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I did one of these posts back in July (click here) and it went down so well with my audience so I have been gathering up some of my favourite picks over the past few weeks to share again today. I think people are very intrigued by PR if they are not a blogger, and I can see why as I love reading posts like this and watching PO box videos as well (Tati from glamlifeguru are my fave). I joined Sharp talent agency in August who help me out with a lot of opportunities and brand work now, so am lucky enough to get a lot more sent to me than when I was just a one man band before. I’ve decided I am going to do a mini review of each, as sometimes there is not enough in one package to dedicate a whole post to it but I still want the opportunity to give brands credit. There are just so many exciting gifts that I want to share! 

I need to give a bit of a disclaimer before we start though. In case you are not familiar, blogger mail are products or services gifted by a brand to bloggers in return for social media coverage and often a review. Apart from the gift itself which has been given complimentary (without charge), I have not been paid in anyway further than that to write a positive review and therefore all of my opinions are 100% my own. The intention of this post is not to boast and instead it is to share all of the products and review them for my audience. 

I was invited to the AlexsilverPR event last month, but I couldn’t attend, so the team kindly sent me over some of their kiss lashes anyway. If you know me you know that I am a huge lash wearer (I used to wear them everyday) and it is my favourite step in my makeup routine, so I am very thankful to have some new ones to add to my collection. I seem to go through lashes so quickly because I wear them so often! These ones are fab as they are such a stacked voluminous style and the fibres seem very soft and fluffy, which is the sign of a very good lash. Plus they are fake mink, so not only do they look gorgeous but they are cruelty free as well. I haven’t tried them yet but I will definitely be positing a photo on my Instagram story when I wear them, so make sure to follow me over there if you haven’t already (click here). 


You will have seen me post about Identy beauty on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago, but they definitely deserve a mention in this blog post too as they are such a fab business. They sent me over a box with 3 of their products in (2 foundations and a concealer), and its very rare that I will love every product from a collection but I definitely do with this. One of the foundations is more of a light coverage and one is more of a medium coverage, and I prefer the medium coverage for this time of year but I’m definitely going to keep the lighter coverage one for when I go on holiday next summer, as it would make the perfect sheer finish for when you want just a little bit of coverage on holiday. The concealer is my favourite product in the collection though, I bought it in a lighter shade so not only is it perfect for highlighting my under eyes, it doesn’t crease like a lot of other concealers do on me. The packaging is something that really stood out to me as well because it looks so sleek, and when it catches the light it shines like a rainbow. All identy products are vegan, cruelty free and reasonably priced, plus you are supporting a new and upcoming brand. What is there not to love? If you want to check them out then click here to be redirected to their website. 


This next one isn’t technically blogger mail because I bought it myself but I am supporting one of my best blogger friends and I am a promoter for the business, so I think it works to mention it here. Bows Beauty is a little independent business that I discovered a few months ago and I have been supporting them ever since as I love the products that they create. Alyssa (click here for her a chat with from earlier this year) recently collaborated with them to create her own highlight, which I had to pick up. I love the consistency of the highlight as it is almost wet feeling and is different to anything that I have tried before, but I love it. My favourite thing is how it shines as there are so many different colours and reflectors running through it, it is honestly gorgeous and I would definitely recommend supporting both Alyssa and bowsbeauty. She has since brought out three other shades (two eyeshadows and a blush) so if you don’t fancy a highlight but do need some more makeup, definitely check out her products. All of the Alyssa collection have names that link to mental health as if you know Alyssa then you will know that she talks a lot about mental health on her Instagram, so I think this fits her branding so well and raises awareness for such an important topic. Plus if you use INDIGOROSEE at the checkout then you get 10% off, which would help me out too… click here to be redirected to the site. 


My god have I been treated by Pixi beauty recently. I could not believe when these parcels arrived at my door, as I have always seen the PR team send the best press releases to bloggers so I was so shocked when I started receiving them as well. It was a complete surprise but it turns out that I am now on their PR list, so I’m sure you will be seeing a lot more Pixi on my blog over the next few months. 


The first parcel was their entire collection of their mattelast liquid lipsticks… with 11 new shades I don’t think I will ever need to buy another lipstick again! I haven’t tried all of the shades yet but the ones I have tried I love, and the formula is great too. It is matte but comfortable on the lips, and lasts a good amount of time too. I would definitely recommend them, especially the nudes as there are so many good shades (although I’m biased because I wear a nude lipstick 99% of the time). I think my favourite thing about this press release though is the fact that you could make your own lipstick, and you could be in with a chance of having the shade made as an actual lipstick AND a trip to LA. Thats just the dream really isn’t it? I decided to make my classic pale brown toned nude, as its the type of shade I wear everyday and there wasn’t one in the collection already so I think it would make a fab addition. 


The second parcel I received from Pixi was their new toners. The glow tonic is such a cult favourite and I have definitely gone through a few bottles of it myself, so I was thankful to receive another one plus the two of their new additions to the collection. The first is the rose tonic, which will be perfect in the winter time as it is a calming formula whilst still balancing the PH, and the retinol tonic is aims to give your skin a more youthful and smoother appearance. I haven’t given them a proper try yet (apart from the glow tonic which I have had before) but I am so excited to try them and I’m sure I will report back with my opinion in a future post. With the amount of Pixi I have been lucky enough to receive recently (plus the products I loved before I was on their PR list), I might do a brand insight in the new year with some of my fave picks from the brand.  


So thats all of my favourite blogger mail that I have received recently, I am so lucky to have received such amazing parcels and I can’t wait to properly try them all in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to work with some of these brands again in the future! Let me know if you have tried any of these products yourself as I would love to know your opinions too! 

(The products featured in this post were gifted to me however, as always, all photos and opinions are 100% my own)


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