The Great British Cupcakery

So this is the final instalment of blog posts that I have created from my Newcastle trip from a few weeks ago (click here to see the whole day). Whilst we were there we visited ‘The great British cupcakery’ and I fell so much in love that I couldn’t not share my experience in a whole review style post. We passed the great British cupcakery the day before and were thinking about visiting but after so many of you recommended it to me on Instagram we decided that we just had to go and it did not disappoint. This is going to be a very photo heavy post because when I was trying to cut them down I just couldn’t, as every single photo that I took just captured the amazingness perfectly. If you are like me and love all things pink and feminine then you are going to absolutely love this! 

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The Great British Cupcakery is in a very central location, just away from the quayside and right next door to the premier inn. If you are staying on the quayside or in the city centre then it is very easy to walk to and very easy to find. Just look for all of the pink! We noticed it the first time because of the huge balloon wall outside, which is honestly what all of my dreams are made of. If you remember back to my birthday party (click here), I had a pink sparkly theme so this was right up my street and the balloons looked absolutely fab. Apparently they were having a relaunch party a couple of days before and the balloons were part of the celebrations but they left them up for regular customers too. They looked so gorgeous and a really cool way to start the whole experience! 



When you walk in, I can honestly say that it is breathtaking. I genuinely think that it is the most ‘instagrammable’ place that I have ever been and wherever you turn there is something that you can take a photo of. The decor is crazy and you can tell that there has been such attention to detail when making the cafe, and it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. I could have spent hours taking photos of every little thing that I noticed, from the giant flower wall to the little jar of marshmallows. It is a wonderland of pink and I do think it is a magnet for bloggers and instagrammers because it was so so busy even though we visited on a weekday. We didn’t have to wait long for a table though and were seated right underneath a huge fake blossom tree that was inside the cafe… because thats completely normal! 


The great British cupcakery, Newcastle UK.The great British cupcakery, Newcastle UK.

So now onto the food and drinks, which when looking at all of the incredible decor is actually something that you forget about! Now this team know how to master their sweet treats however despite the name, they do actually have a quite extensive menu and I have heard that their afternoon tea is meant to be absolutely fantastic. We had already eaten so we opted for the dessert section of the menu, which obviously did not disappoint as it is what they specialise in. I had a brownie cupcake which actually featured a little brownie on the top and John (who can I add was not the biggest fan of the absolute pink wonderland however went along with it due to how happy it made me) had a salted caramel freakshake. Now all I can say is that is was absolutely fab but beware… everything is so sweet! I didn’t even finish my cupcake and we were both defeated by the great British cupcakery and their sweet overload. Perfect place to go if you have a super sweet tooth though! 


However my food/drink highlight has to be the pink latte, as it is so unique and I have never seen anything like it before. I was amazed when it came! It actually isn’t anything too special when you think about it but it just looks so fab that I couldn’t not get it and it fits the aesthetic of the cafe perfectly. They tint the milk to be a light pink colour when it is served, and then it comes with a little pot of espresso that you put into the latte once you have the perfect photo of it. I was so happy with the flatlay’s that I took but it didn’t take much effort when you are in such pretty surroundings. I would 100% recommend the pink latte as it is a bit of a novelty but it made me so happy… it truly is the little things!  


So that was my experience at ‘The great British Cupcakery’. I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos that I took and I would certainly recommend going if you are like me and love anything and everything that is pink. Definitely a fab place to visit and although it is a little more expensive that a typical coffee shop I do think that it is worth it purely for the experience that you get. 

If you want to find out more about The great British Cupcakery then click here to be redirected to their website.  




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