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As you probably know if you have followed me on social media, I recently went to Newcastle for my boyfriends birthday (click here). Whilst we were there we decided to go to the dog and scone, as we had been eyeing it up for a long time and it was finally an opportunity when we could go. I have recently found an addiction with dogs but I don’t have one of my own so a cafe filled with puppies that I can play with and cuddle sounds like my absolute dream. I wasn’t actually going to write up a full post about the dog and scone but I think that it is such a unique concept that a lot of people won’t have heard of, so I think that it will make a real good post. Plus who doesn’t want to see loads of photos of gorgeous pooches? 

Dog and scone, Newcastle UK

I will give you a bit of a backstory to dog cafes in case its a completely new concept, as so many people who I have spoken to about it haven’t even heard what a dog cafe is.  They originate from the cat cafes from Japan, as in Japanese cities many people live in huge high rise buildings and it would be unsafe and not kind to keep animals. However, people love pets and they are very therapeutic so cat cafes were born, where people can go and play with cute kittens and still have a connection with animals. I am not a cat lover in the slightest (I’m actually pretty scared of them) so when I heard of the dog and scone it was right up my street… I couldn’t wait to go! 


Now back to the dog and scone. It was a very central location which I really liked, about 5 minute walk from the monument and a 10 minute walk from our hotel which was on the Quayside. You cannot take your own dog but instead there are a number of resident dogs, all quite small so that the cafe isn’t too cramped and they can easily sit on your lap. All of the dogs were so friendly and are used to be played with/stroked so they happily come over to you and certainly aren’t scared of new people. It was quite a small building but I really liked that, because they only allow 12 people at any one time so it made it a lot more special and you could actually have quality time to see all of the dogs when it isn’t too busy. Something that I really liked was the little room towards the side just for the dogs (and staff obviously) which I loved, so it gives them some space if they are bored of people or are being annoyedly little kids! I presume that there is also food and water in there for them, so they can have some peace and quiet if they need it. 

The staff were also so lovely and always on hand to help people and/or answer questions about the resident dogs. It really is the dream job! They were also so kind to a little girl who was in the cafe at the same time as us, from what I gathered she was a bit worried (maybe trying to overcome a fear) but the staff were very aware and picked up the dogs for her to stroke so she didn’t have to approach them straight away. I think being around an environment of really small dogs that are obviously friendly is probably a very good way of overcoming a fear, although obviously it depends on how severe your phobia of dogs is.  

Dog and scone, Newcastle UK

Each session lasts an hour and it goes so quickly! We spent the majority of our time just sat on the floor playing with all of the dogs. They have so many toys for the active dogs and some of them just liked being held and stoked. We made friends with a little Chihuahua called Shadow, whose name definitely  matched her personality… she was our little shadow! She kept jumping into our laps and just wanting to be stroked, which was just adorable. After about 20 minutes of playing, the staff bring out drinks and some people had snacks. We opted for just a drink because we had already been for breakfast (plus we wanted as much time as possible to play with the dogs) but the hot chocolate that I had was very nice.



Now for the highlight of the session… noodle the sausage dog. I have had an obsession with sausage dogs for a while now, so when I knew that there was going to be a long haired miniature sausage dog at the dog and scone I was so excited. Throughout the session she was happily playing with another customer, but towards the end of the experience the boy actually gave us noodle wrapped in a blanket. I actually got to cuddle a sausage dog and I was so excited… it felt like I was a child on Christmas Day! Definitely one of the highlights of my trip and it has made me want my own noodle more than ever as she was potentially the cutest dog that I have ever seen. 

Dog and scone, Newcastle UKP8311254IMG_4595

So there is my experience at the dog and scone. It was potentially the cutest hour of my life and I would definitely recommend it. I would recommend booking in advance to secure a place as you wouldn’t want to get there and then be turned away. It is a set price of £5.20 for an hour but a free drink of choice is included in that so I think it is worth it for an hour playing with the puppies. If you are a dog lover I think that it would make a great Christmas present for all ages and a really good experience that you can enjoy together. I definitely want to go back in the future!

If you want to find out more about the dog and scone then click here to be redirected to their website. 


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