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Boohoo is one of my all time favourite fashion brands and I have been shopping there for years, so when an email landed in my inbox earlier this month I was so excited. I am so happy that a brand I genuinely love and use want to work with me, and I am honoured to have a brand deal with them on IndigoRosee. It still blows my mind that such big brands like boohoo actually want to work with me, like what?! 


Boohoo have a whole section on their website dedicated to students and student fashion, which really appeals to me as I am a student at the university of Leeds. Freshers week especially is a time where you do need quite a lot of clothes, as there are a lot of events where you need ‘going out’ outfits for and also I really wanted to look my best because you are meeting lots of people. I think that if I am wearing something that I love and feel myself in, I end up being more confident around others. So treating yourself to a few new outfit pieces is a perfect way to start the semeste. Thats where boohoo and their student meal deal comes in. With the meal deal, you can buy 3 items of clothing (a pair of shoes, a dress and a bag) for just £30, which is ideal when you are on a student budget as you can get a whole outfit for such a cheap price. Gone are the days when you don’t know what to wear for a night out! 

I got to choose 3 pieces from their website as part of the meal deal, and then create an outfit diary post with them. Obviously you could style these into the same outfit (or pick different meal options) but I thought to give you more choice and show some different ways you could style them, as they are all such versatile pieces and good for both lectures and a night out. First I think it would make sense to show which products I chose out of the collection, so that you can spot them in the next few outfits and also have a nosey at them on the website if you like what you see. They are all a bit different to my usual style but I really like them all and will definitely be wearing them to both lectures and nights out in the coming months. 

Grey t-shirt dress (click here)

Rose gold sliders (click here) 

Silver cross body bag (click here)


Outfit 1 

I think that this is a perfect night out outfit as it is such a good mix between casual and dressy, and it also looks like you have made a lot more effort than you actually have. I was really shocked with how causal nights out are in university cities as in my hometown everyone really dresses up and then in Leeds people go for nights out in such casual outfits. This outfit features the grey T-shirt dress, which is probably my favourite piece that I ordered from boohoo, as you can easily dress it up or dress it down and I can see myself wearing it loads as it is such a staple piece. I was shocked when I first tried this on and it was a midi dress (I was expecting something above the knee), as usually I do not wear that style, but actually I really like it. This definitely wouldn’t be a midi dress on everyone, I’m just quite short (5ft5) and it goes to just below the knee on me. I paired this with a fake Gucci belt from Primark to show my figure a little bit more because the dress is quite baggy, but if you are someone who wears a bumbag on a night out that could do the exact same job of bringing in the waist a little. I also put on my classic black heels from new look to give me some height, as I think that wearing heels (even small ones) always make dresses look better and change your posture. Overall this is such a good outfit for the days where you still want to show your legs but not be too revealing when its the winter months, as the top and most of your legs are covered. 


Outfit 2 

This is definitely the perfect outfit for when you are running to lectures, which maybe isn’t very practical for this time of year but will definitely be a staple when the weather gets a bit warmer again. Sometimes my lectures are next door to my accommodation, so I literally just throw on jeans, a t-shirt and a massive coat and leave the door. These sliders would be perfect to slip on for a quick lecture, plus they look really stylish with the rose gold detailing too. However, even though these shoes aren’t particularly practical when going into the winter months, I know that I will be using them all the time inside my accommodation as at the moment I am constantly wearing flip flops, and these look 10x better than the cheap primark flip flops that I have that are dropping to bits. I just throw them on to run to the bin room, or the laundry, other peoples flats or even to the common room. They are such a useful thing to pack for university even if you have no intention of wearing them outside of the flat! That being said I thought that sharing my pyjama and slider combination in the form of outfit photos would be a bit too far so I’ve paired this with my normal jeans from Topshop (the Jamie ones are my fave) and a black top from new look. My new coat is from new look and is my newest obsession… it feels like you are wearing a blanket in lectures! 



Outfit 3 

The amount of people that have messaged me about this outfit over the past fortnight is crazy and I think that it is a perfect time to share it as it has been my staple freshers outfit. My black skirt is from boohoo (I told you I love that shop!) and I honestly wear it on every night out, as it is the perfect black skirt that is not too long and not too short, and is a thick enough material to not feel like everyone can see everything! I paired it with this bandeau top from newlook, which is very much out of my comfort zone usually but I do absolutely love it and it will definitely become a top that I wear on nights out because not only does it look amazing but it is also so cool in clubs when it is so hot and sticky. Due to the top being so small, I always pair it with this shirt dress open over the outfit, so I have a bit of warmth when I’m walking to the club but equally its small enough to take off when I get there. This outfit also features this beauty of a bag from boohoo, which I absolutely love and will be taking on every night out from now on. It is the perfect size for your essentials (I can fit my purse and my phone it in) and it is also crossbody which is SO MUCH safer for nights out as you are less likely to get your possessions stolen. The silver is not what I would usually go for but I really like it and it really reminds me of having a night out, I can’t wait to wear it next time I go clubbing. 


So thats the post! Thank you so much for the team at boohoo for sending over some items and wanting to work with my in the first place, as it is honestly one of my favourite collaborations yet. I hope that boohoo will be featuring on my blog more in the coming months as I am loving posting fashion content at the moment! If you want to check out the meal deal where the outfit came from then click here to be redirected to the boohoo student hub, which is a fab website for amazing clothes but on a tight budget. I would 100% recommend it. 

This post was sponsored by Boohoo and some of the products are gifted but all opinions and photos are my own (as always). 


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