Moving to university- Part 4

So this is my final post in my 4 part series about how I have honestly found moving to university, and I am so glad that the response so far has been so positive. I am going to listen to your feedback and create a lot more university content over the next few months as people seem to love it and it really helps people, which is what I love and why I started my blog in the first place. This is going to document the first proper week of my lectures and university life, and I’m going home in the middle of the week (which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT) so I think this post is going to be more focused on the academic side of things. I am excited to actually experience a proper lecture for the first time and not just the induction ones, and I also want to take some more photos this week as I know that this series has been very text heavy. I have had a few DM’s wanting me to take a photo inside the lecture theatre, so ill try and do that this week. I am spending a few nights on my own this week too and we all know how that went last time (if not then I would get caught up!) so I’m intrigued to see if I have made any progress in settling in. 

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First of all, how good is it that the 1st of the month starts on a Monday? I don’t know why that made me so satisfied this morning when I opened my diary but it did… and weirdly it made me feel more positive as it is a new week, a new month and a fresh start to make this month better than the last one! Today I had my first proper lecture, which was actually amazing and I’m really excited to continue with the course. The lecture was politics and it was based on political theory and thought, which I find really interesting. I can’t wait to start the reading list and learn more about how politics is shaped, and I actually have another lecture tomorrow for the same module. I found the other lecture of the day (philosophy) quite confusing but I think thats because I have never studied philosophy before, but I found the concept I learnt about interesting and I look forward to actually understanding it more as right now I’m clueless. Tonight I have no plans but I’m very excited to put my jogging bottoms on, get some work done and chill out. I’m absolutely full of cold (freshers flu is 100% a thing) so I think I’m going to treat myself to a takeaway and watch another episode of the Shane Dawson and Jake Paul series, which sounds like a pretty good night to me. 


My lectures didn’t start until 4pm today so I had the whole morning to lounge around and just do some work, which was much appreciated considering I very much have freshers fu which isn’t good at all. I have spent the majority of the morning eating leftover pizza and getting a lot of blog work done. I have actually started planning and drafting blogmas which is crazy! My lectures were actually really good today, the first one was an extension on what I studied yesterday and then I had my first economics lecture (with 650 others may I add, which was a slightly mental experience), which I was obviously excited about as if you know me you will know just how much I love economics. I can’t wait to start studying it more but I was not happy to hear that I have a 3 hour exam in May which sounds like it will potentially be the most painful experience of my life so far. My lectures finished at 6pm, which I find so late as someone who used to finish sixth form at 4pm at the latest, but I walked straight to the train station as I’m going home! I’m currently on the train back home and I know it hasn’t been very long (some people I know haven’t even been home once yet) but after a couple of days I am 100% ready for a night at home, and considering I have no lectures tomorrow it made sense to go tonight. I can’t wait for a good cup of tea, a long soak in the bath and my bed… as that is exactly what is going to cure this freshers flu I think. 



Today has been my first full day at home in SO LONG and it was fab to wake up and fall asleep in the same place for once! I had a long lie in (nothing better than sleeping in your own bed at home) and then had a slow morning getting ready and doing all them little jobs that I have been putting off for weeks, such as cleaning my makeup brushes. Me and my grandparents went out for lunch in our local pub which I absolutely loved, as I haven’t had any proper pub grub in ages and I have missed it. I’m still feeling pretty rotten from freshers flu so I had a big roast dinner and it definitely made me feel better, as it is just such a homely meal and something that I definitely wouldn’t be eating at university. Me and my nan then went to get our nails done, and of course I had to go pink glitter to honour mean girls day, which has been all over social media and I thought that I might as well wear pink in some form… plus they look fab too! Im just so happy and content with being at home with my family, but although I am gutted about going back tomorrow I am excited for the weekend too. 



Back to Leeds and back to lectures today! I’m having a night in Leeds on my own tonight and I don’t really have any plans, so right now I am laid in bed in my pyjamas, getting caught up on youtube and just generally living my best life. This morning was really hard as I had to leave my nan, and we both ended up crying which wasn’t what we planned to do! Its just so hard leaving people that you love after a good couple of days spending time with them, especially if you are going somewhere where you don’t particularly want to be. My lectures were good though and the day definitely did get better, as I am really enjoying my lectures (especially the politics ones). I then did a huge food shop as I haven’t done a ‘big’ shop since I moved in, so I went to pick up all of the essentials (and when I say essentials I mean pasta and noodles!). Due to having a night off I thought I would do some proper cooking and actually practice a new recipe, as one of my goals is to actually get good at cooking. I made a risotto, and it was the first time I have ever made it, but I am so happy with how it turned out and I think I might make it for my boyfriend later on in the week. I definitely think I’m going to do a student meal blog post and share the recipe, so please let me know if that is something that you are interested in. 


Today has been my first productive day in ages and I love it. I had a bit of a lie in as my lectures didn’t start until 11, then I had 2 classes so I finished at 1pm. The first lecture was maths and I absolutely hated it, but that is expected because I hate maths in general! However, the second seminar made the day as it was probably my favourite lesson so far on the course. I love politics and I love finally being able to study it, and I can’t wait to delve really into the course next week. My lessons finished at 1pm so the rest of the day I have spent working, writing up some lecture notes and doing my maths homework. Right now I’m currently waiting for my boyfriend to get here as he is staying for the weekend and I am SO EXCITED. I’ve made meatballs and spaghetti for when he arrives and we are also going out clubbing later, which will be the first time he has been out in Leeds, so I am so excited. Right now is just a waiting game until he arrives, so I’m using the time to get some little tasks done like my emails (and writing this!).



Last night was so much fun, and it was definitely better than I expected. I had never been to the union nightclub before but it was actually lots of fun… especially the cheesy hits room! Today we had a lie in because we didn’t get back to the flat until 3am, but we have actually made the day productive. I got a lot of blog work done and we also got some outfit photos for a brand deal that is going live in a week or so, plus I have started blogmas posts (which makes me so so excited!). We aren’t going out tonight so I’m going to make some food and then get my pyjamas on. I’m so excited to get tucked up into bed and watch some more Sherlock, I’m definitely a grandma at heart! I like nightclubbing now and again but a chilled snuggly night in is definitely where my priorities lie.  



So this morning I had to say goodbye to John for another week, which just isn’t fun. I know that its our lives for at least the next 3 years but my god its hard. I’m used to seeing him at collage everyday and then spending the whole summer together, and then it goes from that to seeing each other 2 days a week if that. It feels like it has been such a short weekend because we met late on Friday and then left each other early Sunday, so it hasn’t even been a whole weekend. Its shit but I’m trying to stay positive and next week we are having a lot longer together which I am so excited about, and he has planned a surprised date afternoon which I’m looking forward to. A good thing that happened today is that my dad came to visit me, and I haven’t seen him for nearly a month now so it was nice to see him. He’s actually never been to Leeds so I showed him round the city centre, as well as my flat and the general campus. He left about 5, so I walked back from the coach station where I dropped him off, then came back to the flat. I’m on for my own now until my lectures tomorrow so I’m going to do some lecture preparation before tomorrow, and then get an early night. I can’t believe I am on week 3 of lectures already, its crazy! 

So thats it. I can’t believe that I have documented a whole month of my life, and its going to be fab to read back in a few months or years down the line. It has been one big rollercoaster of ups and downs but I hope me being quite raw and honest has helped people. Even if I have helped one person feel less alone, it has definitely made it worth it. Do not worry though, this is not the last of my university content because I have been planning a lot of things that I want to create and share linking to university. Let me know if you have any requests and ill definitely try and write them! 


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