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I was going to slot this into my Tenerife diary post but I just feel like I couldn’t do it justice in a paragraph and a few photos because it was seriously one of the best days of my year so far… and potentially my life. we even went twice in the trip because we loved it so much! There were too many photos that I loved and too much that I wanted to share that I just had to do a separate post to talk all about it. Its going to be a bit rambly as I chat about my love for all the animals and their cuteness but just stick with me, because I can’t wait to share how much of a good experience it was. 


I am so glad that I took my camera and really experimented with my photography whilst I was at the park. Its not very often anymore that I properly do photography so it was so nice to have a play around with my camera and I am so proud of the photos that I have taken. To be fair it was a pretty perfect place to take photos though as all of the animals were so friendly and didn’t mind me being close up to take photos! It did make me want to take my camera out more though because I enjoyed taking and sharing them so much, so maybe you will be seeing more photography soon. 


So first I think I should explain the concept so that the rest of the post has some context and just generally makes sense. So at the beginning of the park you can purchase little pots of fruit that are safe for the animals to eat (I would highly recommend purchasing some!). Then you spend as long as you like walking around the 6 big enclosures and can feed any of the animals that are in there, as long as they are happy to be fed and you don’t disturb them if they are sleeping etc. On the floor of the enclosures there are guinea pigs, giant lizards, birds and tortoises and when you look up into the trees there are little monkeys and lemurs. It is so exciting trying to find the animals and lure the monkeys out of the trees with the fruit! 

Before you enter the enclosures you are greeted with a giant cuban crocodile, which I instantly fell in love with. I just love how huge it was and it almost looked like stone because it was basking in the rather hot Tenerife heat. It was so cool to look at and at one point the tortoises must have thought it was stone too and got onto its back! The further you walk the more you are greeted with different animals, there was a man holding two rather friendly parrots that me and Emily got to hold and have our photo taken with… I had never held a parrot before and it was so cool! Emily held hers like a baby which was just so cute, they are such friendly animals!


I really didn’t think that I was much of a guinea pig person until I was sat on a little tree stump whilst being surrounded by about 30 of the balls of fluff… and I bloody loved it. They are just so cute and when you put some of the food in your hand they will all come and try and get it from you and take it straight from your palm. I was scared that they would bite but they really don’t and as long as they come to you they are pretty friendly, Emily even picked some up and they were completely calm. Honestly I think they must have about 200 of them, I have never seen so many of them in one place and I just loved it. It made me want a guinea pig and I’ve never even thought about them as a pet before, but I’m thinking its maybe just the sheer amount I loved and I certainly can’t have 200 guinea pigs in my house! 


Lizards have always been one of my favourite creatures, so much so that I have had a fake tattoo of a lizard on my foot over summer for a few years (although I don’t have it at the moment and this trip has made me really want it back!). I don’t really know what I like so much about them but I just think that they are awesome creatures and I could watch them move and explore all day… I spent way too long watching one of them that was up a tree the second time we visited! I think a lot of people think that they are really dangerous and obviously they are in the wild but at the park people were putting fruit in front of them and they were eating it, they really just kept themselves to themselves and didn’t seem to mind about all of the people there. 


So now onto the real stars of the show… all of the monkeys. I’m not sure I have the words that can express just how cute they were and just how much I love them, if I could spend everyday at that park feeding them I 10000% would. I did not expect them to be that friendly and comfortable with humans but they were so calm and would happily come and get fruit from our hands without being scared, at one time a monkey went inside a woman’s bag and stole a tampon from her! Rather embarrassing for the woman and rather funny for us. It took quite a while to lure them with the fruit but after a while both me and Emily got the monkey to stand on our arms to get the fruit, which was just so exciting and an experience that I won’t forget. 


IMG_3843.JPGOne of the funniest and cutest things that I have ever seen is how much the monkeys love sweetcorn, which completely shocked me but was just so adorable. When you gave the monkeys the box of fruit so that they could take whatever they wanted, they used their little hands to push the other pieces of fruit (such as apple) away in order to find the sweetcorn that had fallen to the bottom of the box. It was so cool to see just how much they loved it! Also once they understood that you had sweetcorn, if you tried to feed them anything else they would bat it out of your hand or drop it on the floor on purpose just so that they could have the sweetcorn instead… a little annoying due to how much went on the floor but equally completely adorable. One of the monkeys decided that it only liked the inside part of sweetcorn so would chew it a little and then spit out the shell, which just melted my heart to watch. Honestly I loved just watching them, they all had little personalities and it was so much fun to feed them… even if you are a bit nervous I would definitely recommend doing it. 


There were also some monkeys in cages that couldn’t go on our arms, which made sense because obviously they are a wild animal and some would be just too dangerous to have humans in the same cage unless they were trained to be around them. Unfortunately my favourite monkey’s that we saw were in an enclosure that we couldn’t go in but that didn’t make them any less exciting to watch. They were a lot bigger and fluffier than the other monkeys and were just so active and lively. Most of them were swinging and jumping around, looking like they were having the time of their lives. Something that really made me and Emily laugh was the sound that they made, it was a mixture between a howl and an ‘ooh’ noise and it just made us crack up whenever they did it… it was such a weird noise for an animal to make! 

The first time that we went to the park we didn’t really get to see many Lemurs because they were all asleep or high up in the trees, but when we went back the second time they were more lively and willing to come down to see people. They certainly were not as friendly as the monkeys but that being said they would still accept food from people and just sit whilst people take photos of them. One of the best moments was us finding two lemurs all cuddling together on a little ledge, I think it made my heart burst just a little bit. 


So thats my roundup of Monkeypark in Tenerife, and as you can probably guess I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is visiting Tenerife in the future. I think that even if you are not staying in the local area it is definitely worth the journey to go and see them, because it was such a perfect day and something that doesn’t happen everyday… you should definitely try and do something similar when travelling even if its not in Tenerife as its just a cool experience and something I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. 

If you want to check out Monkeypark further and for anymore information click here to be redirected to their website. 



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