Moving to University- Part 1

So this is weird, and something that I have planned for so long but I actually never thought the time would come where I was actually wiring it. Time is a strange thing! When you are reading this I will have been living in Leeds for technically 2 weeks but I am not actually going to be living there permanently until around now, when most other students move into the city. My induction week and freshers start on the 24th so I presume that it will be the next post that you will read on my blog, and I think I will make this into a 4 part series documenting the next month. I am actually writing this introduction sat on a train on the way to move into my accommodation, which is exciting but also so scary! But we will get more onto that later. I have decided that my moving in series is going to be very text heavy (I didn’t have time to get many photos) and in a diary style. I won’t be giving a diary update everyday but when I have something to say I will definitely write it down. I think that it will quite therapeutic for me and I also think it will be useful for other people who maybe also don’t want the ‘traditional’ university experience. I will be uploading them in week long chunks which I think will be quite lengthy but equally enough to read. 

Warning: This is a huge post! 


This is my first update and I haven’t even moved yet! I’m writing this the night before I move, and we have just finished packing up the car. Emotions today are very mixed and have come in waves, I have been feeling fine for a while and then it all hits me that I’m actually moving away tomorrow, and it is so daunting. I actually just cried my eyes out in the shower for no reason whatsoever, I think I’m just so overwhelmed by everything that going to be changing over the next few days. Last night me and all of my friends went out in our local time as a ‘goodbye’ night out, and although it was a great time it is so sad to think that I won’t see all of my friends until probably christmas. Our group aren’t the closest but I have spent most days with them since year 10, so I’m going to miss them so much. Right now I just want to fastforward to the part of my life where I have a good job, a degree and everyone I love is back around me rather than being in a brand new city on my own. I’m going to be very thankful of having some visitors over the next few weeks to help me settle in and I’m already excited about coming home… I haven’t even left yet! 



So today was moving day! I’m actually writing this at the very end of the day in bed, because despite having such a hectic day I don’t feel tired AT ALL (I think its because I’m in a new bed and everything feels very new). I have had such mixed emotions today, as it was so bittersweet leaving home (even though I’m going back in less than a week) but equally I am so pleasantly surprised with how I feel about my accommodation and how settled I am already. I loved getting my keys for my flat, I am lucky enough to have a studio flat this year and it is so stunning. I will definitely be doing some more interior and room posts over the next few months! The majority of the day has been spent unpacking and getting everything sorted, as it took absolutely ages to unpack all of my stuff. It was really fun to organise everything and I already feel like this room is ‘mine’ even though I have only been in it a few hours. My nan and grandad are staying in a hotel down the road tonight which has made me feel so much better as I think if they had left today I would have been an absolute mess. I feel weird but not half as bad as I thought I was going to do, it has been one rollercoaster of a day but overall I am very happy. 



I woke up in my flat today for the first time, which was weird but cool. I didn’t sleep too well because I was in a new environment but the bed was comfy which is a huge bonus! We started off the morning by going food shopping to stock up my cupboards, which was exciting but I do thin the novelty will wear off soon! Overall my emotions have been more positive today, but that being said I did cry earlier at the thought of my grandparents going home tomorrow (despite the fact I’m seeing them in 3 days) so swings and roundabouts! Overall a good day though and its nice to know more about leeds and my surroundings, I’m getting more familiar to the area and I really like it. I do think that overtime I will settle well here and despite not feeling 100%, I have absolutely no regrets about moving. 



Today was a huge mix of emotions! My nan and grandad left to go back home which was so sad (I actually cried in the trinity centre) and although I am going to see them in a few days it was marking the start of me properly living on my own. The upside is that I wasn’t completely on my own as my boyfriend came to see me. It was really nice to see him and show him a bit of leeds as he has only been a handful of times, and showing him my flat was also a huge highlight! Im the type of person that does not like to be thrown in the deep end so it is so nice to have people come to visit me and help me to settle in rather than just being left in a big city on my own. Another little but cool thing that happened today is the fact that I used my kitchen for the first time and made my first proper meal in my new flat. I know that the novelty of cooking for myself will wear off very soon but the first few times will be exciting and I can’t wait to learn how to actually look because at the moment I am useless! My boyfriends parents bought me a student friendly cookbook so my plan is to go through and put post it notes on what I want to cook over the next few weeks, so hopefully I will get a little better. I’m writing this before we go but the plan tonight is to walk to the Wetherspoon’s for a few drinks and to get out of the flat for a bit. I’m looking forward to it just being round the corner and having everything on my doorstep, the perks of living in the city centre! 



