Tenerife (Day 3,4&5)

This is the second post out of the three that I am writing in my ’Tenerife diaries’ series, so if you haven’t seen the first one then click here to be redirected over there. I would definitely recommend reading that one first so you get a feel for the holiday and it all flows better. This is the main bulk of the holiday so is going to be a rather long post but nevertheless it will definitely be an exciting one as we crammed so much into the main week. 

After our nightclubbing night we decided to have the Sunday recovering and having another relaxing day around the pool. We had a much needed lie in (we didn’t go to sleep until 3am the night before) and made full use of our gorgeous balcony at the hotel on the afternoon. It was nice to relax in the comfort of our own room and just sunbathe when we wanted, and I also got taught by Emily how to play many card games which was a fun way to pass the time. I touched on it in my last post but this holiday has made me establish that I am a workaholic and really struggle to completely switch off… I think that relaxing is something I need to work on! 


On the evening we decided to get ready and go out for a nice meal because we hadn’t been to a proper restaurant yet and instead had just been snacking in the hotel. My dad goes to the area quite a lot and recommended a restaurant called Marios that we had actually passed the day before on the way to the supermarket. It was about a 10 minute walk from the hotel so it was nice to be able to have a stroll in the evening when it was a little bit cooler and less stuffy. My dad was right and it was a lovely restaurant, although we went pretty early in the evening so it was quiet but as the night went on the atmosphere along the street of restaurants just kept getting better and better. Afterwards we went to a bar next door for some cocktails and turns out it was karaoke night, which was the polar opposite to nightclubbing the day before but equally really nice. That is one thing that I absolutely love about Tenerife, there are so many different styles of evenings and that means that there will always be something to suit everyone. You can go nightclubbing one night and then have a casual family orientated night the next like we did! 


The first proper ‘day out’ that we had was to Monkey Park on the Monday of the trip. It was a taxi ride away from the hotel so we got up early and set off because we weren’t sure how long we needed to spend at the park (plus we were just so excited to feed monkeys!). I won’t go on too much about the day because I wrote a whole post last week sharing my photography and a full review of the park (click here) but all I will say is that it truly was one of the best days ever. Me and Emily both loved it, so much so that we ended up going back again later on in the week because we missed the monkeys so much! There were so many different animals and it was an experience that I won’t forget, I could talk about how cute the monkeys are all day. 


Monkey park didn’t take all day and we were finished by mid afternoon, so we decided to stop off at Siam Mall on the way back to the hotel. The mall is owned by the same people as Siam Park and only opened a few years ago so is still very new and modern looking. There were even large waterfall fountains in the middle of the mall which were so pretty to watch! We did some shopping and then had some food in the late afternoon, as there were plenty of restaurant choices at the mall and we didn’t eat much at monkey park on the morning. If we were in Tenerife longer then we definitely would have gone back to go shopping again as it looked amazing and we didn’t have time to fully explore all the shops that were offered. 


We had already eaten at the mall so we decided to have an evening in the hotel and sit on our balcony before having an early night. The temperature had started to cool down so it was perfect time to sunbathe and not want to be in the shade after about 2 minutes! We had drinks on the balcony in our pyjamas like the classy people that we are and watched the sunset, which is just so stunning. There is just something about a sunset abroad that is so much nicer than in the UK! 


We woke up early again ready for another jam packed excursion day that we had planned. This time it was a day out to Siam Park, which is so much fun and probably the biggest attraction in Tenerife. I had never been to a proper waterpark before but I genuinely loved it and I really liked the mixture between relaxation and adrenaline. One thing that I would definitely recommend though is getting the fastpasses in the morning, they are an extra 15 euro but 100% worth it because it cuts the queuing down by so much and it means that you can get though every slide as opposed to spending the whole day queuing. I ended up going on everything apart from the Tower of Power (the huge drop slide) and I actually loved everything, I would definitely go to another waterpark again and it makes me regret not going to the ones in Florida last year.  


When we got back from Siam park we were so hungry and tired, so we decided to go for an all you can eat buffet and drown our tiredness in a lot of Chinese food! Me and Emily both love Chinese and it was so good, and not too far away from the hotel room either. It was very family orientated small restaurant, that was cheap and cheerful but still incredibly good food. One of the funny moments that happened when we were there is the ‘super drink’ that I ordered, it came in a glass boot and was absolutely huge! Exactly what we needed for a quiet night out and we definitely filled up on all of our favourite Chinese dishes. 


So that was the main portion of our holidays, relaxed but with good days out and plenty of opportunities to explore! The highlight was definitely monkey park though as I honestly love it and it was one of the best days that I have had this year! As always thank you so much for reading this and I hope that you are enjoying my travel posts from my Tenerife adventure. 


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