How to be productive in the holidays

I am now in my Easter break, and if you are student I’m sure most of you are too. However, this is actually my last holiday before my A levels begin and so the majority of the time is being devoted to revising… which is pretty horrible considering the sun has finally come out and spring is here. All I’m currently focused on is studying, because I want to go back after Easter with 6 weeks to consolidate my knowledge and practice exam technique, so this holiday I need to have all the knowledge in place and all my revision notes finished.

If you are reading this, I would like to presume that you are a student and therefore I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my tips of how to stay productive in the school holidays. With all of your friends also off, time on your hands to aimlessly scroll through Instagram and a bed for endless naps … it’s hard to get the motivation!

My first tip would be to, as soon as you break up, write a huge to do list with everything you need to do throughout the holidays. This will help you plan your time and, at the very extreme, seeing a huge list will probably motivate you to start a bit earlier than the night before you go back! I always make two lists during the holidays, compulsory work and then independent revision which I want to get done. This helps organise your workload even further, because anything on the independent revision list is an extra and it means that you will utilise your time to do the most important first.

Which leads me onto my next tip, do all your homework first! After all it is compulsory and needs to be handed in so it’s best to get it out of your head and off your to do list first. The if you get all of that done in the first weekend then the rest of the break is free to use how you like. I like doing this as once all of my compulsory work is ticked off, I know exactly how much time I have to spend on independent revision without having worksheets and essays set by teachers in the back of my mind. Plus you are less likely to forget any work if you do it first and it will be fresh in your memory, so you can do it quicker as well.

My next tip would be to work when and where you work best. In the holidays you are no longer restricted to the college hours (for me 9am-4pm) so you can work at the times that you work best. I always seem to work best in the morning, so when I have whole days at home to revise I usually get up relatively early and then I will have done by the evening so I can spend the night off. However, if you are a fan of a lie in the you have that choice to work in the evening.

As for where, don’t be ashamed to say that you struggle to work at home. There are plenty of distractions, especially if you have quite a big family and a loud home. I would try different places, for instance I really enjoy working in quiet coffee shops as there is background noise but you can still focus. It also makes me feel like I really have my life together for some reason! If you are the type of person where your mind wanders if you are on your own, then maybe organise a study session with a friend. It doesn’t always work but if you are both focused and productive people then it might be useful.

Attending all revision sessions is always a good idea if your college/school puts them on, although I do understand that some schools don’t. It is extra effort but I think it is really worth it, not everyone goes (because of work schedules and holidays etc) so you get a more one on one session with your teacher. A perfect time to ask questions that aren’t relevant in lesson but help your revision. My college library is actually open for the whole holidays, and I think I am going to go in a few of the days for a change of scenery but to still revise.

My final tip is to make time for yourself, as after all it is the holiday. This holiday I am going to a couple of parties, having lunch with my friends and I’m actually going to an exciting blog event at the end of the holidays as well. After all, although work needs to be done it’s a holiday as well and you need to make time for yourself before the craziness of exam season starts.

I really hope this was helpful, and you are going to be seeing a lot more studying related posts from me from now on. I have decided that I a going to devote May to studying, because that’s when exam season properly starts and I think it’s useful at this time of year. So enjoy your holidays, don’t stress too much and stay as focused as possible. As always, thank you so much for reading this and I hope that it has been useful, and please let me know if you have any studying post requests for next month.



  1. April 7, 2018 / 11:57 am

    This is so helpful! I’ve got 3 assignments to write for university and have been struggling😂 I always forget in the holidays that I can do the work when best suits me. I found last week whilst on holiday sitting for an hour or two in the living room on a evening was when I was most productive. Going to try some more of these tips out too!
    Brooke x

    • April 7, 2018 / 11:58 am

      Awh this has made my morning, I’m so glad that it has been helpful to you.. let me know how you get on with some of these tips 💫

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