I’m back! Ive had an accidental few weeks off which was completely unplanned and wasn’t meant to happen. Now I can only apologise for how late this post is, life has well and truly got in the way (as you will see on social media if you follow me over there). My blog has had to take a backseat for a few weeks but I would like to hope I’m back now and won’t be going anywhere soon, although more of that in a catch up post in the next week or so. 

Now my explaining is done… back to the post. 


 It feels like ages ago since my birthday party now but I still wanted to document it here and show some photos, as it was one of the best days of my life and I absolutely loved it. If you have seen the previous post (click here) about the behind the scenes you will know all about the decorations and the preparation for the party, so I would recommend going over there and reading that first if you haven’t already. As a bit of a warning, this post is a lot more photo heavy rather than text because I have all of the guest photos from the party which I wanted to share. 

Everyone arrived around 6 and I don’t know why I was so nervous… I think its because I was waiting for so long and just wanted everything to be perfect. The nerves melted away though as more and more people arrived and everyone got talking. It was the weirdest feeling having everyone in my life under one roof as usually I have lots of little ‘groups’ that rarely interact with each other, but having everyone in one place was so nice. I just wish it could happen more often! We had family and friends (both younger and older) and one of the nicest things was to be able to merge my college friends with my older family, getting everyone together is something that has never happened and probably won’t happen again for a long while. 


The only downside to having all of my friends and family together is that there was always going to be one person who couldn’t make the day and that person was one of my oldest best friends Isy. I was so sad that she had to miss out but on the night I was greeted with ‘spoon Isy’ who made an appearance in photos throughout the night. Even though she wasn’t there, she was definitely there in spirit and at least we have some photos with her… we love spoon Isy! 


One of my favourite parts of my decorations was the ‘Instagram station’, which I made for guests to take photos with. As you know I am a huge Instagram addict so I really wanted a ‘photogenic’ place where people could pose and get proper photos from the party. I tried to take a photo with most guests there and I’m really happy with how they turned out. Pink themed and a giant 18 balloon… what more do I want?! 



For the first part of the evening most people were sat down talking to each other. There were some of my family that haven’t seen each other for years so it was so nice to see everyone catching up after so long. I loved that people sat with others that they weren’t familiar with and got talking to people that they maybe would never have seen otherwise. Everyone under that roof meant so much to me but many of them didn’t know each other well, so it really meant a lot to me that people were making an effort with each other and really getting to know the people who mean a lot to me. 


This is the time where I just need to shout out my two best friends, who have been by my side throughout everything these past few weeks and just throughout life in general really (including after my birthday when I maybe had just a little too much to drink… but lets not talk about that). The party was definitely no exception to this and I loved that they both really met my extended family and people who mean so much to me… not just the quick ‘hello’ but properly met them for the first time, had a drink and a laugh with them. It was the best feeling introducing people together and them all getting along with my best friends as well as me. IMG_3353.JPG


Once the drink started flowing the energy moved from conversations to the dancefloor which in itself has to be one of the best moments of my whole life. My favourite thing about any party is having a boogie so to be able to do that with ALL of my family and friends was just an indescribable feeling. Like I literally danced with every person that means the world to me and just had the best time of my life… my heels came off after about half an hour and I danced even more until I couldn’t feel my feet from the dancefloor! For me though it wasn’t just about dancing, it was spending a special moment with an each individual person that means so much to me. Me and my grandparents (the two most important people to me) all held hands and danced to billy ocean, me and my dad had an emotional moment singing mr brightside (and I now can’t listen to that song without getting emotional) and me and John stood on the stage and twirled me around and sang and danced our hearts out. The older people who came (up to 91!!) also got on the dancefloor for a bit and although it wasn’t their style of music they all joined in because they knew how much it meant for everyone to be having fun together. And they were just my moments! I know I have rambled here but I honestly cannot begin to describe how much it meant to me having everyone there having fun and just getting drunk together… I think I cried about 8 times and that is no exaggeration!! 


Ill be honest… it was my 18th so I did have a rather large amount to drink! If you can’t drink too much on your 18th party then when can you? The rest of the night seems to be a blur of dancing and just having fun (and shots) and I wouldnt of had it any other way. I’m going to end the post here because the ‘photo diary’ seemed to end at this point but I really hope that you enjoyed reading about my birthday party, I’m so glad I get to document such special moments of my life on here and I know this is a post that I will look back on in the future. 


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