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Last week I was invited to a cocktail making masterclass at Jalou York. I am a big fan of cocktails so I jumped at the chance to attend, and I took my best friend Emily with me as well for a treat. Unfortunately I couldn’t drink that night (the joys of medication!) so I went down the mocktail route for the evening, which although I was disappointed about because the alcohol looked AMAZING, the mocktails themselves did not disappoint. However, if you do like a good alcoholic beverage, there will be many more blog posts going live with different perspectives of the night (click here for Chloe’s and here for Louise’s’ blog).

Now back to Jalou.

The bar was opened last year after the success of the Newcastle branch, and due to it being an old refurbished church it was a gorgeous set up. If any of you are local, it is based in the old parish nightclub site so the location is absolutely fab, just across the bridge and right in the city centre. The decor was amazing, and I especially loved the big centrepiece light in the centre of the whole bar, it changed colour often and it was such a stand out piece of decor. Upstairs is an exclusive lounge that can be booked for parties/events, and this looks over onto the normal bar and dancefloor below. We were up in the exclusive lounge, and it was cut off just for the bloggers that evening, which made it ever so special.

We had two very lovely barmaids helping us throughout the evening, which was really nice because we got talking and made friends with them… it will be nice to see them again when I go back to Jalou in the near future. We were welcome with shots and prosecco … which is always a good idea at blogger events! They were both so lovely and Emily especially took care of our little group and made sure we were happy and had everything we needed the entire time. We were certainly treated like VIP’s!

I think one of my favourite things about this event is that a lot of my blogging friends attended, which is really difficult to get everyone attending the same event! Its so nice having events in York as you end up getting to know people and everyone becoming friends, makes you a lot less nervous going to events which I love. We sat with Chloe (click here for her a chat with) who is just ever so lovely and I always love catching up with her when we both get the chance to attend the same event.

The main theme of the night was the cocktail masterclass, and we actually got to learn how to make our own. We got to choose any two off the menu and then the two barmaids helped us to make our own. I made mocktail versions of the watermelon martini and the frozen strawberry lemonade, as I much prefer a fruity cocktail to something more creamy. I found out that the whole cocktail menu is ‘mocktail friendly’ and they taste as good as the cocktail versions, I honestly didn’t feel disappointed with the taste as they were gorgeous. They will happily make anything non alcoholic if you just ask at the bar! Perfect for anyone still wanting to go on a night out but driving or in a similar boat to me.

Making the cocktails was so much fun, and I definitely want to do it again at some point. I’ve done it before at a previous event and I love doing it, every time it makes me want to be a barmaid! We got to learn how to make each cocktail and then drink them afterwards, which added a great interactive touch to the event. If you made a pornstar martini you could even use a blowtorch on the drink to burn the passion fruit a little!

One of the main things that I loved about the bar was the really chilled environment. There were two very distinct vibes of the bar, when we went in it seemed very chilled (really good if you are going day drinking around York) but after a while the lights dimmed, the DJ came on and the whole place became alive. Because we were at the top looking over onto the dance floor, you could see all the drunken people dancing and it was so funny, providing plenty of laughs and entertainment. It was races day so everyone was pretty drunk even though it was only 7pm! The DJ was incredible, and played some good music… if I was drunk I would have adored being on that dancefloor with them songs.

We left quite early because we needed to get home but it would have been so much fun to stay, the atmosphere is honestly great and its made me want to go back on my birthday, which I’m pretty sure we will be doing. Thank you to the team over at Jalou for inviting me, we will definitely be back and I hope there are more blogging events there, because it was so much fun. Such a nice upcoming bar in York, and the unique nature of the exclusive lounge makes it perfect for birthdays and events.



  1. May 21, 2018 / 11:19 am

    This is awesome Tori! great to see your coverage of this place – the shots were amazing and really summarised the mood of this spot. Sounds like a birthday trip here is well worth it!!!

    • May 21, 2018 / 3:19 pm

      Thank you! Yes I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I agree that the mood is great, it was such a chilled vibe but still had the nightclub aspect and amazing music… a great combination! Definitely planning a trip on my birthday, I really want to hire one of the booths !

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