Moving to university- Part 3

First of all, if this is the first post of this series that you have read then I would definitely recommend reading part 1 and part 2 first… just to get some backstory on this crazy adventure. To be fair I cannot believe the amount of support that I have had on the first few posts in this series and I didn’t expect it at all, turns out there are a lot more people who feel like I do when it comes to university. Not going to lie, I have had a pretty hard 2 weeks but I am going to try and make this week very positive and productive, because it is my induction week for the course. I am so excited to be seeing a lot more familiar faces this week because it is really helping me to cope right now, and I have a lot of exciting plans that I can’t wait to share, it sounds like it is going to be a fab week as long as I stay positive! New week and a new mindset. 


I woke up today and I was determined to make today a positive day, as you have probably gathered from the introduction. I had a good nights sleep for the first time in ages, woke up pretty early and made myself a coffee. I feel like doing tasks like making myself a coffee and not just being lazy are really helpful when setting in and establishing a new routine away from home. Last night I watched some videos on the law of attraction and speaking to the universe (it sounds really far fetched and random but if you don’t know what it is I urge you to research it). I do think that watching and learning more about it has helped me in some way and this week I’m going to focus on changing a lot of my negative thoughts into some more positive ones. I genuinely think its working! Today I had my first induction lecture, which quite frankly was not useful at all but it was cool to see inside one of my lecture theatres that I will be spending a lot of my time in over the next 3 years. I also met some nice people that are quite like me, and I can genuinely see myself getting along with. I had a bit of a wobble this evening and I am pretty scared about tomorrow night but I know that I have the option to go home if I need to, which is making me feel a lot better knowing I have a choice if I need it. Overall today has 100% been a more positive day and I hope this week continues this way. 



I didn’t sleep very well so I woke up pretty tired but I was still determined to make the day positive, and that started by actually getting out of bed at a respectable time and going food shopping. I walked to morissons, which luckily is very close to my flat, to get a big shop because I have both my best friend and my boyfriend staying with me over the next week… I need a lot of food! That was actually the first time I had ever been proper food shopping on my own and it was actually so much fun, although I know that the novelty will soon wear off. It was lovely and quiet because not many students think to do their food shopping at 9am in freshers week but we all know I’m not normal at this point, and I loved it being quiet! I think actually just getting up and being productive early was very beneficial to me because I am most motivated in the morning and I don’t want that trait to leave me just because I’m a student now. Today was my first full day of induction sessions, it was very very long and very very boring but overall useful. I got talking to a few new people today, which was really nice and I’m starting to make some good connections I think. I have still had my moments and some setbacks today, it hasn’t just changed overnight but I am definitely in a more positive frame of mind. One of the big things is that I haven’t cried today! It seems like something so small but I have literally cried everyday for the past week, so its definitely a step in the right direction. 


Today is one of my day’s off, which I’m already thankful for and we haven’t even started the course! My best friend Emily is coming today and I haven’t seen her in weeks so I’m so excited to catch up with her as I have genuinely missed her, I think 3 weeks is the longest we haven’t seen each other since being friends. Plus I get to show her my new city! She isn’t here yet but I don’t want to be writing when I’m seeing her, but I’m sure I will fully update you tomorrow. Tonight we are starting by going to an exciting blog even at the body shop to share their Christmas collection and then out nightclubbing with some of my new friends. Lots of the people who I have been talking to the last few days are also going so it will be good to properly go out with them and talk to them more, whilst still feeling more comfortable because Emily is here. I can’t wait! The actual day so far has been productive, despite the incredibly long lie in that I had. I did some cooking before Emily is going to arrive, caught up on some blog work and tidying the flat. I actually really enjoy cooking in my flat, most people hate the typical ‘domestic’ chores like cooking and cleaning but I love it, I’m weird and secretly 82! I have also been sorting out a lot of blog opportunities today, which is so exciting. As far as brands go it has been so dead recently so its nice to see some opportunities lining up in the runup to Christmas. They are like buses, they either never come or they all come at once! 



