Hello April

March has been a weird month, some ups and some downs but generally pretty good! I have been busy as always, as in true Tori form have tried to fit an awful lot into just 31 days… but here we are with a lot of good times to show for it. March was probably my last month of ‘having fun’ before exams and my A levels take 100% of my time, so enjoy this post as the next few are probably going to be pretty thin.

We started the month off with a lot of snow, in March! I always remember March being the start of spring but that definitely was not this year, as when the first of March rolled around so did a whole load of snow. It actually got so bad that college was cancelled for two days and I ended up being snowed out of my house for the majority of the week. That being said I did get a lot of college work done but it was the first time I’ve ever been happy to be back in college after 3 days stuck in the house going stir crazy.

If you have read my Hello March post (click here) then you will know that I did my mocks last month, so this was the month I got the results. Im overall happy with them and its where I need to be, so I was content with the grades. When you read this, I have 8 weeks until my first exams and despite me having a way to go I am feeling more motivated than ever. Its the last push now and I can’t believe that this time in 3 months I won’t be at college anymore, scary times but exciting ones.

You will have seen the post from a few days ago (if not click here) but I went over to Manchester for a weekend this month, which was lovely. I won’t go on too much about it as I wrote a whole post, but I love the city and it was so nice to spend some time with my boyfriend and meet his sister for the first time (she’s has lived abroad since we have been together). Even though it was freezing cold and snowing the entire weekend!

If you have read these posts for a while you will know that a couple of times a year (spring and autumn) my family friends come to stay, and this month was no exception. I love spending time with them, a weekend full of great food, company and drinks. What more do you need! It is weird to think that next time I see them I will be at university and I will be coming home for the weekend to visit them.

So overall March has been a good month, don’t get me wrong it has has its ups and downs but some good memories have been made, probably the last few good times before exams start! Which leads me onto my next point, if the next two “hello” posts are a bit sparse please bear with… A levels are not easy and taking up the vast majority of my time!


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  1. April 1, 2018 / 7:06 pm

    I feel for you, I have 3 assignments due in at the end of April so March was my last month of fun until they are over. Although I’m sure I might squeeze the odd day of fun in there to keep me going😂
    Brooke x

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