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A few weeks ago I put out a tweet asking if any bloggers wanted to feature on my ‘A chat with’ series, and I got a lot of replies that are now lined up…You are in for a treat for the next few interview posts! However Victoria really stood out to me as she is the polar opposite of my blog style and I was intrigued to talk to her. Her blog and business mainly focus around parenting, healthy living and making your blog a business… all of which are not my niche but I do find interesting to read about! I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to talk to her so that my followers can find someone new and it might appeal to a different demographic of followers, such as older people who follow my blog. 

As always my text will be in bold and Victoria’s will be in a regular font. 

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What made you start your blog, was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day? 

I always say I became a blogger accidently! I first set up a blog alongside my online fashion boutique as a way to attract more customers and create content for my website, but then I fell in love with blogging! Now I am a fully-fledged blogger with two blogs of my own and a third, my husband’s, that I regularly write for.

We have completely different styles of blog and viewing platforms, so I think that you should introduce yourself a little to my audience who have maybe never seen your blog! So can you explain what your blog is about? 

My oldest blog (over five years old) is called Lylia Rose and can be found at www.lyliarose.com.  It’s a lifestyle blog and covers loads of topics such as family lifestyle and days out, healthy living, blogging and making money online.  The topics and themes have evolved as I’ve grown and changed and become interested in new things.  Originally it was a fashion and beauty blog, but many of those posts are no longer there as I went in a different direction a few years back.

As I’m so passionate about healthy living, but didn’t want to niche down my main blog, I decided to start a second blog called Healthy Vix www.healthyvix.com in January this year. There I focus on all things healthy from a plant based diet, to exercise to eco-friendly living.

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What is your favourite blog post that you have ever written? A good introduction post for someone who is just discovering your blog from this interview! 

I have over 1200 blog posts so there’s quite a lot! But a popular recent one is the ways I manage to successfully make money from home: https://www.lyliarose.com/blog/read_184365/5-tried-and-tested-ways-to-make-money-as-a-uk-stay-at-home-mum.html

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love writing so this is my favourite thing! I like to be creative and enjoy piecing together articles as well as researching topics I am passionate about.  I love the freedom of owning my own websites and having my own little area to express myself.  There’s also such a supportive community and everyone wants to help each other, I love being a part of it.

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You talk a lot about building your business on your blog, but what is your biggest tip for someone who is wanting to turn their blog into more of a business? 

To treat it like a business! If you want to make money from your blog then you need to be professional when it comes to talking to brands and agencies. Also work out where it is you want to make money and focus on those stats. For example, if you want to do sponsored posts then work on increasing your domain authority. If you want to work with PRs then work on your page views and engagement.

What is your favourite social media platform to post on?

At the moment I really love Instagram! I share a lot of family photos, foods I’m enjoying and all sorts of things that you won’t see on my blog! For blog promotion, however, I love Twitter and Pinterest.

What has been your favourite day of 2018 so far? 

Probably a family trip to Diggerland! It was so much fun for the kids and us adults! We got to drive real diggers and the kids were super happy all day.

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What is your favourite moment to come out of your blog/business/social media?

Being able to turn it all into a full time income and quit my part time job. It was terrifying, but it’s been amazing so far and I’ve consistently made a full time wage for over one year now.

What can we expect to see from your blog and business in the near future? 

I hope to carry on with Lylia Rose as it is really. I enjoy what I’m doing and have no plans to change. I hope to grow Healthy Vix though as it’s still very new. I have so many blog post ideas and not enough time to write them at the moment!  I really hope to be able to make Healthy Vix a reliable income stream too and run two successful money making blogs.

As I talk a lot about beauty on my blog we will have the last question as something beauty related… what is your holy grail beauty product? 

I love Skinirvana beauty oil. You can see it here https://instagram.com/p/BlRGibYn4oU/. I was lucky to be sent some to try and I haven’t stopped using it! I pop it on every night before bed and it makes my skin amazing the next morning. I swear it looks younger, but also hydrated and ready to go, even make up free, each morning.  I love natural beauty products and essential oils so it’s right up my street.

So there is the post! I hope that you enjoyed reading about Victoria and you may have found someone outside of what my typical audience would read. If you do want to read more about Victoria or her blog then click the links below to be redirected to her social media pages. 





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