The outfit diary (1)

This is the first time that I have written a post like this, but I’m hoping that I will do some more if it goes down well as I really like the concept. When I was on holiday a few weeks back I took a rather large amount of outfit photos (well thanks to Emily who was my personal photographer!) and there were far too many to share within the ‘diaries’ series, so I thought to dedicate a whole post to my outfits and explaining what I wore everyday and where it is all from. My love with fashion photography goes through peaks and troughs over time but at the moment I am absolutely loving it. I think that winning my fashion award (THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU LOVELY LOT) gave me the push I needed to fall back in love with it and I have really enjoyed making some more fashion content over my holidays. I’m so happy with how the photos turned out and I really hope that this love carries on for a bit longer yet as I am so excited to share some autumn outfits too. I’m thinking of making this a seasonal post maybe? Let me know. 

A bit of a disclaimer before we start- these are my holiday outfits but this is by no means all of the outfits that I wore on holiday as I know that a lot of these are pretty dressy and were mainly for my evenings out. A lot of the daytime outfits were involving bikinis and small beach coverups which I’m not comfortable with sharing fully on the internet just yet. These are my top picks and highlights of the outfits that I did wear! 


On the first day we decided to walk to the supermarket and have an explore of the local area, so I chose to wear this combination which is casual but I think still looked relatively good. The high waisted denim shorts are from Topshop and although they are quite simple I absolutely love the ripped detailing on them. Topshop are pretty known for their denim jeans being such good quality, and the shorts are no exception to this as they fit really nicely and aren’t too short (I hate the ones where you can practically see half of your bum… not a cute look).  The green top is from Next years ago, but it is so comfy and has been a staple piece in my wardrobe for years. I have been really enjoying tying tops in a knot to make them more cropped so I really like that this top is the right shape to do that with, as I think it adds something a bit more ‘cool’ to the outfit and looks like you have put in more effort when you haven’t. That being said, the star of the show when it comes to this outfit is definitely by fake Gucci belt from Primark, which I have basically been wearing with every outfit for the past few weeks. Everyone seems to have this belt and I completely see why, for £5.00 its a complete bargain and dresses up every outfit! I love it. 


On the first night me and Emily went nightclubbing, so I decided to put some effort in and dress up nicely to go out. I am usually not one for colour but I love the combination between the bright blue and the black, plus the top went with my nails perfectly which made me happier than it probably should have done (its the little things eh?). The top is from Topshop, and I love the shape as I find the V neck really flattering to my figure. You may recognise the boohoo skirt from the marquee party that I had earlier this summer, as I also wore it to that. Whenever I want to wear a skirt without tights I always go back to this one as I love the look of it (and the cross detailing) but it is the perfect length for me. I don’t suit midi skirts but equally really short skirts are just not a good look, so I like this because it is above knee length but isn’t too short to wear with heels (which are simple black ones from New Look BTW). Overall I am in love with this outfit and I felt so confident wearing it, so I will 100% be wearing it again on another night out in the UK. 


On the second evening we were going out for a relaxed meal and a few drinks, so I decided to wear a casual outfit that I still love. If you know me you will know how much I wear long skirts, as I think that they are perfect for summer and look very flattering with my shape without having to show your legs if you don’t feel like it. I paired this black skirt with a grey crop top from boohoo, which I bought at the beginning of the summer. It was so cheap (about a fiver I think) but I love it and I wear it a lot, as I love the V neck detailing and how the fabric is very tight fitting to my figure. The only thing that I would say is that it is very cropped, so wearing it with a very high waisted skirt looks good but I think it would be way too cropped to wear with jeans, although I do suppose that is dependent on your height to whether it works for you. Also can we talk about how gorgeous this wall is? I love street art and this huge mosaic wall is no exception, I completely love it and the blogger in me just needed to get some shots in front of it as soon as I saw it. 


One of our main excursion days was to Monkeypark, which you will have heard a lot about if you have read this post. For the day out I decided to wear a short floaty dress because it meant that I didn’t get too hot walking around all day, which is especially useful for when it is 30 degrees around the park. I decided on this black and white striped dress from Garage, but I did buy it a few years ago so it is probably unavailable now (although they may have a similar shape and style on the site). If you have been following me from the very beginning of my blogging journey then you maybe recognise this dress from one of my very first outfit shots back in 2016 in Miami and it has been one of my wardrobe staples ever since. Such a perfect shape for a day out! My round sunglasses that are in some of these photos are from Topshop and I absolutely love them, they are such a retro vibe and they make me so happy whenever I get them out and wear them in the summer. 


In a week of outfits there always has to be one disaster, and that has come in the shape of this Primark jumpsuit. To be fair the jumpsuit itself is gorgeous and I am so glad that I bought it as it definitely was my fault that it became a disaster. I love the colour and the style but for some reason everything went wrong and it turned into a nightmare! So for a start I didn’t think about my underwear when I was packing, so the black pants that I was wearing didn’t really go well with the pale pink material (hence the reason you can’t see me standing up in any photos from that night). To further heighten the problem, the nature of the jumpsuit meant that it is a really deep V neck so my bra was hanging out practically the whole night and I kept having to pull the top part up. That wasn’t a good look and  you can see it on the photo of me. I should have not posted it but thats life, you have all seen a bit of a bra before and I love the photo otherwise! The outfit was only going to go downhill from there and turns out that I still had plasters on my incisions from surgery which had got wet from the pool so I ended up with a huge damp patch on my stomach which looked marvellous and almost like I had wet myself (if you look really closely on the photo then you will probably see how damp my abdomen actually is). So overall a good outfit in theory but not so good in practice, though I thought that I should still include it for a bit of reality! 


The final outfit that I am going to show is this long maxi dress from New Look that I wore on our last night out. This is one of my favourite dresses that I own and everytime that I wear it I feel so confident and feminine. I just love how it makes my figure look and how floaty it is despite not being my usual style that I would go for, as I very rarely wear patterned prints. It is a nightmare to get into the dress because of the crossed back and I always have to get someone to help me but when its finally on I do genuinely love it. I want to wear it so much more now that I have remembered how much I love it! I think that this was my favourite outfit of the trip. 


So thats the highlights of my outfits from my week in Tenerife, and I loved all of the ones that I shared. Please let me know your genuine feedback on this post as it is a new style that I don’t usually do, but I would love to do more if it was enjoyable to read. I would love to know what you think of more fashion posts as I do want to create more, especially when I move to Leeds and there are a lot more fashion locations to shoot at! 


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