Hello June

May truly has flown by, which is really scary considering as you are reading this there are only 4 days until my exams. Seriously how is that possible?! Two years worth of work has come to a head, and in 2 weeks time it will all be over… its crazy and also a little bit sad to think about. That explains just why this post is so small, because my head has been in a textbook for the majority of the month preparing myself. My apologies, but I can definitely promise that next month is going to be the bets month of the year yet, with leaving sixth form and my birthday all rolled into one.

As a response to the amount of studying I have been doing, I decided to launch ‘Study a day’ posts on my Instagram stories leading up to the exams, as I know a lot of followers are my age and therefore have GCSE’s or A levels right now. If you follow me on Instagram (click here) you will see a section in my story highlights dedicated to it, where I post about what I have done each day revision wise or even some revision tips. I have really enjoyed doing them and they have had such good reviews (when I did a poll the other day) so I think I will continue them throughout my exams. It motivates me to push through and study everyday even though I sometimes don’t feel like it and I hope it motivates my followers too. They are all in highlights if you haven’t had chance to catch up on them yet!

Summer evenings have probably been my favourite thing about May. We have had some gorgeous warm weather and it has really made me excited about the summer months. One of my favourite nights was the bank holiday weekend, where me and my friend Emily went to a local pub and sat outside for hours. She had just passed her driving test so it was so cool for her to drive me somewhere on our own for the first time to have a well earned revision break. A few drinks and eating your body weight in ice cream is always a good way to spend the evening.

Another exciting thing that happened this month was the Jalou cocktail evening, which we attended last week. I have already written a whole blog post on this (click here) but we thoroughly enjoyed the cocktail masterclass in their exclusive lounge… arguably one of my favourite events that I have ever been to. I won’t go on about it too much because I’m sure you have read the post but I would definitely recommend checking out Jalou if you are in York or Newcastle. Good friends, a good laugh (mainly at the drunk dancers) and good cocktails… overall such a fabulous night and I can’t wait to go back!

All the schools in the country have a week off in May, but this year it is technically study leave for us. There isn’t anything exciting to report about this week at all. I was actually in sixth form for most of it for all the extra revision sessions. I moan about going into college but I am actually so grateful for the time my teachers are taking out of their holiday time to help us. Final push before the exams now as this time next month they will be a distant memory… which probably scares me a little more than it should.

So theres May, short but sweet and I feel like I have looked up out of my revision and it has disappeared! You won’t be hearing much from me over the next 3 weeks but after that stay tuned. I am buzzing for June, despite the first half being horrendous, as I leave sixth form forever and its also my birthday month. So much to look forward to and so much content coming!


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  1. June 1, 2018 / 8:28 am

    Very nice post!! I love the makeup look you are wearing on the first picture, it’s really gorgeous!

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