Ways to make your university room feel like home

I have been at university about 6 weeks now, but I wanted to actually spend time in my accommodation and see what was useful (and what wasn’t) before I wrote this post, as I feel like I have some experience now and can give some more useful advice. I do think that I have found some good tips to make your university room feel like home, and this post would be helpful not only if you are uni now and want to update your room, but also if you are moving to uni next year. It might feel like a long way off but you could start picking up some home decor bits now to save the mad rush when you are homeware shopping next august. Or you could just refer back to it when you need it! 

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I haven’t been shy about saying that I have had a very hard time settling into university, and I have been suffering from a lot of homesickness over the past few weeks. This has meant that I have done everything in my power to make my university room feel like home, in order to make me feel a bit better and more comfortable. It doesn’t matter how bad of a day I have had, I know that I can come into my flat, lock my door and it does feel like mine now. I love that! I’m so happy with my flat and I have had a fab time decorating it and making my space look how I want it to look. I’m not going to do a ‘room tour’, purely because this space is for me and I don’t want it all over the internet but I am so excited to finally show you snippets of my place. 

make your university room feel like home

Buying as many fairy lights as possible would definitely be one of my biggest tips to make your university room feel more like home. It is the key to creating a cosy evening environment, and turning them on makes the room feel instantly more comfortable. I have spotlights in my room so I either have to have them all on or all off, and there is no in-between, which isn’t good for the evening when you want to be able to see what you are doing but equally don’t want Blackpool illuminations in your room all night. I love turning on all of my fairy lights, as it makes my room look instantly prettier and more warm toned (which really gets me excited for the winter months and Christmas!) and they make me feel so much more relaxed compared to the bright spotlights. I would definitely recommend picking some up now if you are moving to university next year, because its near Christmas time the shops have so many in stock as part of their festive collections but they are quite hard to find in September! 



This is a pretty generic tip but make sure to get some photos printed out and put them on your walls! All university rooms have a cork board so utilise it, as we all know that you will never use it for revision notes. If you bring photos of your family and friends back home it is a fab way to reminisce and a good way to smile after a particularly hard day as you have all of your favourite memories on your walls. It definitely makes your university room feel like home instantly, as your home is right with you! I got these square photos from Prinitki (I have worked with them in the past and love them, but I bought these myself) and I used push pins to attach them to the cork board. I also have a print that the lovely Meg from DarceyStrangeways made for me and my best friend last Christmas. I have never been able to find a place to put it up until now, but I love being able to see it all of the time. I love this wall so much, and I still have half of the board to fill with university memories, and by the end of the year I hope to have a complete wall filled with memories. One of my biggest tips is to not only bring photos of your friends but of things in your life too, such as holiday photos and just general photos that aren’t of people. I brought some photos of when I went to disneyworld, and I think that it is a fab talking point because one of your new friends could see it and be like “Ooh you have been to disneyworld, me too!’ and then you have a whole new talking point in conversation that you wouldn’t have had before. 


This next one seems like quite a weird tip but I would definitely recommend it. I am so typically British and can’t live without a cup of tea, so I think that bringing nice mugs is such a nice touch to the uni room and something that shouldn’t be overlooked. My nan has always had pretty (and often funny) mugs at home for as long as I can remember so I really wanted to start my own unique mug collection to make my university room feel like home, plus I do think it makes drinking tea more fun in a weird kind of way. Its good to be on a budget when it comes to general crockery because it will just get smashed or be chipped (by yourself or your flatmates) but I do think it is a good idea to invest a bit more into your mugs. I love that all of mine are unique (they are all different animals) and no two are the same. It always makes me smile whenever I make myself a hot drink. My personal favourite is the sausage dog one as I have been going through a phase of adoring anything sausage dog related at the moment (after this post) so this is my favourite thing. Its better than a plain white mug from Ikea any day! 

make your university room feel like home

My shelves are my favourite part of my university room, so I knew that I needed to share them in this post. I wanted my room to be a space where all of my studying could be put out of sight, as I was conscious that if I am working and also living in the same room I will end up constantly consumed with studying and never able to get away from it, which is what I didn’t want. I love that I have been able to shut off all of my work in cupboards and drawers and then anything that is on show is pretty, and most importantly helps to make my university room feel like home . I can end the evening with no deadlines in sight and just cosy lights and pretty items. For these shelves I brought so many small items from home and things that used to be in my room for a bit of familiarity. It is so easy for a university room to not feel like yours and instead like a hotel room, so I think that bringing little things that actually were in your old room will help you to settle in and feel like it is your space. I have brought cards that my boyfriend and family wrote to me, lots of plants (as I love how they look) and some other little things that mean a lot to me. I love how they look and I know that I’m going to miss these shelves next year when I’m not in this flat!

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My last tip is to definitely bring your cuddly toy or other ‘comfort’ item from your childhood. I think that a lot of people don’t bring their cuddly toy to uni because they think its ‘childish’ or they don’t want their flatmates to see… but just ignore them. Most people have a cuddly toy or some form of ‘comfort item’ (I know some people have blankets) that mean a lot to them and have sentimental value, so take them! Trust me, even if you are the bravest person in the world and have no fears about moving away from home, there are going to be moments where you feel rotten and like you can’t do it. Having your cuddly toy there will bring a piece of home to you, and I can 100% say that it will make you feel at least a little bit better. This is Wilma the walrus, people in real life know her very well (she has kind of become a mascot at this point) but I think this is actually her internet debut on Indigo Rosee. Not only does she make a great walrus to cuddle on them nights where you are feeling particularly lonely, having a toy in the flat is also a fab talking point. There has been a fair number of drunk people in my flat after a night out that have fallen in love with her at first sight! 


I really hope that this post has helped someone, and offered some good tips and tricks to making your room feel and look more like home. I feel like these are quite generic tips but I did get to show snippets of my uni room and maybe gave some people inspiration for how to make your university room feel like home. Let me know if you have any more tips and tricks, as I’m still not fully settled even after about 6 weeks (I’m not sure I will ever be but thats a post for another day) so any tips would be gratefully received! 


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