There hasn’t been a lot to report today, as I have spent the whole day in leeds but I haven’t really done anything useful with my day. I carried on my new obsession with cooking and made a huge pasta bake, which actually tasted really nice. I’m thinking that I might do some ‘student friendly recipes’ on my blog over the next few months when I am more confident with cooking. Apart from that we have just been chilling out in the flat and in the afternoon we walked into the city centre to get some last minute bits that we had both forgotten to buy. Its about 7pm now and the plan tonight is to firstly learn how to work the TV and then start watching Sherlock again from the beginning. Me and my boyfriend both love the show and now we are students on a budget it will be a nice thing to watch together as they are all like mini movies, and they are just a cosy show that reminds me of this time of year. Not going to lie I am so excited about going home tomorrow but equally I feel like I am starting to settle into my place nicely which I’m happy about. 


I came home today which makes me so happy to just be in my own environment, I felt like I had taken a huge deep breath out and all of my tension melted away. It may feel too early to come home for a weekend but my course doesn’t start until 24th so I have so much time not doing anything and nobody has moved in yet… plus I would rather be home with my family and friends for a few days. After being in a city 24/7 for the past week I have noticed just how quiet it is at my house. I live in a rural area and it is just completely silent, so weird to come back to but I love not hearing an ambulance every 5 seconds. The plan was to go out with some friends tonight but I am not going anymore, but secretly I’m pretty happy to just put my feet up and put my dressing gown on! I’m so tired from not sleeping too well the last few night and I am so excited to curl up in my own bed and have a good nights sleep. 



Ooh it is nice to be home and back in my regular routine, plus I had a good night sleep for the first time in about a week which I was very thankful for! I know I said it yesterday but I just like being at home and I feel so much more relaxed. Earlier today I met up with my best friend for our last breakfast together for a while. It was hard to say goodbye to her because I know that there isn’t a definite date that I will see her next although I think she might be coming to a body shop event soon. She has been my best friend since year 10 and I’m so used to seeing her everyday so it will be so weird being in two different cities with two different lives. The rest of the day was spent catching up on work because I have been so busy and haven’t even had time to write or schedule any posts for next week. Spending a couple of hours on work has meant that I feel a lot more organised which is good and I have a lot of posts scheduled for over freshers so that I don’t have to worry. I am starting to look forward to doing some freshers which is completely out of character for me but I think it should be good. Im going to Manchester for a few days and I’ve booked tickets for the zoo party with my boyfriends flatmates which I’m excited about as I’ve heard a lot about it and I’m looking forward to it despite not being much of a party animal!  


I wasn’t even going to include this day as it doesn’t link to university but I am committed to writing a paragraph a day so heres a small summary (although I will feature it in its entirety as part of Hello October). We went to York for the day and I met up with my friend Ruby, who I have known for about 2 years but I have never met her. Which links to something that I wanted to touch on about university. Meeting her (and loving her!) made me realise that I can still make friends as that is something that I was so worried about. We spoke like we had been friends for years and I can genuinely say that when she moves up north next year she will become a ‘proper’ friend of mine. Talking to a new person for a long while and feeling really content in the situation made me feel so much more confident about next week where I will be meeting so many more new people and overall made me feel better about the whole ‘making friends’ aspect of university. 


So that was my first moving in post! Overall a really good first week and a lot better than I expected it to be to be fair, I thought I was going to be moaning and crying in every paragraph but actually I have surprised myself with how ‘fine’ I’ve been. I’m sorry that this one isn’t too photo heavy, I have been so busy moving in that I very rarely got my camera or phone out until my update… I’m going to try and make the next one include more photos though to break up the text a bit. If you have read this far then please give me some suggestions for other ‘moving in’ posts that you want to see, I know that a lot of people reading this will be interested in university content so I would like to make useful posts. 



  1. September 19, 2018 / 6:57 am

    Oh my, this sounds so scary but all so exciting too! Good luck with the settling in process – I can understand how strange it must feel to be by yourself in an entirely new city but I hope it gets better with time. Also looking forward to seeing the cooking posts. Xx
    Hebah |

    • torityreman
      September 19, 2018 / 9:30 am

      Thank you so much!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed and it is so scary (especially for such a homebird) but it is worth it I promise!

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