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I have been following Beth for a long time on Instagram and her blog is something that I always turn back to and make sure that I am caught up on. I love her raw content that is quite brutally honest at times, and not to mention how much she can make me laugh… specifically her Instagram stories which I think are almost famous in the lifestyle blogging world now! She has been on my ‘A chat with’ list for a long time (people I would love to work with on this series) so I was excited to talk to her when we decided to make this post. 

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As always from now on my text will be in bold and Beth’s text will be in regular font. 

First of all… how are you? Its a simple question to overlook considering we think we see so much of your life. 

I’m good thank you! I’ve just come back from holiday so catching up on emails and just boring work bits. I hate that feeling of coming back from holiday and reality hits you!

What made you start your blog? Was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day? 

It was quite a spontaneous decision. I was always a fan of reading blogs (people like Zoella) back in the day and I loved makeup so I decided to start a beauty blog. My best friend at the time also started one the same time as me but she never stuck at it but I did. I never thought I would but the passion never disappeared and I’m still doing it now! Before starting my blog I used to write mini makeup reviews in a notebook and print out images of the products and stick them on the paper almost as if it was a blog so it’s strange how I’ve ended up doing this now. From a young age I was always interested in makeup and fashion. Even as a little girl I’d never leave the house without a bag!

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What advice would you say to someone who is thinking of starting to have a social media presence or launch a blog?  

I have so much advice I could give. My main pieces of advice would be not to get caught up in how many followers you have because it can really take over and make you lose the passion for it. You don’t need to have millions of followers these days to make an impression on people and work with brands. Obviously it helps in reality, brands aren’t going to work with you if you have 1 follower but they are definitely starting to look at engagement more over number of followers. I don’t have millions of followers but I still have a very loyal audience who trust what I say, support me regularly and I always feel really lucky to have the following I do. Interaction is also key. Taking the time out of your day to reply to DM’s and answer questions is something I’ll continue doing because no one wants to feel ignored. I recommend Twitter to any new blogger starting out because it’s interactive and you can chat with people especially in the Twitter chats that take place weekly at certain times in the day. Also, have your email in your bio so brands can contact you easily. Over the last two years I’d say I have definitely built up a thicker skin and most of that is either down to blogging or being surrounded by arseholes! I’ve had times where I’ve said something perhaps in a tweet or in an Instagram story and it’s been taken the complete wrong way and blown out of context by some people just because they wanted a drama. I’ve had someone buy me followers out of spite, I’ve had to deal with a lot in this industry so far but I wouldn’t change it.

You have recently launched a new project, glow into style, which is so exciting! How long did the project take to set up and are you enjoying it? 

Yes I have! It was an idea I had about two years ago. I’ve always been business-minded and I love having my own money so I thought with my blog and the following I already have, I could start my own shop and perhaps it would be a success. It did take a while though – we had to find a platform to create the website, find someone to make the logos and I’m so picky when it comes to stuff like that. It had to be perfect and it took me ages to decide on a colour scheme that worked. Lots of thought went into it especially the name ‘Glow Into Style’. My followers know I love highlighter it’s become a bit of a tradition on my blog so I tried to choose a name with the word glow in it. Lately I haven’t been doing as much with the shop as I’ve been focusing on other things and I’ve been away so I’m looking to get lots of new stock in now. I do really enjoy doing it especially packing up the orders and sending them off. I love getting a notification saying someone has bought something.

How do you keep on top of everything and manage your time to fit both a business, blog and normal life in as well! 

Over the years I’ve got used to it. I tend to do my emails when I’m out a lot because I’m not always by my laptop and I don’t like keeping brands waiting. If a collab comes up or a good email, I like to reply more or less straight away if I can in case I miss the opportunity. Most of my holidays or places I go are consumed with me thinking ‘where I can get a good photo’ and my brain is constantly thinking of where I can get outfit shots or before a meal I have to take photos before everyone can eat! It’s quite funny so my family/friends are just used to it now. I only really surround myself with supportive people who support what I do because in the past I’ve been around the type of people who make little digs or put me down for it. There’s a difference between not understanding it/wanting to learn about it and also not taking the time to understand. Some people will just be ignorant about it and I don’t bother with people like that. My friends are really supportive of everything and help me take photos if I need them to and I know they’re super proud of every collab I do. One of my best friends recently came out with me and we spent the day taking lots of outfit photos/taking photos for collabs with brands I had lined up and it didn’t even seem like work because we spent the whole day laughing too.

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You talk a lot on your story about your relationships with *interesting characters* let’s say, how does it feel putting your boyfriend on social media when so many people are looking at your relationship? 

There has been quite a few interesting characters along the way yes! It’s funny because when I first started my blog it was purely just on my written website and I never showed my face let alone my voice! Then one day I just decided to do Instagram stories and I’ve never looked back since. I remember when I first posted a story I had so many messages about my accent because when you read someone’s blog you don’t hear their voice or see their personality so it was nice to hear everyone loved my personality and accent. I literally do show everything on there and I’m so open but I wouldn’t have it any other way. These days everything is so heavily edited and staged and I like to show my personality and ‘real life’ I guess. Break-ups happen, family dramas happen, periods, friendships end.. what you see is what you get with me on there. Part of that comes my relationships.

I’ve had plenty of experience with fuckboys and been hurt quite a lot…that’s been well documented! I do believe everything happens for a reason though and I’ve had a few lucky escapes. I decided to share my most recent break-up again but that was hard for me because you could tell it was still fresh and I was still upset. I shared it mainly because I wanted to speak to people in similar positions or just show people they aren’t alone if they’re going through it, plus I’m used to sharing my life so I didn’t really think twice about sharing it. It was hard because I had a lot of mixed opinions coming at me – some saying we were ‘goals’ and to sort it out, some saying to move on, it was hard which is why I haven’t shared any of my relationship since because I wanted to do what I wanted to do rather than being influenced by opinions.

I love your Instagram stories and I know that you have recently posted a few videos to YouTube, but which is your favourite platform to post on? Let’s say out of Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or your blog. 

Thank you! I’ve actually put the YouTube videos on private since because I didn’t really like them that much so I might in future start it up again. I would like to start vlogging at some point but we’ll see. I love Instagram mainly for the stories feature and I love the chats I have with my followers.

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What has been your favourite day of 2018 so far? 

Ooh this is a hard one. I really enjoyed my birthday – I was around all my favourite people, had a lovely meal and a night away in a hotel. I think that’s one of my favourite days!

What can we expect to see from your socials and blogging “career” in the future? 

I’ve got an exciting collaboration coming up with PrettyLittleThing which is so exciting. I love their clothes and I’ve ordered from them for years so to get an email from them made my day. By far the most exciting email I’ve had! I’m hoping to spend a lot more time on the shop too. I have nothing else planned really apart from carrying on what I’m doing already and just see what happens.

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I’ll have the final question as something beauty related as I talk a lot about beauty on my blog, which is your most holy grail beauty product?

I could talk about beauty for hours so I’ll keep it short! Probably my Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Tan because it makes me so much more confident. I do love a tan!

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So thats the interview! Thank you so much to Beth for wanting to take part and feature on the series, I loved getting the chance to talk to her and ask her some questions. 

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