Hello August

Well July has been a whirlwind of a month but I am pleased to report that it was significantly happier than June! It has been the first month that I have been not at sixth form from the start to the finish, which I am loving because I don’t have anything to crucial to think about and I don’t have to worry about studying… I’m just enjoying myself and doing everything I want to do, and when I want to do it. I have crammed a lot into July, but it has been a very good month and a really good start to the summer for me. 


At the beginning of the month, me and one of my best blogging pals Pippa attended the York fashion week launch event. This is something that you will be hearing a lot more about on my blog in the upcoming months as I hope to be heavily involved in the fashion week and creating lots of content based on the events that are taking place. The event was fun and very informative (it really was the first time we had properly discussed about how bloggers like myself and Pippa will fit into the event) and it made me so excited to work with the team further in the future. One of the best things though is towards the end of the event, we went outside during the perfect summer ‘golden hour’ lighting and me and Pippa both took photos of each other. Often ‘real life’ friends don’t really understand the whole outfit photo thing so it was so nice to get some content and have a bit of fun with Pippa, I just wish we could do it more often as I love her company! The principal in York is such a dreamy location and perfect to get them instagram photos stockpiled! 


I am not going to go on too much during this post (but if you want to get up to date then click here for my full life update post) but the short of the matter is that I was meant to be doing quite a bit more travelling this month than actually ended up happening (I was meant to be going to Leeds for a long weekend and then Amsterdam for 5 days). I wasn’t happy in the slightest about having to rearrange these plans but what it did mean is that I had a week of time at home that I didn’t think I would have, which meant I got to spend a lot of time just relaxing and being with friends. I was pretty slow on my feet and hobbling around but it was so nice to see my friends and have some much needed time out of the house! I saw rabbits, had a meal out with my extended friendship group, saw the incredibles 2 and I started blogging again after around 2 weeks off. It was well needed/deserved recuperation time and, as someone who is a Homebird at heart, something I really enjoyed despite not travelling.  


I haven’t really mentioned this on my blog since it happened (although I have talked about it on my Instagram so if you don’t follow me click here), but this month I actually won best fashion content at the UK teenage blog awards! This really surprised me, especially considering how not on the ball I have been with blogging recently and the lack of fashion posts I have done… but you all must like them! It has definitely inspired me to push myself further with photography and especially fashion content, which I am very excited about creating over summer. Whether you have voted for me or not, I just wanted to say thank you for consistently supporting me both on here and over on Instagram… I may not be able to reply to every comment or talk to every person but I 100% read everything and I know how much support I get from my little community. We are small but we are clearly pretty mighty to win a UK award! 


Probably the biggest thing that has happened this month is my holiday to Tenerife with my best friend Emily… as I write this I am currently on my flight home and I am about to start writing my ’Tenerife diary’ posts that will be coming in the next week so you will be seeing plenty more of our travel experiences. Its the first time I have ever been on holiday on my own (well without my parents) so was an exciting adventure and hopefully one of many. I won’t go on about it too much because the travel posts are coming but I will say that I had THE BEST time, I loved the area and I definitely want to go back in the future. 


So thats July, a pretty busy month but with lots of relaxing which is exactly what I needed. August is looking like a good month with lots of plans at home, which I am looking forward to. The plan is to spend time with friends mainly, see my grandparents more (because July was such a whirlwind I feel like I didn’t see them as much as I would have liked to) and there are also a lot of birthdays in August so hopefully a few parties too. There is also my A level results day but lets just not think about that for now… as you are reading this there is still 16 days of stressing to go! 



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