This post is very much delayed because of all of my back to school content but the next two posts are going to be about my weekend getaway to Newcastle which happened at the beginning of this month to celebrate John’s birthday and also to mark the end of the summer in style. I love documenting my travels in a ‘diary style’ posts and my audience seem to like it too so its a win win… these posts are definitely the ones that I like reading back! City breaks are one of my favourite things to do so I was very excited to get away for a few days and we had so many plans! 


The morning was spent travelling up to Newcastle, which is about a 2 hour drive from my house so actually not too bad. The traffic was good and we ended up getting there about 10:30, which gave us plenty of the day left to enjoy ourselves and explore. After having a quick breakfast at the metro centre on the way, we had a stop off Ikea. That shop winds me up like crazy but I had an awful lot of uni stuff that we needed to purchase so it was worth it for the cheap house stuff! I also spotted a giant brown bear teddy which I absolutely love and really wanted to purchase but I restrained myself… just. 

Whilst we were in the area we decided to stop at Whitley Bay to meet some of our friends (well we only ended up seeing one due to some plans falling through… but the intention was there). We had a drink in Left Luggage, which I had never been to before but really liked the concept. It is a bar/cafe at the metro station but they have decorated to make it seem like a left luggage room which I really liked, it looks so cool and is definitely a quirky place to have a drink! 


By the time we had actually got to the city centre and checked into our hotel, it was becoming quite late. Our hotel was right on the quayside so the location was perfect and I would definitely stay in that area again. We had a relax in the hotel for a while and just chilled out for a bit before getting ready. We were going out for quite a casual evening so I didn’t dress up much, but if you want to see my outfit for this night and the whole trip then click here to see my outfit diary post. 


I have fallen in love with Newcastle even though I have only visited the city centre once. I love the vibe and for some reason it reminds me of Edinburgh? I will definitely be returning soon as I have a lot more exploring to do and the shopping is fab too.


We went for a very casual tea, and Za Za Bazaar at Eldon square was the perfect choice for people who never know what they fancy! It was an all you can eat buffet for a set price but I really liked that it had more of a restaurant feel to it and the decor was great. I took so many photos but I just loved how pretty the hanging lanterns and lights were, it made it feel like you were somewhere a lot nicer than the price tag! All you can eat places kill me with their unlimited plates and I was so full, but all the food that I had was fab and I would definitely recommend it. I always have the fear that the food at buffet places will have been stood for ages and tastes horrible but it was lovely food and a lot of it was freshly cooked to order in front of you… I had make your own pasta and it was lovely. 


There was a TGI Fridays next door and I absolutely love their cocktails so we decided to go in and have a few before going back to the hotel room. I had the summer peach and it was gorgeous, I will definitely be having it again. I love cocktails that are a slush consistency as they remind me of a slush puppie, but the adult edition… I wish more cocktail places had them! The ultimate size are such good value too as they are around £10 but we shared it, or you could have it to yourself depending on how drunk you want to get! I’m definitely going to go to TGI Fridays for cocktails again as I think it is so underrated. 

So that was my first day in Newcastle, it was a short but sweet day due to the travel in the morning and I liked having more of a quiet day before the main hectic day of our break. The next post will be going live in a few days about one of my best days of the year so far, so I would really appreciate it if you keep up to date and read that diary post too. Thank you always for supporting me!



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