The Mind of Jake Paul- My opinion.

This isn’t my regular style of post but after my review on the Jeffree Star series quickly becoming in my top 3 most viewed posts of ALL TIME, I thought it would make sense to share my opinion on the new Jake Paul series. The last episode ended a few hours ago, so I think this is the quickest I have ever turned a blog post round, but I have been writing down my opinions after each episode and I can’t wait to share them. If you don’t know what I am going on about, have you been living under a rock? Shane Dawson (who is the youtube king at this point and nobody can deny it) created an 8 part series on the mind and world of Jake Paul, where he films his crazy life in an attempt to find out why he is like he is. This series was the most controversial one that he has done so far, and I think although it has had a lot of strengths, it has also had a fair number of weaknesses which has led to a bit of a social media shitstorm. 

As a little warning… this is going to be a very long and a very text heavy post. 

This isn’t like the Jeffree Star series where I like Jeffree before and I liked him after, as my initial opinion on Jake was not good in the slightest. And I am not in the minority for thinking this as so many people have such negative opinions on the Paul brothers because of what they have done and brought to the internet over the past few years. I have never subscribed to either of them but I thought that they were young kids doing dumb shit on camera for fame and money… which to be fair I still think is the basis behind Jake Paul’s whole career. I don’t like that he appeals to such a young audience and is teaching impressionable children that setting things on fire and doing dangerous pranks is okay, when quite frankly if you don’t have the status that he has you cannot do 90% of the things he does without severe consequences. When I started watching the series I said that it would take more than Shane to change my opinion. But thats what Shane does amazingly, not many people like Jake Paul yet everyone is hooked on this series and that is all down to the phenomenal way that he films and edits his videos. Throughout this series I have changed my mind a million tines, and go from having more respect for Jake to hating him again to changing my mind once again. It takes a lot to change my opinion but if anyone was going to do it, it was going to be Shane. 

The whole series has been focused around the idea of sociopathy, which I find so fascinating and very interesting to learn more about it (plus I never knew that 1 in 25 people are a sociopath, that statistic scared the shit out of me). Obviously the idea of the psychologist featuring in the series has been very controversial and has sparked a lot of opinions, and I personally think that it was a bad move, especially considering the psychologist shane chose does not specialise in sociopathy. I think chatting to the psychologist was necessary at the beginning of the series (especially considering the whole series is based around sociopathy) but I’m not sure why she needed to be there for the meeting, and I really don’t think it needed to be such a big deal. But then I think that this leads to a bigger issue, which is that I don’t think the series should have been surrounding sociopathy, as although I am interested in the topic I don’t think that the whole series should have been focused on it. I feel like instead it should have been linked to the idea of the rivalry between family members and the effects of that, or even a similar idea to the Jeffree Star series and just be ‘the world of Jake Paul’ and see where it goes. Overall I think that the sociopathy idea was fab in theory but not so good in practice. 

My favourite episode was the enemies one (part 4) as I found it so interesting to hear the side of the story from Nick Crompton. I really like his character and I think that this episode revealed the most about the team 10 house and answered a lot of questions that I wanted to know. I think one of the key things that surprised me was that everyone actually lives in the team 10 house, as I just presumed that it was more like a set for filming and working, but then everyone left to go back to their homes at the end of the day. It must be a very intense environment actually living and working in the same house, with not only people who are working with you but also your girlfriend and your father. It definitely explains why so many people have left over the years! I didn’t realise that Jake was so young, he’s only 21 and that is a massive responsibility to have so many people working for you and relying on you, plus also living with you. There would be no escape and I imagine that to be very hard. 

This leads onto my next point very nicely, which is Jake Paul’s family. I think that Greg Paul has a lot to answer for when it comes to why both Jake and Logan are like they are. From birth they have had very pushy parents that have instilled a competitive attitude between them, and also the mindset for always push for more. Now I don’t think these are bad traits and I think its good to teach your children to try and better themselves and improve, but there is the way that “normal” parents teach their children that, and then there is the way that the Paul’s do it. Its not healthy to constantly pick a favourite son and make them compete for your approval from birth, and also be very controlling in the process. Greg still lives in the team 10 house and Jake is 21, and I’m not sure what that says but I do know it says something about how controlling the whole situation is. Nick Compton said it himself, as soon as Greg Paul got involved is when people started leaving. That being said, a bad childhood can never excuse some of the things that both him and Logan have done over the years. Upbringing can obviously change a person and their personality but morals still remain, and it doesn’t allow for the illegal activities that have been committed. You cannot set fire to things (and plenty of other risky activities) and then blame it on childhood. There is still a distinction between right or wrong in my opinion and the Paul’s need to accept that regardless of their upbringing.

