The Outfit Diary (2)

Last month I wrote my first ’The outfit diary’ post (click here) and it went really well so I thought to create another similar post today with some more UK friendly pieces, as the last one was shot in Tenerife. I put some effort in with my outfit photography when I went to Newcastle last week, so I have accumulated some fashion photos from there and I also have another outfit featured from a recent night out that I had. I think that this is the perfect time of year to do another post like this in order to find some perfect transitional pieces, as it is not quite warm enough for some clothes and not quite cold enough for others. These are some of my staple pieces recently and I love them all. 

The first outfit is what I wore to a night out for my best friends 18th birthday. I had no idea what to wear so I panic ordered this on Miss Pap after watching Molly’s (@beautyspectrum) vlog where she is wearing it, and it turned out to be an absolute treat. This two piece matching bodycon set is stunning and only came to £15 for both pieces, which is a complete bargain and the quality is actually significantly better than I anticipated. Its the first thing that I had purchased from the site but I will certainly be ordering more. Definitely going to be one of my freshers outfits! I love the zip and also the red/green stripe detailing, as it makes it look a lot nicer than if it was just a plain black two piece. For the price I think it is an amazing and flattering outfit… one that I would definitely recommend. I paired it with my classic new look black heels (you will be seeing them a lot as they are the only heels I can really walk in) and a black bag. 


I really don’t like these photos of me but I thought that I would share this outfit anyway as this new look dress is one of my fave transitional pieces and I have been wearing it so much over the past few weeks. I love the button detailing that is so in fashion at the moment, I have seemed to be eyeing up so many outfits that feature the big tortoise shell buttons as they add such a nice detailing to an outfit. This dress is perfect for this time of year as paired with tights and a cardigan it is warm enough for during the day but equally if it gets too warm you can take the cardigan off and the actual dress is quite strappy. Makes a perfect piece for them days when the weather is all over the place! 


Now for probably my favourite outfit of this post, which is this white top and black skirt. The white top in particular I bought from New Look about a fortnight ago and I have barely taken it off since. It is perfect for every occasion and is very much a ‘me’ top (low V neck, batwing sleeves, figure flattering and cropped), it is my ideal outfit for every occasion and the perfect ‘smart casual’ attire. I also love that it is white because usually I would go towards black but white is helping me show off the last of my summer tan, that is slowly fading and is needing to be topped up with fake tan.. not good. I paired this top with tights and my trusty black skirt from Primark, if you know me in real life you will know how much I wear bodycon black skirts and this one is so good and only £4 I think. 


For our full day out in Newcastle I wore the same black skirt as before (the joys of trying to pack light) but instead a paired it with this grey vest top with black detailing from boohoo. If you read my last outfit diary post you will have seen this, because I wore it on one of the days in Tenerife but paired it with a more summery outfit. This is one of my staple tops for that very reason, depending on what it is pared with you can actually wear it for any occasion and any season. And it was only a few pounds! I wore it with my black cardigan but it was actually very warm that day so I ended up taking the cardigan off ad just wearing the grey vest top, which I think looked better anyway. You can’t see my shoes on the photos but they were just plain black and flat, so I could walk around exploring all day without my feet aching. 



On the last night of out Newcastle trip we were going on quite a formal night out to celebrate my boyfriends birthday, so I decided to wear the dress I wore for my 18th birthday party. It is my favourite dress of all time and I have only ever wore it once (this was my second time) and I just fell in love with it all over again. It was from Karen Millen so it was fairly pricey but I feel so confident in that dress and everytime I wear it I just feel so ‘me’ (does that even make any sense?). I actually think that dress might be made for me, as it fits like a glove with no alterations and is probably the most figure flattering dress that I own… its just dreamy and I know it will be in my wardrobe for years and years to come. I paired it with my trusty new look heels that I mentioned earlier, which were really simple but meant that all the attention was on the outfit and not the shoes. 


So that was the next instalment of my outfit diary series, and I hope that you liked seeing more of my outfits that are prefect for this awkward transitional time of year. Let me know which one was your favourite! I think my next outfit diary post will be part of blogmas with some of my winter essentials or even Christmas party outfits, which I think would be a fun post to shoot. I am definitely enjoying the fashion aspect of my blog again after winning the award a few months ago, I have 100% got my outfit photo motivation back after losing it for so long! As always thank you so much for reading this, your support means the world. 


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