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I have been to one origins blogging event before (click here) around Christmas and I had a great time, so I was so excited when I was able to attend their new blogging event last week. I have only been introduced to origins over the past few months but it works wonders on my skin and I would definitely recommend having a look around the store and speaking to the lovely ladies. I invited my best friend Emily along with me, and I love taking her to beauty events so she can experience all of the fun too.

We went to York on the train after college, and this meant that we had a few hours before the event started. We went for pizza at ask and did a spot of shopping, which was really nice as I haven’t been to York for a while.

The event started at 6pm, and we were greeted with champagne and biscuits. We had some time to browse the store and this was followed by a speech by the employees that run the York store, talking us through the new products that origins have recently launched. The whole evening was based around their new ‘glowconuts’ mask, which was created in partnership with the lovely Madeline Shaw. The mask is filled with coconuts and promotes hydration, and something I love is that you can also use it on your hair and hands too! A very multifunctional mask and one that I would recommend, we were given some samples and I love it so much that I will definitely be going back and purchasing a full size next time I am in York.

Throughout the evening, there was emphasis on the new recycling scheme that origins have launched for earth month. If you take some empty products (can be origins or any other brand) then you will receive a deluxe sample, which is such a good idea! It helps the planet and also gives you a little treat, so definitely worth doing if you have a lot of empties laying around.

In order to promote the new mask, the lovely girls were offering free facials or a hand treatment if you had a lot of makeup on. We were getting the train home so we opted for the hand treatment, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It was very moisturising (just what my hands needed) and the mask worked wonders on the texture of my skin too. The hand massage was lovely and relaxing, which was very nice after quite a hectic day to have 5 minutes of relaxation. Due to not having the facial, I was offered to go back to the York store at some point and book in a free facial, which I will definitely do! Im hoping that it will help out my stressed spotty skin over exam season.

So not only did I get to have a look around their store but I also got to pick a few new products for my skin. I clearly have no self restraint and treated myself quite heavily, but I love origins products so much that I cannot resist. I got two products from the original skin collection (which I have never tried before!), the jelly cleanser and the mask. I picked up the cleanser as I have seen it all over the origins girls Instagram and it looks amazing, and the retexturing mask would be good for some skin concerns I am having at the moment. I have only been trying them for a week or so but I really love them and I think that I am going to do an in depth brand insight with all of my origins products next month, or when I get chance! we also got a few samples to try, but I will report back and see if I end up buying the full size.

Before we left the store, the raffle was drawn. At the beginning of the night, everyone got a raffle ticket and then the winner received two full sized products, which was such a good prize considering origins is a pretty luxury brand. The best thing about this is that Emily won, so she received the prize. However, because she is the best friend ever she kindly halved the prize with me, so I actually ended up with a full sized moisturiser too.

Overall such a good evening and I will definitely attend anymore origins events that they are hosting in the York store. They are such a lovely ethical brand, and their products work wonders too so what is not to love? Thank you so much to the team at origins for inviting me to the event, both Emily and I had such a nice time and it was so nice to have an evening away from revision and exams.


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  1. May 5, 2018 / 10:08 pm

    I’m happy you all had such a wonderful and lucky time

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