The Best Day

This is the second post (click here for the first) in my rather delayed travel diaries for Newcastle, when I went on a weekend away at the beginning of the month. I am so excited to write this post as I can honestly say it was one of my favourite days of 2018 so far filled with so many of my favourite things. I love a busy day and we crammed it full to the brim of exciting activities and plans, we barely stopped! 


We started off the day with a big breakfast at the hotel, and if you know me you will know how much I appreciate a good full English fry up. This one didn’t disappoint and even included pancakes so I was incredibly satisfied. I’m easily pleased! After breakfast we made our way to the Dog and Scone, which is a dog cafe in the city centre. I won’t go on too much about this as I wrote a whole review last week (click here) but it was potentially the cutest hour of my life. I got to spend the morning playing with puppies and cuddling a sausage dog called noodle. Absolute heaven! 


The biggest proportion of the afternoon was spent exploring Newcastle some more and pottering around the city centre. I said this in my last post but I have never been to Newcastle city centre before (only ever to Gateshead), so it was lovely to explore the area. I love the vibe and I really want to go back at some point as I feel like there was a lot I didn’t see and we didn’t do much shopping. One of the highlights of my day was walking along the quayside as the sun was shining and I just felt so chilled out, I was in such a calm and content mood which I absolutely love.  


As a break from all of the exploring we decided to stop off at ‘The great British Cupcakery’, which we saw the day before and so many people were recommended it to me on Instagram… I can 100% see why! I am going to write a seperate post reviewing the cafe as I took way too many photos but it was genuinely a bloggers heaven and a pink wonderland. It is hands down the most photogenic cafe that I have ever been too, and it felt like I was in a pink dream for most of it (I even had a pink coffee!). I would definitely recommend having a visit there if you are like me and love all things pink and wonderful, it is definitely an experience and paradise for photos! 


By the time it got to about 4pm we decided that we needed to have a chill out before another busy evening. The hotel we were staying at (Crowne plaza if anyone is interested- would highly recommend) actually had a pool and spa area so we thought to take full advantage and have a few hours having a swim and relax which was perfect. To be fair I spent most of the time in the jacuzzi because I absolutely love it and I find it so relaxing, I could spend all day in one! Plus it wasn’t too buys considering it was a Friday afternoon which I was very thankful for. 

So we had our relaxing time and then it was back to all the action. It was my boyfriends birthday so we decided to go out for more of a posh meal at Miller and carter, which is a steakhouse. It is one of my favourite restaurants and I absolutely love their food, this certainly didn’t disappoint. It was gorgeous as ever and I would definitely recommend it if you are wanting a more special meal out such as to celebrate a birthday. 


I absolutely love a cocktail evening so after our meal we decided to go to some of our favourite luxury cocktail spots. We started off at the alchemist and it was actually the first time that I had ever been, and I was so impressed. I had heard so many good things and it definitely lived up to my expectation. I had a cocktail that actually bubbled (the bubble bath) and it was so cool! 


After that we went to the Botanist, which is my favourite cocktail bar of all time. I usually go to the York branch (click here) but I was absolutely blown away by the Newcastle bar. It is the most magical bar that I have ever been to and probably ever will, and I am 1000% going back whenever I go to Newcastle. The whole bar is lit up by a glass dome filled with fairy lights, which I could stare at all day. Sitting in my favourite bar drinking a cocktail, chatting the night away and listening to music under the fairy lights was such a special experience and the perfect end to a fab day. I would definitely recommend the botanist if you want a more upmarket cocktail place with fab atmosphere, it is incredible! 


So that marks the end of my Newcastle trip as the next day we just travelled home and had a very chilled out afternoon, so there isn’t much to report in a blog post. As you can tell I had a fab time filled with everything that I love, from puppies to cocktails! A completely luxurious day and a fab treat to end the summer on. 




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