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Chloe is a fellow local blogger and we first met at a blogging event last year. We got talking and since then we have met a few times, and I am happy to call her one of my genuine friends that I have made from blogging. She is such a dedicated blogger and I love that she works full time and still has time to do more blogging than someone who usually does it as their job… she must have the best time management skills!

As always from now on, my text will be in bold and Chloe’s answers will be in a regular font.

What made you start your blog and Instagram? Was it planned out or a spontaneous decision one day? 

I’ve read blogs for about seven years now and I’ve always loved reading and writing so I just knew blogging was for me. My Instagram had a very rocky start as I’m much more creative in terms of writing than I am with photography but I think I’m just about getting the hang of it now!

Which is your favourite blog post that you have written? I know that is such a hard question! 

This really is such a hard question! My travel posts are always my favourite to write; I love my Amsterdam, Budapest and Paris posts!

As I am planning this post out, you are in Paris! I know you really like travelling but which is your favourite place that you have been? 

It would definitely have to be New York. I know it’s such a cliche place to love but New York really is my favourite place in the world; it’s just so magical and it feels like ‘home’ whenever I’m there! I also absolutely adore Dubai, Budapest and Venice too!

Is there anything at the top of your to do list travel wise? 

The Maldives is definitely high up on my list, as is most of Europe, South America and Thailand! Basically everywhere haha!

We first met at a blog event (I think it was maybe the Body shop) and I always enjoy seeing a familiar face when I go, which is your favourite blog event that you have ever been too? 

Ooh good question! I really loved the cocktail making class at The Alchemist with Friction Free Shaving last year!

Would you leave your job and blog full time if money allowed? 

Absolutely! My ideal dream would to be a full time travel blogger and a writer in general as producing content about my travels is my favourite thing in the world!

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting a blog?

I would say that if you’re 100% dedicated to making it a success then it can absolutely happen. I truly believe that if you work hard then you’ll be rewarded and if you want to make money through blogging, then you absolutely can; just be prepared to give it your all!

Is Matt supportive of your blog and instagram? 

He really is! He’s a very good Instagram husband haha! He also tells me so regularly how proud he is of me and it makes me so unbelievably happy!

What are you most excited about for the rest of 2018? 

I’m excited for more travel opportunities and for working hard on my blog! 2018 has been awesome so far so I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds! 

As I talk a lot about beauty on my blog ill have the last question as something makeup related, whats your holy grail beauty product? 

Ooh this is such a tricky question too! My Liz Earle cleanse and balm is my holy grail skincare item but for beauty I would have to say my Red Carpet Red lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury or my Heavy Metals Urban Decay eyeshadow palette!

So theres the interview! I hope that you love Chloe as much as I do, and if you fancy checking out her social media click here.

Website: imjustagirl16.co.uk

Twitter: imjustagirl_16

Instagram: imjustagirl_16


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