18th Birthday: Behind the scenes

If you follow me on Instagram (click here) then you will probably know that I had my 18th birthday party last weekend. I absolutely love a celebration and so my 18th seemed like the perfect time to get everyone together and just have a good time, and it couldn’t have gone much better if it tried. There are so many photos and information to share and I want to be able to share it all in depth, so I have decided to break this down into two parts. This post will be more ‘behind the scenes’ of setting up and the decorations alongside my outfit/makeup and then the next post will feature all the photos of my friends and family and sharing the evening itself. 

Im not going to share the venue itself because it is very local to me, but all I will say is that it was the perfect location for what I needed. We had two rooms, the first was more quiet and had big tables for people to sit and talk, and then the other room had a DJ and a large dancefloor. I absolutely loved it because it catered for everyone and it made sure that everyone could choose what they wanted, either a quieter space for a drink and a chat or the likely nature of the dancefloor. It made me so happy how well the venue went down, I think everyone loved it! 


We spent the afternoon setting up with party with 3 of my friends and with the help of the lovely barmaid Jess. I know that she won’t be reading this but she was an angel and we couldnt have set up without her, she was so much help and really took her time to make sure everything went perfectly. I just have to mention one of my favourite moments here and that was walking down the high street with a giant one and eight balloons… it made me laugh so much and really summed up all the decorating! 


The set up squad! 

I think one of the main things that I wanted to talk about in this post were the decorations and the general theme. From the very beginning of planning the party I knew that I wanted a pink and sparkly theme… because its my favourite colour and if you can’t have a pink themed birthday on your 18th then when can you? From day 1 I wanted my pink sparkly vision to be a reality and it really was, but equally it wasn’t too in your face and overstated either (well I suppose that depends on how ‘extra’ you think everything being pink is!). I loved being in my little pink wonderland all night and I am so happy that I chose to have all of the decorations, as you will be able to see in all of the photos both in this post and the next post. 

One of the biggest pink and sparkly things of the party has to be my cake, and it 100% deserves a mention in this post because it may be the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen in my life. Originally I wanted a tower of cupcakes, but when I started looking into local bakers that could make them I stumbled across Anna. She is a local lady that specialises in making these beautiful unicorn cakes and I instantly knew I wanted one for my birthday party. She made my pink unicorn dreams come true and I couldn’t have loved this cake anymore if I tried, it was huge and was chocolate cake which is my favourite… couldn’t have been any better! If you want to find out more about Anna and her amazing cake then click here to be redirected to her Instagram, she is amazing!


I was going to put this in the other post but I have way too many photos and things to share that I thought I would just include it in this one even though it doesn’t link as well, but still fits with the party theme though! I know that a lot of people follow my blog for the beauty and fashion side of things so I wanted to share my outfit and makeup of choice, I won’t go into depth but if anyone wants anymore details about specific products etc then just message me and ill let you know. I really wanted to have a nice structured dress for my party and something more formal than a typical party dress so I went with a black knee length dress from Karen Millen. It was expensive but love it and I know that it is such a classic piece that I will definitely get so much more wear out of it for future events. I felt so confident and just so ‘me’ in that dress, it was everything I wanted and i didn’t feel uncomfortable or self conscious at any point… exactly what I wanted! Plus I got a lot of compliments on it in the evening which is always a nice feeling. 

My makeup is nothing to go crazy about and if you have been following my blog for a while you will be used to the makeup look I always do, I have kind of fallen out of love with makeup at the moment so I haven’t really been doing anything too outside of my comfort zone and instead sticking to the usual… dark eyes and nude lips. However that being said I did buy the stila liquid glitter eyeshadow in smouldering satin especially for the party and I fell in love with it, easy to apply and looks amazing on the eyelids whilst also adding to the sparkly theme! The rest of my makeup was nothing new but instead good old favourites that I knew would be long lasting and look great. My aim of the night was to feel confident in myself and I do think that it went well as I didn’t really think about how I looked all night, thats how I like it! 


So there you go, a round up of the ‘behind the scenes’ of my party and the setting up… basically the calm before the storm! My next post is going to be the actual party itself with all of the photos and memories from the night, I haven’t written it yet but it makes me so excited just thinking about it, one of the best nights ever! As always thank you so much for reading and supporting me, I know I have been slacking with posts recently but I’m slowly getting back into it and can’t wait to start sharing more in July! 



  1. July 4, 2018 / 9:32 am

    Happy belated birthday 🙂 Your cake looks so beautiful! Love it <3

  2. July 5, 2018 / 3:26 pm

    You looked amazing Indigo 😍 By the looks of your Instagram posts, it looks like you had a fab 18th birthday and your birthday cake looked amazing!!!

    Fran | http://www.franciscarockey.co.uk

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