The Paulos Circus

When the team over at Paulos invited me to review their circus, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I havent been to the circus in years and always associated it with small children, so didn’t think I would enjoy it that much. However, it seemed like a good opportunity and a nice night out, so I said yes and I am so glad that I did… because it was amazing. With this rise of the greatest showman recently (which I absolutely adore), I was actually quite excited to go to the circus. I didn’t expect it to be as majestic as the movie, however being invited did come at a good time when I have already been obsessed with the film.

I brought along my family and boyfriend with me, as we thought to make an evening out of it. It started at 7:15pm, so we arrived beforehand to collect our tickets and find our seat. Turns out you can sit anywhere that you like, so I would suggest going a bit earlier if you do want good seats (or if you have smaller children that need to sit at the front to be able to see properly). We bought some popcorn and drinks, and then we were ready for the show to begin.

At this point I was as excited as some of the children, and I really liked the touch they made with the countdown to it starting. The lights really added effect and I loved how professional the whole atmosphere was.

The show was made up of a variety of acts that would suit all ages. The cast was only made up of around 10-15 people, but they were super talented and I liked that it was quite an intimate show. From the tightrope to a knife throwing couple, there was definitely something to suit everyone watching. I can’t imagine the amount of time and effort must have gone into perfecting that performance, every single performer was so talented and it made for a jaw dropping performance in some parts.

I don’t want to give too much about the acts away, but my favourite was certainly the laser show. It was like nothing I have ever seen before, and I think the unique element made it my favourite act of the night. The bright colours and audience interaction with the lasers (coming over you etc) made you feel like you were part of the stage, and ultimately part of the show. The different colours and lights were mesmerising, and a completely new/modern twist on the circus. The only thing I would note is that if you are sensitive to lights and strobe effects, then this definitely wouldn’t be the show for you as there is a lot of lasers and strobe lights not only in this act but throughout the whole performance.

Every circus needs a clown and this was no exception with the arrival of ‘Mr N’. Obviously this act is more catered towards children, but he still made me laugh with his dancing and general stage presence. I like that the show is tailored towards children but also has the element of adult humour too, really shows how much it is a family show and suitable for everyone. Proof that all ages can go to the circus and have fun!

Overall it was an amazing show and I would definitely recommend going to see if you are around the York area soon, fun for all of the family!



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