit more often!

The day after we got back it was Valentine’s Day, and although I’m not quite sure where I stand with my opinion on the 14th (slightly too consumeristic and probably should be more spontaneous than forcing love on each other one day of the year) I do enjoy spreading the love and this is my actually my first Valentine’s Day where I am in a relationship, so I did quite enjoy being sucked into the consumerism! We had a pretty chilled day just catching up, as we had both been so busy the week leading up to valentines day that we hadn’t really seen or even had that many conversations with each other! On the evening we had a table booked at a local restaurant, and it was so lovely to go out and have a meal as it’s not something we do that often as a couple. Overall such a lovely day, I’m very happy in my relationship and it was nice to have a day to just celebrate that.

This month I did my theory test and I passed! I was so nervous before because I actually found the style of questions really hard, and things like stopping distances etc were so confusing to learn for me. But I practised a lot in the week approaching the test and I’m so glad I passed, I would have been so annoyed if I had to do it again. If anyone is doing their theory soon and would like some tips or just a general walkthrough of what it is like (I didn’t expect it to be so strict!) then feel free to contact me and ill answer your questions the best I can.

Towards the end of the month, my friend Harry turned 18 and had a party with all of his friends to celebrate. I’m not the biggest party animal but I had such a good time seeing everyone and having a dance, he hired a DJ who was playing so many good throwback songs which we all loved. With college being so busy at the moment in the run up to exam season, it was nice to see all of my friends in a non learning environment and just let my hair down for the evening… it made me excited for my birthday later on in the year!

The day after Harry’s party was actually my grandads birthday. I was at college during the day (the joys of doing A levels is having to go to college on a Saturday for extra classes) but we all went out for a meal on the night to celebrate. Central Park is one of my favourite restaurants and it has been ages since I last went, and it was as gorgeous as ever. Would definitely recommend!

The final week of February has been taken up with A level mock week, which is so weird considering this is the last mock week I will ever do at sixth form. Actually when you are reading this I still have 2 more days of exams to go, but I have prewritten this so that I don’t have to worry about scheduling blog posts when I am revising. Ill let you know how I got on next month but I’m hoping I’ve done well.

So that was February, a really busy month looking back but a good one with lots of different faces and events in it. March isn’t looking too busy currently, but I do have the start of my easter break so hopefully ill plan some exciting things for that. There are also a couple of potential blogging events coming up next month, which I’m looking forward too.


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