Good luck!

This is a very short post, but I thought to wish everyone who takes A levels a huge good luck for exam season. My first (and hardest weirdly enough) exam is today, and it kicks off nearly 3 weeks of straight exams for my A levels. Most of my followers are students, and if you are currently in exam season I hope that this is the pep talk that you need.

Anyone who is doing A levels right now, I get it. Its hard and you are tired before you even start the exam, coffee fuelled late nights and early mornings are not fun to make sure you know every last bullet point on the specification. Keep in your head that this is short term pain. Push now than you have ever pushed before and I promise you that you will be rewarded. Remember that you can almost smell summer, and it will be over before you know it.

Breathe, take a few long deep breaths, then go into that exam hall and make the last two years of college worth it. Nobody wants to do it, but there is no choice and (however much you have revised) a positive mindset over exam season is better than a negative one. Make yourself proud in 73 days when you open that results paper… just do it.

Good luck, do your best and I believe in you. If you need ANYTHING between now and the end of exam season (from as small as one of my mindmaps sending over to a pep talk) please DM me. We are all doing this together and ill try and help as much as I can, although my replies will probably be delayed as my phone will be off a lot when I’m studying.



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