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I have only really discovered Kaye recently, but as soon as I did I fell in love with her work. Her photography style and editing I just incredible and she is probably one of the most talented (and underrated!) photographers that I have seen. I am making it my mission to book a shoot with her at some point in the summer, because I want her to work her magic with my blog! Thats why when I was so thrilled when she wanted to be on this series, as I’ve never actually had a photographer before!

As always from now on, my text will be in bold and hers will be in regular font.

What made you start photography? Was it planned out or a spontaneous decision one day to give it a go?

I started photography at sixth form. My school started to offer it as an A level for the first ever time so in a way my class was like a guinea pig for the school, but I was always an arty person so I decided to choose it as an A level and I fell in love with it and decided to ditch painting for photography. I then basically decided “this is what I want to do for the rest of my life”.

I know that you have gone freelance relatively recently, was it a hard decision? Are you glad that you did it?

It wasn’t a hard decision. I had wanted to for ages but my “old day job” as I call it gave me SO many contacts in brands and it’s how I have been able to network a lot within photography brands. They made me redundant though so it gave me that push to shake away the fear I had in becoming self employed. It basically forced me and it made me wish I did it sooner, but I also gained invaluable contacts in the one hand

Which is your favourite shoot that you have done? I know that is such a hard question! I love the recent ones that you did with Katie snooks!

Haha it is DEFINITELY a hard question! but thank you! I LOVED how the ones with Katie came out and it was great to be able to relate to her in terms of roaccutane and acne. I think one of my favourite shoots has been doing Zoe London’s Thomas Sabo campaign, or the David Clulow campaign with instagram dogs! But as Imogen Cunningham said “my favourite shot is the one I will take tomorrow”.

How long does it take you to edit? Your editing style is my absolutely favourite, its so unique and just gorgeous.

It depends how many photos I took for a client and a few other various factors such as whether the settings were consistent. But 400 photos can maybe take me 3-4 hours. I will often just spend 4-5 hours of my evening up until 11pm just editing batches of photos

We first met at the blog at the beach event where you were doing your own talk, were you nervous before? I would have bene petrified standing in front of that many people, but at least you had quite a few friendly faces in the audience.

I do get nervous even if I don’t seem it. But I seem to be a natural at just chatting shit to a load of people haha. I was on QVC for Canon so I am no stranger to some kind of speaking and I always think that if it is a subject you are passionate about then the words flow easily and just rush out of you! I definitely get butterflies though until I start talking and ease into the subject and then it’s basically like I am in a big room of friends.

I know you really like travelling (due to Kayes travel tips!) and have recently been to the grand canyon which is so cool, I would love to visit! What is your favourite place that you have been?

Another REALLY hard question. I love anywhere in America. But I am yet to travel to the places that I think will become my favourites. NYC is my favourite so far but I am travelling to San Fran and Boston/Salem this year so I reckon those will known NYC off the top spot. And eventually Texas. I have so much on my travel wish list so I don’t really think I have found a favourite place yet, just places that I adore for different reasons.

Is there anything at the top of your to do list travel wise?

Oh I think I answered this in the previous question haha basically the WHOLE of America it seems haha I want to try and cover all of their national parks but I do need to travel East also at some point to somewhere like Japan or Bali

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting to take more photos and improve their photography?

Never. Stop. Creating. That is all I can offer as advice. Just take photos. Get it wrong. Learn how to fix it. Fix it. Take more photos. Learn. Enhance. Create. Do not stop. Don’t let anything stand in your way and don’t think you need to spend thousands on kit. You can still take amazing photos on a £5 camera, not even kidding, if you think I am kidding then look up “cheap camera, pro photographer challenge” and see what people can do with some real crap.

I know that you have recently started roaccutane, and I am someone that has never experienced this before so I can’t talk to my audience about it. In case someone reading this is going through the same treatment, do you have any star products or tips that have helped you?

Clinique Moisture surge intense moisturiser is saving my face at the moment, especially with some rosehip oil underneath. There is no such thing as a good lip balm *sigh*, but use Blistex relief cream to aid the inevitable cracking that will happen. It is harder than people let on and harder than people think. I am struggling. I want to pack it in. But I am trying to think of the positives such as I can go DAYS now without washing my hair. And my skin is looking clearer already after 3.5 weeks but I know it will get bad again before it will get fully better. Just take it a day at a time and try not to let it get you down.

What are you most excited about for the rest of 2018?

I have some pretty epic jobs lined up for Summer already. I can’t talk about them just yet but I can’t wait until I can! It’s shaping up to be a pretty epic 2018 so yeah, I am excited about loads. One main thing is the fact I will be in Salem for Halloween so yeah, HYPED

So there is the interview! I hope you love Kaye as much as I do and if you fancy having a look at her social media then click below.





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