The Alissa Violet (part 7) episode was definitely the one that shocked me the most, but to be fair I wasn’t surprised at what was said. It just proves that what you see is easily manipulated into what Jake and his team want you to see, and what gives them views and therefore money. The fact that Jake and Alissa were never actually together yet so over 10 million people though they were blows my mind, they even had merchandise with their ship name on it yet they were never actually dating. It just shows that you can never believe what you see even if you think that they are being genuine. As Alissa put it… team 10 is a business and the members are the pawns in both Jake’s and Logan’s giant game that started from the day that they were born. I personally wouldn’t have done some of the things Alissa did with Logan as its just basic respect and morals, but to be fair Jake clearly wasn’t showing her any respect and she knew that that was the one thing that would hurt him. I see why she did it and I don’t hate her for it, it just wouldn’t have been my personal move.

I think that this leads onto to the relationship between Jake and Erika. After part 5 I was sure that they were truly together and had genuine feelings for each other, but after the Alissa violet episode it made me question everything again. If you can basically fake a 2 year relationship then you can do it again, and it definitely makes me question the integrity and truthfulness of what Jake is doing in regards to Erika. We have only seen a few minutes of their relationship and I’m not sure whether they would be like that off camera, because as we have established it is very easy to deceive the audience. The Erika relationship could be the same as the Alissa phase and we will not know until its over. That being said I hope that it is genuinely real as it does seem like they are both happy, and I think a relationship with someone like Erika is helping/would help Jake.  

The last episode that aired tonight was obviously the biggest one and I think it answered a lot of questions. Firstly I loved that it was more raw and unedited compared to the other ones, which I loved and I think that it was the best way to end the series. One thing I would say is that I’m not sure that it should have been that long, and I wish it was split into 2 parts. I’m glad that I sat down and properly watched it, because it closed the series very well and I liked how much he answered and how nothing (in my opinion) was missed off. I think what I learnt form watching the Alissa episode first and then the Jake episode is that there are 2 sides to every single story, and everyone is effected by every situation. Like what Shane said, everyone has done such good things and such terrible things that in the long run they all equal out to each other and can’t say anything for the risk that something bad they have done will become the response and cause even more problems. 

So now for my final opinions on Jake. I overall don’t like him and he doesn’t help himself, he thinks that he is above the law and there are so many things that he could do to change peoples perceptions of him. I hope that agreeing to do this series was one of them and he will begin to change some of his ways and actually grow up a bit, although I don’t think he will stop doing dumb shit anytime soon as that is his brand and why people like him. That being said, he played the youtube game and he played it well, and whilst I certainly don’t agree with his content he has built up a career and a very luxurious lifestyle so it is clearly working. I think that he is a young guy who was subject to fame too early in his life, and he used his wealth to build the team 10 house in order to mask that fact that he was actually suffering and didn’t have a loving family. He tried to make the family he never had with the money that he accumulated from trying to prove himself to his family. 

Is he a sociopath? I don’t think so. The last episode shows that he does have some sort of feelings and, although he might block them out a lot, I don’t think for one minute that he is actually a sociopath. I think that Logan has more sociopathic tendencies (he even said it himself) and Jake doesn’t want to be any less famous or rich then his brother, so has followed in Logan’s footsteps. They have been socialised from a very young age to be in a constant competition with each other (thanks to their dysfunctional parents), which you can clearly see has led to the whole situation spiralling out of control because they are always trying to make one video better than the last one. 

So thats my review, and I do apologise for this being so long but I got really into sharing my opinions as I love Shane’s series. I am so glad that Shane gave him a platform despite all of the controversy, hate and the risk that it entailed. I love his content and I will definitely do a review if and when he brings out anymore. Overall I didn’t enjoy this series as much as the other ones that he has done but I do think that he pushed the boundaries because it was a very controversial series. I think that the series started off quite slowly, and I think overall it as dragged out a lot. It could have easily been condensed into a 5 part series like Jeffree Star was instead of the full 8 parts. I also wish that Jake was featured before part 5, because again it felt very dragged out and I think he could have easily been featured in part 3.  That being said it was a fab series and I am glad that Shane did it, the amount of time he poured into that series is commendable (even down to the real time edits) and I can’t wait to see what the next personality will be. What I can say is that it has changed my perception of Jake, I still wouldn’t subscribe as it is not my style of content but equally I don’t think that he is as much of a demon as people think he is. I hate to say that my opinion has changed for the better! The only downside is that have had 6 figures stuck in my head for over a week and I can’t see it leaving anytime soon. 


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