Q&A: Beauty edition

This is the final post in my little Q&A series, and its all of the beauty related questions. People seemed to go crazy about the beauty questions, and I’m guessing thats because a lot of my followers are beauty accounts (I used to post a lot of makeup but it is mainly lifestyle now). However I still adore beauty and I am looking forward to answering some questions!

What got you into make-up and effects and why. Were there any influences that you feel contributed towards this and what would be your ultimate dream of doing in the world of make up and special effects if given the chance? @nukester82

Since a young age I had an interest in makeup and beauty but I only really got into it since around 2015/16. Ill be honest, it was mainly through seeing other youtubers and bloggers creating amazing pieces of work, and looking at my makeup (and comparing myself to them!) it encouraged me to learn from their techniques and improve myself. There are so many online resources now that you can use (such as tutorials) so I think that it is so much easier to learn than it was in the past. However the main lady that I was inspired by was @rawbeautykrisit, back in 2014 I started following her (when she didn’t have a large following at all) and was blown away by her skills in special effects, before that I had only really seen beauty makeup and she introduced me to a whole parallel world in makeup. Since then she has grown and grown and her achievements have gone through the roof, all incredibly well deserved. As far as I’m concerned, I would love to just continue as I am and see where beauty (and blogging in general) takes me, having beauty as part of my job would be the ultimate dream (perhaps working for a big beauty brand) but I don’t really know.

What’s your favourite foundation? @ellijt

I have actually run out of this at the moment (I desperately need to pick another one up) but my all time favourite foundation has to be Nars sheer glow in the shade deuville. It is quite expensive but the coverage is lovely as it covers any imperfections but it is not cakey and too heavy, perfect for during the day. I also really like it because I have quite warmed toned skin and this foundation has quite a yellow undertone, so it works perfectly with my skin. For the nighttime, I also love the makeup forever flash stick but I wouldn’t wear this during the day as it is very full coverage and pretty heavy on the skin, so if I wore it all day I think it would probably clog my pores and break me out. Lovely for an evening though because it makes your skin flawless! I have recently been contacted by a company that have done some research into 700 different foundations, to find the perfect colour and style for each specific skin type whilst also reading reviews for each foundation to see what people think. I have been using it whenever I have wanted to buy a new foundation and I love it! It’s a lovely team of girls who have conducted the research, so if you want to go over and check it out it would really help them… just click here.

What’s your all time fave make up brand? @imogenchetal

This is such a hard question! I love so many different brands and I am always up for trying new ones, but I think my favourite has to go to Kat Von D. They just have so many fantastic products, and it is possible for me to do a full face of makeup using just her items. Some of my favourites include the metal matte palette, the shade and light palette and her everlasting lipsticks. They are all amazing!

How old was you when you first started wearing makeup?/ how did you get into it? @louiselovesbeautyx

My nan has always worn makeup, and I can remember playing with the contents of her makeup box when I was really young, I have always been a beauty addict! I used to steal an eyeliner or a blush out of her box thinking she wouldn’t notice (but she always did), and I have always liked experimenting with different products. When I was younger I used to wear bright red lipstick or a bight blue eyeshadow but nothing else. I thought I looked fabulous at the time but when I look back on photos maybe not! However apart from the random experimentation, I first properly started wearing makeup when I was about 12, I had a few spots (the joys of hormones) so I bought a Rimmel BB cream to try and even out my skin tone and the rest is history.

How do you organise your makeup? Do you have draws or have it all out on show? @leanne.holder

I have a big chest of drawers with dividers in, which I organise based on types of products (foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow palettes etc). Its just kind of grown and grown over the years, and now I do have a pretty big collection. A bag turned to a box that turned into one draw that turned into a chest of drawers… I’m just obsessed.

Favourite DIY face mask? @eriisley

I don’t have one, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a DIY mask… if you have any recommendations please let me know! As far as normal face masks go, my favourite has to be the origins out of trouble mask. I bought it before Christmas when my skin was really bad and it had helped so much. It is what I am thanking for how clear my skin has been recently, I’ve barely had any blemishes in companion to 6 months ago!

If you could only use one makeup product what would it be? @chloewrighttt

I would probably have concealer as it just makes you look more awake instantly, which I like. Especially as a student! Even if I am just popping out and aren’t wearing any other makeup I do always put a little concealer on, as it just covers up little problem areas and makes me feel more confident. My favourites are the collection lasting perfection one (which I’m sure you have heard about!) and the 17 stay time concealer. The Mac Pro longwear is also a good choice but I think it runs out really quickly considering the price, although it is a really good treat purchase if you want something really full coverage.

What’s your favourite drugstore product? @new_lune

Linking to the previous question, probably the collection lasting perfection concealer. I’m 99.9% sure that you have heard of it, because so many people rave about it online. I completely see why though, its so cheap, lasts for ages and is such good coverage for during the day… can’t go wrong! I have converted so many people to using this from high end products, as I genuinely believe its the same (if not better) than some of the luxury brands.

No foundation for the rest of your life or no lipstick? @kaylaaloves

No lipstick! I only really wear nudes anyway so it wouldn’t matter too much but my skin is so uneven without foundation

So theres the questions and this concludes my final post in this series. I have really enjoyed doing this over the past week and I would like to thank anyone who took the time to answer a question because it wouldn’t have been the same without you. I am definitely going to do another one in the future, maybe with different topics to the ones covered here. As always thank you so much for checking out this blog post and if you haven’t followed me already please sign up for email updates, so you get notified whenever a new blog post is live.



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