Im going to start by talking about last night and then we will move onto today. The blog event wasn’t the best that I have ever been to but the night out was fab and I had such a good time. The nightclub (space in Leeds) was so busy so we didn’t stay there all night but the time I was there was really good, and I stuck with a really good group which I was happy about. We all ended up back in my flat at like 3am eating garlic bread, which is 100% my idea of fun. This morning I said goodbye to Emily, who is now on her way back to Hull, and I went off to yet another induction lecture. Once again it wasn’t particularly useful but I got to meet with my personal tutor, which is actually pretty helpful. She seems really nice and very approachable which is good! I had a 3 hour gap between lectures so I decided to be productive, come back to the flat and clean my room because after hosting drinks last night at mine it was very messy and there was a lot of washing up to do! I am so thankful that my week is now over as I have this Friday off, which is perfect timing after the week that I have had. I deserve a long weekend! The best bit is that I am typing this on a coach to Manchester to surprise my boyfriend, he thinks he is seeing me tomorrow but I am actually going a night early. He hasn’t had the best week either so a few little white lies later and I think that I have been able to successfully surprise him, well hopefully anyway! I think it will be a nice thing to do and cheer him up a bit, plus with the week that I have had I think I need a bit of cheering up too.  Overall today I have been so much more positive though but thats because I haven’t been homesick, as I have been seeing a lot of familiar faces. I think next week will be the real test when I am back on my own after seeing everyone that I love. 



So last night turned out to be rather hilarious, because my boyfriend was actually planning to surprise me as well! We *nearly* ended up in two different cities which would have just been the cherry on top of the cake of this week really! We are both back in Leeds now though and we have had a super chilled out day, which is just what I needed. I had a huge lie in, tidied the flat because we cooked last night and did none of the dishes, made some food and I even had a little nap in the middle of the day, absolute domesticated bliss. Theres nothing really to report from today as I have no lectures (thankfully) but tonight we are going out again as it is the Leeds freshers finale. I’m sure I will update you tomorrow with how it was as always, but so far I am looking forward to it as I really enjoyed my night out on Wednesday, and it will be a nice way to end this week, plus Im looking forward to John meeting some of the friends that I have made because I have met his group but he hasn’t met mine. 


Well last night wasn’t what I expected at all, as we ended up not going out clubbing because John isn’t very well and didn’t fancy going out when he feels rotten, which makes sense. As much as I feel bad for him being poorly, I secretly wasn’t disappointed about the fact we weren’t going out and instead we could cuddle up under all the blankets and watch TV all night. Today we have got some work done (the university work has started already and I’m not even there yet!) and we went into town to pick up some things that we needed, including more food and a cable to sort out my broken printer! Overall another chilled day but I do think that is what I need because I’m feeling under the weather myself and I think that the last few weeks are just fully catching up with me. I am already dreading tomorrow and the thought of going back to uni on Monday.



So freshers flu is definitely a thing and I have felt horrendous the past 12 hours, they were not joking when they said its not nice! So today I am feeling achey, tired and I’m coughing up my lungs every 2 minutes… plus my boyfriend has just left for another week apart so I’m just feeling fab! No seriously though, I was trying to keep everything in this weeks post positive and upbeat but that is just not happening right now, although we did get to the last day until I started moaning. I am feeling incredibly sorry for myself and I’m looking forward to going home for a few days, have a big hug from my nan, a long soak in the bath and endless cups of tea to stop my throat from burning… honestly I’m a right wimp.

So that was my induction/freshers week. I’m certainly feeling a lot more positive in comparison to last week and I am hoping that next week continues like this. That being said, I think that next week is going to be hard because I am back being on my own and I m hoping that the negative feelings don’t creep back in. I am feeling a lot less emotional this week but I am still very much in two minds about what I want and whether university is actually for me, despite being quite an academic person. Thank you so much for reading this, as always, and for supporting this series so much. Like I said earlier I am blown away by the amount of support that I have received about how I have been feeling. Remember that my messages are always open if you are feeling a similar way and want someone to chat to. 


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