First of all I have to apologise for not posting in a week… I think that is the longest I have ever not posted on here! A very busy first week of summer, my birthday celebrations and a whole host of other general life shit (don’t worry I’m okay though!) has meant that blogging has taken a backseat in my list of priorities. Summer posts are on their way though and I can’t wait to start updating more regularly!


A few days ago I hosted my end of A levels garden party for all of my friends, and it needed to be documented. If you have been reading my blog for over a year you will know that this time last year I hosted a very similar party for my birthday (click here) and it was so good that I knew I needed to host another in 2018, and this one turned into an end of exams event as all of my friends were finished with their exams by this point. Im not sure whether this post has much purpose or be useful/entertaining to anyone other than my friends really, but it is a special memory that I needed to share and dedicate a whole post to it rather than just slot it into ‘Hello July’.

To pre warn, this post is very photo heavy rather than my usual text heavy posts, I hope that you don’t mind! 


We woke up early and started setting everything up as we had so many decorations! We were hosting the party in our garden so everything was done ourselves, from putting up the marquee itself to all of the decorations and food. It took most of the morning to set up and make everything look amazing. I was so happy with the decorations and in my opinion everything was ‘instagrammable’ which if you know me is always something that I want to focus on! The theme was very bright colours and almost a tropical theme, which really got everyone into the summer holiday vibe! We really focused on having all the colour and all of the fun decorations, even down to the giant blow up flamingo! 


I know that a lot of people follow my blog for the fashion and beauty content so I thought I would give a little heads up on my outfit for the evening and what makeup I wore. My outfit was a very last minute decision, and took me so long to decide what I wanted to wear because I wanted to look ‘formal’ and party like but equally needed to be practical for the garden! I ended up wearing a black knee length skirt from boohoo and a pale pink top from New look. I actually really liked my outfit and I think it was perfect for the occasion. My makeup was quite simple and ‘typical tori’ really, smokey eyes with eyeliner and nude lips… I don’t change my makeup too much! I was overall really happy with how I looked and I could always do a separate post on my makeup look if this would help anyone. 


The actual evening itself was so much fun and surrounded by the best people, I’m so lucky to have a good group of friends who constantly support me and bring me up… I felt all of the love and support  that evening! I spent the night dancing away with everyone and just having the best time, with plenty of laughs along the way as well (particularly when my best friend stood on a rake… Tom and Jerry style). It was just an overall great night and I hope that all of my friends enjoyed it as much as I did. I love the marquee parties because everyone can just let their hair down and really have fun and be themselves without worrying about anyone else, I was very content just dancing away and spending time with my friends. 


Once everyone had gone home (most of them tipsy and worse for wear) the party continued in the form of a girly sleepover. I cannot remember the last time I had a lot of friends sleep over, it was probably year 10, so I was really excited to have my closest friends over for a very ‘typical’ sleepover. We had facemasks and fun, and its definitely something I want to do a lot over the summer… when I have my birthday party next week I will definitely be doing it again. 


Overall it was such a fun night and it made me so excited for my birthday celebrations… it really started the week of birthday fun with a bang! I hope my friends enjoyed it as much as I did and I’m sure I will be hosting some form of reunion garden party next year when everyone is at university! Its so strange to think that this is one of the last big parties we will have before everyone goes off to different parts of the country. 



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