Hello November

Its so weird that we are now on the third year of “Hello posts’ and this is the 25th month of my life that I have documenting. How crazy is that?! This is going to be quite a short post as I have had a relatively chilled month with no crazy plans, which to be fair I have actually really enjoyed. It has been nice to focus on settling into university and my course, plus I have had the flu (thanks freshers) so I have spent a nice proportion of this month being poorly and croaking my way through life too.


So how is university going? I think I must have been asked this question a hundred times this month and honestly I’m really not sure. There are aspects that I like and there are aspects that I really don’t. I overall am enjoying my course and I love studying the subjects that I am taking, I definitely made the right decision with what course I have picked. I am still finding living away from home hard but I am coping with it in my own little way (basically coming home all of the time), but I think the biggest thing for me is the lack of structure at the moment. Its a weird adjustment going from an incredibly intense studying environment and 25 contact hours a week over A levels, to 8 contact hours a week and barely any work right now. I work best when I have a big to do list, so I do feel unsettled not having that at the moment. I don’t have the typical uni experience and I would rather put my energy into work and my blog than going out partying every weekend, but thats my personal preference. 


One weekend in October I went over to Manchester for the weekend, which I think I really needed. It was a very chilled and casual weekend but it also had a lot of productive moments too as we are both students after all and need to get work done. We explored the city more, had a nandos and I got to know John’s flatmates more as its only the second time that I have visited since he moved. I’ve been to Manchester a few times before over the past few years but I am only just starting to learn my way around, as it is not a familiar city to me and it is absolutely huge (its quite intimidating purely because of the size!). One of my favourite moments of the weekend was cooking for the whole flat as I have really been enjoying cooking at the moment and it was nice to cook a Sunday dinner for the international students who had never even tried a Yorkshire pudding before! I definitely not a typical student, at the time when I was cooking I was facetiming my best friend who was getting ready for a night out whilst I was cooking a roast for 6 people, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


I got to attend a lush event towards the end of this month, which was the reopening of the shop, included a tour of the spa and also a sneaky look at the new Christmas collection. Everyone knows that this is the best time of year at lush! It was a fab event with live music playing and you could even make your own bath bomb. I particularly enjoyed the tour of the the spa area and now I am really lusting after one of their treatments now as they all look so fab. Thank you so much to the team for inviting me as I had such a nice time, and lush holds a special place in my heart so I love supporting the brand when I can. 


So on the 24th of this month IndigoRosee turned 2 years old, which is so crazy to think that I have been posting on this platform for over 2 years now. I won’t go on too much about it as I wrote a whole post on the day (click here) but I just wanted to say thank you to my readers for always supporting what I do and where my blog is going. I wonder if any of you reading this have been here from the very beginning? I would love to know! Heres to the next year and many more opportunities and adventures in the world of Indigo Rosee. 


My nan’s birthday is actually on Halloween, which I think is such a cool day of the year to have your birthday on. She has always been my best friend, my rock and quite frankly the person in my life that I could never live without. She has especially been the best recently whilst I have moved to university as it has been so hard on both of us considering we are so close (the longer we have ever been away from each other is a week). She deserves a fab birthday, which I’m sure she will have done because she is celebrating in London with my grandad. Unfortunately I didn’t actually see her on her birthday because I was at university but we are going to celebrate this weekend which is really nice. I also love that I got her a matching necklace to mine (you will have seen my heart necklace as I wear it everyday), which I love because even though we are physically apart from each other a lot of the time we can still wear matching necklaces all of the time. This is an old photo of us from my birthday but I loved it too much not to share. 


This was a really short post, which I think reflects just how little I have done this month, so there isn’t a lot to say. I have a few things planned for November though as the Christmas celebrations are starting to pick up now, which I am so excited about because this time of year is my favourite. I still need to properly start my Christmas shopping as I only have a few items! Expect a few less posts than usual in November, purely because I am preparing for blogmas and thats going to be my priority for the next few weeks to make sure that I can complete it. 32 posts in 32 days is a hard task and a very time consuming one but I can’t wait to do it again! PA091647.jpg


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