For some reason Manchester is the place that I seem to visit, but never for a long amount of time. This was another short but sweet visit, but I always really enjoy it when I go. I love the city, because of the great shopping and the nice casual vibe of the city. The aim of this trip was to meet my boyfriends sister, and also have a nice time away with my boyfriend seeing more of Manchester.

We got the earliest train that we could, so that we had the majority of the day to spend in Manchester. We only had two days there so we thought to make the most of every minute! However due to it being an earlier train, it was so busy and we ended up sitting on the floor for the majority! Not fun. That being said we did get to Manchester about lunchtime, and went straight to the wetherspoons to meet up with Adam’s sister. This was where the eating begun, and I had a pretty large fried breakfast.

It was freezing cold and snowing most of the day, it seems we picked the worst weekend weather wise to go to Manchester! Despite this, we put in the effort and went shopping on the Main Street and near the Arndale centre, as shopping is so much better in cities in comparison to home. The shops are so much bigger and there is a much larger range at home, so it would have been rude not to pick up a few bits. Surprisingly my boyfriend seemed to pick up more than me though, in our relationship our shopping habits are so anti traditional, I’m always the one waiting on benches for him to try the entire shop on!

When we started to get tired we headed back to the hotel, which was the Marriott Victoria and Albert. The room was lovely and the main hotel overlooked the river, which was really nice. I was surprised to find out that the hotel was actually on the border to Salford, so the hotel was cheaper but still only a 10 minute walk from the centre of Manchester. I would definitely recommend having a look at hotels in that area, because I think it’s quite upcoming with lots of restaurants. I have never stayed in the Marriott before, but it’s a really cosy atmosphere and the food was great too.

For our evening meal we decided to go an all you can eat buffet called Cosmos, which I believe are a chain but I have never visited one before. It was nothing fancy but the food was gorgeous and it was so nice to try lots of different cuisines. My personal favourite but was the chocolate fountain, half of it was milk chocolate and half was white, which was pretty amazing. I am not really much of a dessert girl but I am all for it when there is a huge chocolate fountain in front of me. My eyes were bigger than my stomach though and I ended up eating way too much food, but there was just so much choice I couldn’t decide… so I had everything!

The next day was even colder than the day before (which I wasn’t sure was even possible) so we decided to go to the cinema. It might seem like a weird thing to do but there is no good cinema near us, so going to the odeon is actually seen as a treat so we took full advantage. We went to see ‘early man’, and I’m not actually sure how I feel about it. We definitely were not the target market (its basically a children’s cartoon) but it was filled with family fun and laugh out loud moments. Plus I fell in love with ‘hognob’, who was a little cartoon warthog who actually turned out to be one of the main characters. Overall a bit on the childish side but a good laugh and I would recommend it if family lighthearted films are your kinda thing.

We were getting a teatime train so before we got on we had a last explore of the city in the afternoon, before heading back to the station. One of the places we did stop was Joe and the Juice, and I thought it deserves a special mention. It is situated in Debenhams but is actually a chain, as I have also been to one on Carnaby street and Adam’s sister said that she has seen them in New York. I loved it, it was such a nice industrial vibe and a perfect coffee shop to chill out in. I find that national coffee shops have no character, so I loved Joe and the Juice because it is a huge chain but still had that individual backstreet charm.

So that was the trip to Manchester, as after that we got the train home and ended up back pretty late in the evening. It was a short trip but a very sweet one, it was lovely to finally meet Adam’s sister and see a bit more of Manchester. I say this everytime I go but next time it needs to be for longer!


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