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I haven’t been following Cara for very long but I absolutely love her content and knew that she would be a perfect fit for my A chat with series, so when she wanted to be featured I was very excited. She is in the year below me and is currently taking her A levels, so her advice will be so useful for the fellow students among my audience. Her tips and tricks are fab! 

As always from now on my text will be in bold and Cara’s will be in regular font.

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What made you start your blog? Was it planned or a spontaneous decision one day? 

I’ve always loved writing; I have so many notebooks at home filled with scribbled stories and journals! I didn’t have any social media accounts except Facebook until I was 14 or 15 but as soon as I set up Instagram I was hooked – literally a few minutes later I set up another account, because I’d decided I wanted to become a blogger! I spent the whole of that day setting up my blog and Instagram and creating a logo…I loved it. At first I originally planned to focus on graphic design and photography, whereas now I focus more on writing, with a little bit of photography and graphic design thrown in; I love the constantly evolving process of finding where I fit in the blogging world. 

Your GCSE results are crazy… do you have any advice on how to tackle the new grading system? I was the last year of letters and I don’t even want to consider how hard a 9 must be! 

Ahh thank you! First and foremost, be organised! Know exactly what you need to know and if you miss any school, talk to your teachers or friends about what work you need to catch up on. As well, when you start revising, start with the topics or subjects you struggle most with – you’ll then have more time to look over it and not have to panic-learn all of the content the night before the exam, because you’ve put off going over it for so long!

How do you manage your blog alongside studying and other life commitments? 

Blogging is a form of enjoyment for me, a way to relax instead of just another chore to do – I try to maintain a ‘hobby’ mentality towards it. It’s hard to balance regularly uploading posts and studying for A Levels but I do tend to use blogging as a reward for doing my homework: I’ll tell myself to read 3 chapters of The Great Gatsby for instance, then when I’ve finished that I’ll allow myself to do some writing! If I’m not feeling in the mood to write, I won’t, as I want writing for my blog to always be fun and I think not putting any pressure on myself in that way makes sure that I create the best content I can. 

Do you enjoy sixth form? What is your favourite subject?

I honestly can’t express how much I love sixth form. I’ve always been the girl who loves school but I’m really lucky to have good friends and teachers and enjoy all my subjects; even though I have another year left I know already I’m going to be so sad to leave! I take Geography, English Literature and English Language for A Level and I love studying them all, but my favourite would be one of the Englishes (is that a word?!)

If you could have chosen another subject on top of the ones that you study, which one would you have chosen?

I would have loved to have carried on with Spanish, although my school doesn’t offer it at A Level so maybe Philosophy? I feel like it would complement my other subjects well, particularly English Lit. 

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What is your biggest tip for someone going into year 12 this year? 

Buy a lot of lever arch files, biros and refill pads – you’re going to need them! Again, make sure for each subject you know what you need to know, but also (unlike at GCSE) read around your subject. It probably sounds surprising, because A Levels will hold the hardest academic content you’ve ever come across before, but relax a little bit too; you’re in a weird phase of your life between major exams, and there are so many new opportunities like learning to drive and partying, so make sure you focus on other stuff too 😉

From reading your blog i can see that you like to travel (your Berlin trip looked amazing!) but where is your favourite place that you have been to?

This is hard, I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing places! Berlin was lovely, but I also loved New York and Rome… I don’t know! I couldn’t decide – I’ve never been to a place and disliked it. 

If time/money wasn’t an option then where would be the first place you would travel to? 

I’m currently planning a tour of Italy and Switzerland which will hopefully come to fruition next year but I just can’t wait to go, so definitely there!!  I’d also love to visit Prague, Vienna and San Francisco. 

What has been your favourite day of 2018 so far? 

So many days spring to mind! Sledging with my family in winter, singing and dancing along to Mamma Mia 2 very enthusiastically in the cinema with all my best friends, strolling along the streets of Den Haag with my camera in one hand and a croissant in the other, celebrating the end of school – I’ve had so many incredibly fun days. Anything with family, friends and food is bound to be good!

I talk a lot about beauty on my blog so we will have the last question as something beauty related…What is your holy grail beauty product? 

I’m afraid my answer isn’t going to be very interesting, but I can’t go a day without wearing powder. My favourite at the moment is Collection’s Pressed Powder (cheap, but it does the trick!) because it mattifies my face as well as giving a tiny little bit of coverage, which is great for evening out my skin tone. 

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So thats the interview! Thank you so much to Cara for wanting to feature, and I hope that you have enjoyed this post as much as I did. If you want to look into her content further then click below to be redirected to her social media pages and blog. 





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