Hello July

Oh June… what a month you have been. It has honestly been one of the craziest months of my whole life and so much has changed, its a month that I know I will definitely look back on in years to come. Its been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster and although I have had the best time I am looking forward to a more chilled month in July. 


For a bit of a disclaimer, these posts for me are a way of documenting the good times and looking back on the ‘highlights’ of the month… so I am not going to go into great depth about some of the more negative moments that June has brought. My blog is my escape and my happiness, and that is how it will be staying… so please just bear with me and understand that not everything documented is perfect and my life is actually a hell of a lot more private than most people think it is. I just felt that it needed to be said and now we can go back to the ‘best bits’ of June. 

The biggest proportion of the month has been taken up with my A level exams, which I’m sure you will know if you have been following my social media. I am not sure I can truly express to you how hard I found it, maybe because I picked four A levels but more likely because A levels are just bloody hard! Hats off to anyone who did exam season this year and coped with it, in my opinion the exams were the hardest than ever before and the amount of stamina it took to get through 2 weeks of exams EVERY SINGLE DAY was just ridiculous. It was definitely one of the hardest times of my whole life to push through and just do it, I came out of exams crying and the whole experience was just a general blur… I think my argument for the education system as a whole is a rant for another day though. 

But you know what? It was hard but I did do it and I think I will actually look back on it with fond memories. I spent over 3 weeks of study leave in my economics classroom from half 7 in the morning until half 4 most nights, coffee fuelled and stressed but powering through it and each day became easier than the last. It made me so happy that I almost felt like the ‘base’ in the classroom all day every day, and people just came in and out all day to have a chat and revise themselves. I loved that I felt like I did it as a team, everyone I knew were in the same boat and everyone was doing it together even though the exams were on our own, which I do really love. Not just in college either… the twitter hashtag after each exams made me laugh so much and made me realise how i certainly wasn’t alone! 


And just like that they were all over, and college was done… which is a pretty strange feeling when you devote the majority of your life to something and then all of a sudden its all over and no longer what you spend everyday doing. The day after my exams I went back into sixth form to give our favourite teacher the biggest bunch of flowers, and just thank her for everything she has done for us. That woman is an angel and I couldn’t have got through my A levels without her so she definitely deserved a treat, I just wish we could have done more! Then after our goodbyes, it was time to finally relax and enjoy the first day of summer. Me and my best friend decided to have a very chilled out day and go to Sewerby hall, which I was so excited about. I felt like we did our exams together (we revised together constantly and he was 1000% my emotional backbone over exam season… and in general life really) so it just felt right to celebrate the end of exams together as well. Sewerby hall is something that probably appeals to the older generation more, however because I have the mental age of an 80 year old so it was definitely a good day out! It was such a sunny day and it was so nice to completely relax and see the gardens and animals. 


Once that my exams were out of the way, the focus switched to the celebrations for end of exams. I have already written a whole post about this but I hosted the end of exams party for all of my friends. The weather was so good and it was the best time, and was a really good start to the summer and to let everyone let their hair down and celebrate the end of exams. 


Probably the biggest thing to happen this month is my 18th birthday, which is so weird to think about and I can’t believe I’m technically an adult now! My birthday itself is pretty relaxed and I spent the day with my family, which I really enjoyed. It was nice to relax and see my grandparents as I feel like I have been so busy recently that we have barely spent any time together. My actual birthday celebrations happened last night as you are reading this, so I have prescheduled this post to go live beforehand. I really hope it was the best night and I can’t wait to see everyone I love in one room, but I’m sure you will be seeing a lot about that in the next week or so on the blog. 

Overall, June was definitely an emotional rollercoaster of a month and one that has such highs and such lows. It has been the craziest month and I can’t believe that its over… although I am looking forward to July! Hopefully it will be a slightly calmer month however I have a lot of travel plans that I am looking forward to and its my first full month off college so I am looking forward to relax. 



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  1. July 1, 2018 / 10:21 am

    Wow, June sounds like it was a really big month for you! Loved your photos girly, you looked fab on your birthday! xx

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