Q&A: Study edition

This is the second post in my 3 post Q&A series, and if you haven’t seen the last one then click here, where I answer all of the lifestyle questions! I have been meaning to do this post for a while, and I have only just got around to it even though I asked for questions weeks ago! I always like connecting with my followers and considering so many of my following are students like me (ranging from GCSE to university level) I thought that studying is quite a common topic. With the rise of huge studyblr accounts, plus posts I do relating to studying always seem to do well, I thought that this was a good post idea.

So now onto the questions…

How do you organise/manage working on your blog and studying?

With great difficulty most of the time! Im not going to lie when I say that it is a hell of a lot of work, but one that is so rewarding and I couldn’t imagine not doing my blog, so its definitely worth it. I have actually written a whole post about this (click here) but to round up the points I made there, plan everything! Make sure you know what you need to do and break it into small manageable chunks that don’t seem so overwhelming. If you know me you know how much I am an advocate of bullet journalling, so if you are someone who has a lot to do and gets stressed easily then I would definitely recommend starting one, its completely changed my outlook on organisation. And finally make time for yourself, even if it is only one night a week, you need to give yourself time to spend with you friends, family and partner as they are equally if not more important than your studying.


What grades did you get in your GCSE’s

I ended up with 5A’s and 5A*’s, and I was over the moon with that result as I wasn’t actually predicted any A*’s at GCSE. It feels like such a long time ago now but if I had to give any tips I would say to take everyday as it comes and just focus on the exams, they are so much pressure because they are the first proper exams you have done but think about how proud you are going to feel on results day when you open your target grades… or even higher!


How much work do you do when you get home from school?

It depends on which night of the week it is, as on some nights I have other plans etc so do more on other nights to compensate for that. However on average I aim to do 3 hours a night Monday-Friday with one night off a week. In these after college study sessions I try to get any homework set on the day done, so that my weekend is free for independent revision. I like keeping on top of homework and do it the night that it is set, but I know some people are the type that do it the night before, so you just have to do what is the best and easiest for you. Everyone is different!


What A levels are you taking and do you recommend them?

I take economics, business, sociology and geography, and I know I get quite a few people questioning why I do four subjects even though I am in my final year… its because I love all of them! I couldn’t choose which one to drop so I decided to add more workload to myself but in return for keeping all my A levels and all of my teachers who I love, and as much as I am drowning in work right now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do not regret the decision one bit (although sometimes I think I do when its midnight and I’m still revising!). I am very much a social science person and that is clearly reflected in my subjects, but I think I might do a series on each individual subject and more information about them? This is something that I would have wanted to see back when I was choosing my A levels so hopefully it will help some people, I just want to get to closer to the end so that I feel more qualified to talk about the whole two year course.


How do you not procrastinate?

My brain works in polar opposite ways, I am either the most motivated person ever who sits and does 12 hours of revision straight or I roll out of bed and stare at my laptop for 2 hours and make no progress whatsoever. Swings and roundabouts eh? My tip would be to make a to do list the night before, so as soon as you get up you know exactly your focus for the day. Try to concentrate but don’t overwhelm yourself, sometimes it is not the day for one subject and you are in the mood for another so don’t stick to that list! As long as you are doing something productive it doesn’t really matter what subject that is.


What are you studying at uni? Love the blog!

Thank you so much! I have decided that I am doing PPE at university, which is politics, philosophy and economics. I think combines what I love perfectly and I can’t wait to study some new subjects too, as I am the kind of person that loves learning more and more. As far as location goes, my first choice is Leeds university as I would be moving away but it is also quite close to my home, plus it is such an amazing university. I am so nervous, but looking forward to starting a new course that I love and meeting some great people too.


What notebook do you use for your bullet journal?

I have had two bullet journals now and they have both been the leuchtturm a5 notebook, and i absolutely love them! Most people use them for bullet journalling and I can completely see why because they are so sturdy and practical, but also a reasonable price. I had a navy one last year and black this year, but they do so many different colours (I really wanted a pink one this year but I thought a deeper colour looked more professional… regretted that decision). No matter what notebook you buy though, the key is dotted paper as that is what makes bullet journalling so easy!


Studying alone or with people?

I work so much better alone when I want to properly get things done, when people are anywhere near me I am not half as productive as when I am locked in a room alone with nothing to distract me apart from my revision. That being said, there are a group of economics students who are in my friendship group and I really like revising with them as we bounce off each other really well (and have such a laugh in the process!). Im not as productive as when I’m on my own but it still nice to have half socialisation and half revision, plus they are my friends so its great to have the best of both worlds.


Where do you study and do you have silence? I am trying to organise my study space and its not working very well!

I study either in my bedroom or living room, depending on how I feel and how much I need to spread out. I am not the kind of person that works well at a desk as it seems way to formal to me and I get distracted, so i tend to work on the floor instead (before you ask, yes my back does suffer as a result!). I don’t like having talking around me but I do like background noise, but that changes depending on the type of revision that I am doing. If I am just copying up notes that don’t require much concentration then I tend to have an old vlog on in the background (something that I’ve seen before so it won’t distract me) as some noise for the background. However if I am writing an essay or concentrating properly then I prefer having quiet music, just enough to have something on but not enough to distract me. I can’t have silence as it just makes me thoughts wander for some reason and drives me stir crazy!


What work do you do in the holidays? I’m stressed as I have barely done anything!

I love working in the holidays, as there is nothing being added to your to do list etc day so it gives you opportunity to catch up on all of them tasks that you have been putting off all school term and then start again from scratch when you go back. Obviously make time for friends and family etc but equally set aside plenty of time to do all of your homework and some extra too, not being at school/college means that you have more time to make revision materials and really get your life in order. I always feel more refreshed going back to college after a week off with nothing on my to do list, its so satisfying to get caught up.

So there are the questions! Thank you to everyone who asked me a question via Instagram and I hope that I have answered your question to the best of my ability. I am thinking of doing another one of these soon so please let me know if this is something that you are interested in, as I have really enjoyed writing this and answering all of your questions!


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